An American Pickup Truck In Japan

When you think of America, you think of the land of pickup trucks. Pickups have not only been the staple vehicle of blue collar workers for generations – for decades they’ve been one of America’s bestselling automotive platforms.

Love for American pickup trucks extends much further than the 50 states too, and when I came across this super-clean Chevy C10 at the recent NS Rounder Car Show in Chiba (main post coming soon), I knew I had to spotlight it.


The 1969 C10 with side steps found its way to Japan four years ago when it was imported by the current owner. And as soon as it arrived, he began infusing his own personality into it.


Hidden in the truck bed sits a hydraulics system that gives the old school C10 the ability to articulate left and right and up and down. The custom tailgate and taillights are nice touches over the original items too.


In typical Japanese fashion, the front of the truck has been kept totally clean and remains mostly in stock form aside from the deletion of the factory side markers.


The attention to detail is carried over into the engine bay where the C10’s 350ci small block V8 is maintained to a show car standard.


The interior has also been upgraded to match the owner’s taste, and along with a modern stereo system there’s been a switch from analog to digital gauges.


A brake upgrade ensures the old pickup stops much better than factory, and that’s just one more thing in a long list of improvements made to enhance the driving experience and make the Chevy easier to live with on a daily basis. It’s pretty amazing that the owner was able to bring a little piece of American history to Japan and go against the grain of the accepted norm.


Then again, it wouldn’t be Japan if someone was bucking the trend, in this case with a very cool and nicely modified pickup truck.

Ron Celestine
Instagram: celestinephotography



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looks like an airbag switch box....but it's a very clean truck. 
More trucks please


Beautiful truck, I love seeing C10s getting some love! I believe this is actually a '67 though, the small rear window was exclusive to that one year.


Yes more trucks!


Dill Pickle


Dill Pickle  Agreed...The grille is '67 or '68. '69 and '70 models have a different grille.


Speedhunters #nice


Go home truck, you're drunk.


Passenger plates on a pickup with no camper shell?! False California registration!


The only C10 I will ever want....


Like someone else mentioned, that's an Air Ride switch control panel, not hydraulics. Big difference.


Classic Speedhunters syndrome of "have this super -average muscle car/hot rod/american thing because OMFG ITS IN JAPAN! SEE? IN. JA. PAN.
Nice truck but... yeah read above.


Here's a truck that looks like what I would expect an american truck in Japan to look like lol. Race everything.


afroguy  Most evil-sounding truck ever.


Oh look a mild custom truck. Hang on... IT'S IN JAPAN. AWESOME etc...


It's been featured on this site before, very cool truck.


Love it.


lightfighter21 could you explain that to the non-americans here? what does that mean? thanks a lot! :)


My friend at school has a modified C10 and he just got in a car accident with it...
he was driving down the road and a car past the one that is in front of him stomps on their brakes so the car in front of him does and then he does. his bakes lock up on him on one side and it makes him swerve to the left. he was just going to go into the other lane and fix it but a huge camper was in the way so he turns the wheel the other way and instead of hitting the car  in front of him he turns more and rams into the guard rail but on the highway he was on they used cables as a guard rail for some reason.
the truck gets lifted up into the air and the front end of his truck gets ripped off! he keeps sliding on top of the rail until he comes to a stop. he made the entire highway close down for a few hours because of the crash. while he waited for help people drove by him while he stood on the side of the highway and they kept yelling at him "that is what happens when you text and drive..." (he is 16 by the way) and called him names and stuff but it wasn't his fault that he crashed.
he got it home that night and took a hammer to the front end and got it mostly fixed... the engine still started up fine and he crashed at 60 mph.
that was on a Sunday and he drove it to school the next day.
the highway DOT guy said that if he wasnt in a big truck like that he would have died... he said another guy in a early 90's ford escort crashed into the cable and cut the guys head clean off.
just shows how tough the old trucks are!


with a very nice speed  sure the car could be a champion one


the car was very good 
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