Kyusha Done Right

The transition of the Skyline name from the ’70s into the ’80s was left to the C210 model. It might not have been as pretty as the Skyline generations that came before it, but what it lacked in outright presence it more than made up for with its uniqueness.

I always thought the model did a good job bridging two decades of design, and this C211 that I came across at the recent Mooneyes Street Car Nationals shows how, that with just a few select touches, you can truly get the most out of a Skyline Japan, be it a coupé or a four-door model as we have here.


Originally, the Skyline would have been powered by an L20 straight-six, which certainly wasn’t the most powerful of engines.


The owner has followed the popular route of swapping in a larger motor from the L-series family, and while he was at it, added a Nitrous Oxide Systems N2O kit for those times when the screaming NA is out of its power curve.


The suspension drop is functional from a driving perspective and also sits the SSR Star Sharks perfectly under the Skyline’s cavernous arches.


The 14-inch wheels run Bridgestone Potenza RE11S tyres, which fitted in 185/60 sizing front and back provide plenty of grip while dampening road imperfections through their ample sidewalls.


Skyline Japans usually either came with a pair of round headlights or a single rectangular unit on each side. But this one’s running a twin rectangular setup, which is what probably first made me notice it in the first place. It’s also most common to see these cars fitted with a bucktooth splitter; call it ‘must have’ to set off the front end look of any kyusha. However, I quite like how the more sedate squared-off item chosen here works with the sedan body.

It again goes to show how a few small, yet carefully planned touches can have big impact.

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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very clean car, bit of a sleeper as well...  all round lust worthy


Speedhunters forgot you had a twitter account


Beautiful engine.
Looks like they also like Saabs in Japan, never thought about that


Beautiful! Reminds me a bit of the old Mitsubishi Galant.




Mother of God, they say chrome won't get you home but I don't care that's cool as shit!


Is that a mesh over the back of that radiator or are the fins really blue? Never seen anything like that.


JakWhite I believe so, with all the all the anodized AN-fittings and whatnot these days, it wouldn't take much more to anodize aluminum radiator fins. Perhaps there's a website or product online that features anodized aluminum radiator fins that we're not aware of.


First time I've seen the RE-11S on a car, though I read about them a lot.

Dino, any reason why Time Attackers use the Yokohamas and Dunlops over the Bridgestones? Cost? Effectiveness?


Max_Ryde Speedhunters We sure do :)


EvolveWRC They like everything in Japan!


JakWhite When applied in the right places and to the right car, chrome is all sorts of awesome :)


JakWhite Well spotted!


@SkepticalApexer That's a very good question, I don't know why Yokohama is so prevalent in Time Attack. Most would probably say it's because they probably hand free tyres to big teams, but the thing is you see it right down to the amateur and grassroots level. It could have to do with the simple fact that people just prefer them, and I'm one of them, I've always loved the progression and control of the Neova and they keep getting better and better each time they launch a new version. I've used A050 a few times on the GTR and that came down to cost, they tend to be a bit more affordable than BS so that could be a reason too.


Dino, once again you bring us kyusha gold. I'd drive this any day I could. Please continue with these old school rides cause I (and I'm sure many others) can't get enough of them. Thanks for another awesome read.


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