The 2017 BRZ Gets Some Updates (& More Power)

Earlier this month, we learned that the Scion FR-S would now be known as the Toyota 86 in the American market. And along with the change in name, the new 86 would also be getting a slight bump in power and refreshed styling. So it’s not at all surprising to hear that Subaru is doing the same with its 2017 BRZ.

Set to go on sale later this year, the 2017 BRZ’s new look includes a redesigned front bumper and headlights, as well as an aluminum spoiler out back. Beneath the skin there’s also revised dampers and springs, additional reinforcement and a larger rear sway bar. In the engine bay the FA20 2.0L flat-four gets a five horsepower bump for a total of 205.

Perhaps most notable is the addition of a new Performance Package which will be available early next year. It will include larger Brembo brakes, Sachs suspension and a unique set of black 17-inch wheels. While this might not be enough to satisfy those clamoring for a true high performance BRZ STI, it does seem like a step right in the right direction.

Here’s hoping Subaru has some more tricks up its sleeve for the future.

Mike Garrett
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An aluminum what? Where?


Unsure about the aluminium spoiler out back, it should have a re-designed lip spoiler of some sort, maybe something along the lines of the lip spoiler the GT86 has


Hold on. How much is a Stage One for this, anyway?

Otherwise, I like it. Still not the full-fat STI GT300-R the world seems to want, but still, better than nothing.


That's it? That's all they can do? +5hp/+5tq, very minor other tweaks? After all this time and demand?

Bad Toyota. BAD.


If there's "no room for a turbo" or it "ruins the weight distribution" then take off that stupid spoiler and put a rear exhaust mounted turbo on that thing, just let it dangle above the trunk, I don't care.

Really, no excuses.


Looks better than the 86 (again). The performance upgrades are a step in the right direction. Hmmm Brembos and Sachs... I love my Brembos on my Renault, great feel and stopping power. The Sachs that Renault fitted to their road Clios in the past were excellent, but needed regular(ish) rebuilds, which no owners want to do.


Robo_No1 Also only on the very most expensive model. I'm down for upgrades but please can't they up it to 220hp for the premium? This....this is a nothing advancement.


It'll be fun if we also could have the performance package on the european marklet and perfect if it could be fit on older generation (with the front LED light).


D1RGE Robo_No1 Agreed on the base model the improvements are the minimum you would expect from a face lift. The premium with new suspension and brakes is more of an improvement - the kind that really need to be driven to be appreciated I would image, but the lack of BHP is still very disappointing.


D1RGE I think you mean Subaru.


I guess you have to check which parts will be bin by owners who tune their cars. If the usually binned parts have been upgraded then is it better to buy a year old one?
For example, if the brakes are changed immediately by these owner, then is it worth buying the brand new car? If they stiffened the chassis more then the new model would be a better buy...


...Still needs a turbo!
Toyota missed a trick by not putting the 2zz in the zzw30 mk3 MR2, and they seem on course to do the same with the 86... I have no idea why car manufacturers seem to think people want cars with an imbalance of chassis and engine performance, but it is a very common train of thought!


If only Toyota and Subaru would put the FA20F in this chassis. Of course, dismal sales of the regular model will preclude that from happening, but they would have a tasty recipe for an instant BRZ STI or 86 TRD.


Wait, that's the restyled front end? Good thing you told me, or I would never have known.


I feel like the people pouting about the lack of power don't own a gt86/brz. I have said this and I will say it again the car was not made to be able to be mustangs in a drag race. It is more akin to the miata, its more of a car that might not be fast but is a blast to drive or have you all forgot what car this one was meant to replicate? The ae86 was and still is an under powered car and still is a blast to drive. In my opinion the cars are an awesome amount of fun the with the current hp output.


D1RGE  What demand?  From the miniscule populous that bought it to begin with?  Big corp's don't work this way...small, niche oriented ones are the only ones who can even attempt it.


the brz/gt86 is made to be a fun car. I dont know why people keep asking for more power. It was pretty much made to be the new AE86 and it makes more HP per lb than the old 86 anyway. Its literally the new AE86, i feel like most people just want power for the sake of power and haven't really enjoyed the car to its fullest


Colby O

What makes the miata and ae86 fun is lightness. They are both 400-500 lbs lighter than the new 86/brz 

Some fun cars similar in weight to the new car, are the s2000 and FD Rx-7. They both put out 40+ more hp in their stock forms. 

But it's all relative I guess. If the 86/brz is your first car or if you're just moving up from an economy car then it can be fun. But for people who have driven actual sports cars, the brz/86 isn't very enticing at $25k+


5+ HP?! Great, good job, well done...waiting 40 years...we are round about 300 HP?!
Or just need the 5 HP because of the 17inch Wheels?


T1B1 I think that's my gripe with it also. I'm the first person to tell you that a Spec Miata racing school I did was some of the most fun I've ever had in a car.
But the price point of the BRZ/86 just doesn't cut it relative to the driving experience. At bare bones MSRP, you are squarely in Mustang EcoBoost territory.
In fact, I would argue that your observation in combination with the price was the car's undoing. Initial sales were helped along by hype, but there are only so many 'enthusiasts'.
Lower the price and you may get more people willing to pull the trigger on a weekend track car. Increase the power and you'll get the attention (and respect) of a much larger market.
And yes, I think the homage to the AE86 heritage is awesome, but I would expect some hand-in-hand evolution across the board, including power.
I take equal issue with the cars that are overdone. There is such a thing as too much power for an enjoyable daily driver. Just my 2 psi...


Wes_FD3S I guess some people dont think slow cars are fun.


Why get mad about people wanting the car to be fast? If you like the car slow, great, others dont.


More important than speed or power is the sensation of it. I can only talk out of my ass because I've never driven the car, but I keep hearing the flat powerband makes the car feel slower than it is. I also heard that its not too hard to fix with some better breathing and a reflash.


I can't understand why Toyota and Subaru don't offer a turbo version with higher price ? just like 90s Japanese cars.


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CMCurtis D1RGE Just because they have a share in the company and have a few parts and badges on this car does not make it a Subaru.


What is so hilarious here in the comments comparing this new 86 to the old Corolla/Truenos, yet 99% of the commenters have never ever driven an AE86, nor have any true idea just how underwhelming and anemic that stock car is. #keepitreal


5 horsepower gain? Wha'td they do? Drive it at sea level? LOL What a joke. BRZ needs to be turbo charged just like the FA20 is in the WRX.


No one mentions all of the re-done internals. Now it'll more-than-likely handle boost better. How do you guys miss that?


D1RGE CMCurtis  so not even the fact its a Subaru engine not a Toyota one?

Mars Traveler

+5hp is enough to fun


beetfarmer1989 owned an ae86, id rather drive that 800kg 95hp shopping cart than this "new" BRZ/GT86 any day, ive driven both and i can tell you its not more horse power they need from factory. its better brakes (which they seem to have finally cottoned on to) and to ditch the slow revving FA platform, if its NA it needs to be alive! a fast revving snappy little engine like they were back when NA 4cyl were in their prime.


Wes_FD3S needs to rev like the old one if its gonna be as slow as the old one.


LOL 5 HP....I hope they didn't add weight.  :)


I hope all the smartasses in the comments understand that 5 HP gain doesnt mean they did it for power gains? As it`s not mentioned in the article, anyone who has any idea about cars understands that 5 HP gain is just byproduct of improving other characteristics of the engine. Engine now probably works better, has better response and is all around better performer. With added bonus - 5 HP more.

Don`t act like every 10 yo kid on youtube whose favourite car is "gtr".


Ive seen a toyota GT (same car,give or take) with a good exhaust system, de cated, and remapped, making 220bhp at  the crank!.


they seriously need to add power, a 2 litre TDI wagon accelerates roughly the same as this "sportscar". i know, its about handling yo, but where can you make 3 good corners legally nowadays?
without straightline speed, its not the real deal, sadly.


Lmao i totally agree!!! My daily driver is a 2014 b7 2.5l passat. With just, intake and power pully on it and makes roughly about 190ish hp. Yet i always smoke my 86twin buddies from light to light. Its kinda awkward when a grandpa car beats a driver car... Lol But what ever. But anyways im not too excited for the update, but I'd rather get a used 2 series or a New miata.


lol.. I meant to say ! ... Ive seen a toyota 86 (same car,give or take) with a good exhaust system, de cated, and remapped, making 220bhp at  the crank!.


The lack of power really isn't that noticeable in the twisties provided you keep the revs up - otherwise there is a noticeable mid range torque dip which I hope Subaru will have ironed out with the update. Enjoyment of the stock 86/BRZ depends a great deal on the roads you drive on, I'm lucky enough to get to use mine on twisty country roads most days and the car really holds its own despite the power disadvantage. The chassis and balance of the car is the selling point and driven properly will leave a 2 litre TDI for dust on corner entry. I can however see why people want more power, particularly on American roads, as the straight line speed is frankly embarrassing for a sporty looking car. That being said, I think Subaru (and Toyota) know exactly the market they're going for and besides, these things are no hassle at all to turbo or supercharge if you are that way inclined - aftermarket kits are relatively cheap, available and well supported. Brakes are the biggest let down of the stock car IMO and should be much better equipped from factory (considering the price range).


D1RGE yeah tho do you drive one cause ive got a ke70 with brakes off my rx7 and a basic aftermarket suspension setup stock engine (4ac) and decent wheel/tyres and its golden it weighs so little that the weight power is made up ae86 makes it up being even lighter


@SHW apparently the TRD is getting a turbo, so power will be there for the ones who spend more..


with a very nice speed  sure the car could be a champion one


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