An SA22C RX-7 With Daytona Aspirations

If you think about it, motorsports once gave fans the ability to dream.

Back when race cars were truly based on their road-going counterparts, there was more of a sense of belonging for car guys; a more direct link to the car he worked hard to get his hands on and the race version of it that he would watch battle it out at the circuit on TV.


The Japanese were amazingly good at this, especially back in the ’70s and ’80s, through to Group N and Super Taikyu, Group A, the JGTC and then the first few years of Super GT. They were really tapping into the passion that people had. Which brings us to this SA22C RX-7 I hunted out this past Sunday at Sagamiko, proudly sporting the same green livery run by the 1979 race RX-7 entered into the 24 Hours of Daytona.


Even the Speed Star MkII wheels were color matched.


To make chunkier race rubber fit, the common ’70s practice of cutting the fenders and screwing on flares also had the added bonus of giving the looks an injection of aggression. But little did those guys back in the day know that 40 years later it would all come back as a major fashion.


The race car ran a very similar wrap-around spoiler, but the all-glass hatch on this Savanna has been replaced with a small window unit, which completely changes the rear end look.


It makes you think about the good old days, doesn’t it? Motorsport has evolved tremendously over the last decade or so, with safety being something that has pushed many changes. That honest and direct link with the cars is far from there any longer.

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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Are those wheels 14s? Or 15s...


Pretty sure they are 14s


ZachPerkins 14


The 22 on the side is a nice touch ;)


That first paragraph sums up the biggest nostalgia for motorsport for me. It all seemed so obtainable back then to mimic your heroes on the track.


IRONWOLF RD It's sad if you think about it but most will argue safety has a lot to do with it. All BS in my book, bring back the good old days!


The colour scheme is very Group 44.
Which is no bad thing.


When is the Midget spotlight from Mooneyes coming? I'm very excited to see it.


Anything interesting done motor-wise Dino, or more show and less go?


speedhunters_dino IRONWOLF RD Amen to that!


My favorite generation RX-7 and color scheme. Wonder if the owner peripheral ported the motor? Mazda so dominated the GTU class in IMSA racing that even offered a trim said named package for the second gen model.


speedhunters_dino IRONWOLF RD I am not sure why safety is a factor, Dino. I see it more as there is nothing to emulate nowadays. Knowledge of modern car racing series is not my forte, but nothing comes to mind as a reasonably priced car that I would like to purchase and turn into a copy of its track counterpart.


speedhunters_dino ZachPerkins  nope... 13


roryfjohnston speedhunters_dino IRONWOLF RD  because everything raced on the professional level is so utterly expensive.


Dino, you do have a knack for digging up some awesome cars.  This one is no exception.




@revtil9k roryfjohnston speedhunters_dino IRONWOLF RD Sounds like you guys need to check out BTCC. Plenty of cars there you could obtain for reasonable money. Civic, Focus, A-Class, 1Series. Then for the family, Toyota Avensis and Subaru Levorg haha.


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Flavien Vidal

@icanseeclearlynow speedhunters_dino ZachPerkins Not 14". The tiny streched low profile tires make it look smaller than it really is.
Here is a picture of my car with 14"s

Flavien Vidal

@icanseeclearlynow speedhunters_dino ZachPerkins Well after looking at the wheel picture and looking at the "wallpaper", the tires are indeed 13's. I stand corrected :)
Wheel arches make the whole thing look a bit different I guess


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