Borrowing Your Brother’s 600hp 180SX
Brotherly Love

Tomás Kiely isn’t the only teenager tearing up the Irish Drift Championship and we’re about to see another.

16-year-old Jack Shanahan has had an interesting start to his 2016 campaign with solid displays in the British Drift Championship (in which he’s the reigning Pro class champion), Irish Drift Championship and Drift Allstars European Championships, although with a slight difference to his 2015 campaign. Jack has started his championship challenges from behind the wheel of a borrowed car for each of the opening events.

2016 Conor Shanahan 180SX-2-2

Not just any borrowed car though, but his 13-year-old brother Conor’s car.

2016 Conor Shanahan 180SX-7

I’m sure you might be thinking that a 180SX is a bit of overkill for a 13-year-old – not to mention this particular 180SX – but Conor is something of a talent too, and seems destined to follow in Jack’s footsteps. I’ve seen videos of Conor drifting at the age of nine (yes, nine!) and even more recently a video of him comfortably drifting his previous E36 compact at the age of 12. I’ve no idea what’s in the water down that way, but I think there’s a viable business in bottling it and selling it around the world.

2016 Conor Shanahan 180SX-1

Whilst relatively simple in its idea, the Nissan is a very well put together car and another product of Deane Msport. Unlike Tomás, both Shanahan brothers are running on West Lake Sport RS tyres for the 2016 season, and this rivalry between the Achilles and West Lake drivers has produced a tyre war within the paddock. At the very least, it only serves to add another interesting aspect for the casual spectator.

2016 Conor Shanahan 180SX-5

Toyota’s 2JZ seems to be almost the default recipe now in Ireland, but for good reason; the inline-six delivers reliable and solid power in a proven package. Even in this fairly mild trim, the engine is capable of around 600hp and 550lb-ft with the assistance of ZRP internals, a single BorgWarner turbocharger and custom exhaust and inlet manifolds built by West Coast Performance in Ireland.

2016 Conor Shanahan 180SX-14

Underneath is what is fast becoming the standard for a Pro class drift car in a complete Wisefab setup, with Stance coilovers in this particular application. The Winters Performance quick-change differential allows for the right final drive to be installed in a matter of minutes, saving time on changing out a full diff.

2016 Conor Shanahan 180SX-12

The exhaust, which finishes just behind the rear tyre and points sideways, provides an unusual effect at full throttle, in that it blows the tyre smoke from the rear driver’s side wheel ahead of the car.

2016 Conor Shanahan 180SX-13

I don’t really need to go through the interior, you can pretty much guess at this stage. But I will tell you that the black shifter is connected to a Samsonas 6-speed H-pattern dog box.

2016 Conor Shanahan 180SX-9

Like so many other Pro class cars here, I feel the Shanahan’s 180SX has got a good style and something that’s very much in keeping with drifting’s origins in Japan. Something that I think is important. You may think differently, of course.

I couldn’t get my hands on a video from on-board the 180SX, but the guys at IDC were good enough to put together a quick clip to give you a feel of what it’s like to chase Jack driving Conor’s car. It’s a view that Jack himself might have to take in someday once his S14 is ready for action…

Paddy McGrath
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Cutting Room Floor
2016 Conor Shanahan 180SX-3-2
2016 Conor Shanahan 180SX-1-2
2016 Conor Shanahan 180SX-2
2016 Conor Shanahan 180SX-3
2016 Conor Shanahan 180SX-4
2016 Conor Shanahan 180SX-6
2016 Conor Shanahan 180SX-8
2016 Conor Shanahan 180SX-11
2016 Conor Shanahan 180SX-15


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Damn, what would it be nice to be born in a wealthy family.


Mitchellol In the case of both the Kiely and Shanahan families, it's more down to sacrifice than anything else.


Christ. I'm 16 and 17 in august and I haven't got anywhere near as much accomplishment in my life such as this U0001f601


LukeEVOVIII  It's all about the opportunities that present their selves. Not many accomplish anything great on their own, there is always credit in others. Even if it is small.

"Success always comes when preparation meets opportunity"
                                                                 -Henry Hartman


Love that irish green and orange!  Someone in IDC really a guiness sponsor.


The Shanahans weren't born with a silver spoon in their mouth. The family just knows hard work, dedication and passion for the sport.


Mitchellol yes, yes it would. But you can't fault the dedication of the family to let their two kids (yes, kids) go out racing and do what they love. Also, wasn't it only last year that Jack's dad was helping to fix a competitors car, even giving them their own 5minutes time out in order to get them on the grid?! I don't care what you have in the bank, with that kind of work ethic and sportsmanship you're ok in my book.


..and here i am, 29 years old, accomplished zero.
nice car, by the way :)


Robo_No1 Mitchellol Jack's Dad (John) has fixed pretty much everyone's car on the grid at this stage.


@Adam B Don't worry, I'm older and feel the same.


I'm 27, and I'm... ehh, halfway there? I mean, I've got a car... that's gotta count for something right?


when I was 13 I was driving a circle imagining it was a car


with the old style car that looks good on the road if you want to have


the car was very good 
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