Watch Now: Heroes For The Weekend

To celebrate the imminent start of the 2016 Irish Drift Championship, IDC have decided to release their documentary movie Heroes For The Weekend for free, for the next few days.

The 84-minute film below focuses on the 2015 Irish championship and just some of the drivers who played their part. Rather than being a highlight reel of each event, the film offers a unique perspective of the drivers, families and friends, and tells their own individual stories including the sacrifices that need to be made to compete.

This film originally launched late last year on IDC’s new IDC Nation website, the only place that IDC will be available to watch live in 2016. The subscription-based website is a bold move, but one which is required in a country where it’s difficult to raise revenue to run a series. The proceeds from IDC Nation are promised to be injected directly back into the sport.

The video will return behind a pay wall after this weekend, so don’t wait too long to watch it.

Paddy McGrath
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I signed up to IDC nation when this video was released.. But I'll watch it again! Hype is bigger than ever for 2016 :) big up to Dave Egan taking on a lot this year


I subscribed to IDC right away when I saw they made this movie. Its amazing. Hopefully this year I'll be able to attend one round of the championship.


Thanks for sharing Paddy. A truly epic feel to this documentary. Great storyline and such amazing passion from these guys. I love how honest the wins are and how everyone wants to give their opponent the best possible chance. Talk about noble victories.


hell yes, watching as soon as I get off work




That's a hell of a documentary. Up there with KDF. Props to the guys that made it. Media of that quality isn't just a good watch, but it's beneficial to the whole sport, well done.


@P Same here, hoping they make another for this season.


Filip_JDM Rounds 1 (Modified Live), 3 (Global Warfare) and 5 (Japfest) are my personal favourites.


Bridges I particularly liked Jack Shanahan offering to adjust Fink's tyre pressures on the start line when it started raining.


D1RGE Did you get a chance to watch it afterwards? It goes back behind a pay wall after the weekend.


@chris chabre Concurred.


Robo_No1 Considering it was made by pretty much just two people with zero budget, it's an incredible piece of film.


Paddy McGrath D1RGE


That was well worth an hour and a half of my weekend, a fantastically enjoyably and technically brilliant bit of film!
I really did struggle with some of the accents, I had zero clue what Jack Shanahan's Dad in paticular was saying, but it didn't matter. The emotion and passion exuded by each and every person involved was clear as day, and I have every respect for all of them.
Thanks very much for sharing Paddy, and huge thanks to the film makers for creating it and letting us watch it for free!


Seriously one of the best car related films ever.
Well done.


Wow, absolutely loved watching this. It was put together insanely well.  It does an amazing job at sharing part of the backstory to the sport not many understand, while giving inspiration and motivation to those looking for a kick.  It kind of just also amplified my regret of selling my old s13, lol. Really glad I was able to watch this, thanks!


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