Random Snap: The Drift King’s GT-R

If you’re at all familiar with Japanese car culture or the history of drifting, then Keiichi Tsuchiya should be a very familiar name to you.

Earlier this year Tsuchiya-san turned 60, and he continues to be one of the most fascinating automotive personalities in Japan with one of the most impressive driving resumes I’ve ever seen. During his career he’s raced everything from NASCAR stock cars, to Le Mans prototypes, to front-wheel drive touring cars.

Pictured above is the STP Taisan Group A R32 GT-R that he drove along with Kunimitsu Takahashi in the Japanese Touring Car Championship. This car along with dozens of other historic GT-Rs can be found at the Nissan DNA Garage at Zama in Japan.

Here’s wishing a belated happy 60th to the Drift King. What’s your favorite memory of Mr. Tsuchiya?

Mike Garrett
Instagram: japanifornia_media



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Probably that time I went for a passenger ride with him in an '86. Seriously cool and friendly guy. 

Is that the same Takahashi-san that drove the Kenwood Kremer 962C at Le Mans?


Wow, that must have been an amazing experience to have had..I can only imagine what it must have been like to have been in that passenger seat. He seems like a wonderful guy.


Actually, that one scene from tokyo drift movie when he was watching drifting new DK in docks U0001f602

Gianluca FairladyZ

"hai hai, kruk krug" when he was drifting the blue yellow painted chaser up the touge! the car was spitting flames and limiting its revs and everytime it made the huge backfire he shouted, hai hai, kruk kruk! hahah! awesome moment! i love this guy!


My fav video is probably the ae86 vs gtr touge best motoring video that they made. I'll have to find the YouTube clip later.
I still have the drift Bible DVD somewhere that I need to dig up. Happy birthday drift King!


I met Keiichi Tsuchiya at Super Autobacs in Stanton, California
and he gladly signed all my memorabilia.My favorite memory is from the early days of D1 Grand Prix where he set up
the courses so the underpowered AE86 was able to compete with higher horsepower
cars.Made the tsuisos so fun to watch.


Hey! Do you maybe know what's the title of that video or do you know the link of it?
Thank you for any info!
http://www.hypertunemag.com/hot-rides/the-storm-chaser/ btw is it that one?


I literally ran into him at a Tokyo train station once. I thought.. nah, couldn't be. Then I saw the red driving shoes.


met him annually during one of the Super GT rounds in Japan. friendly chap to hang out with.


Also, here's a blurry pic of the first D1GP in the US where I got a chance to meet Tsuchiya (March 9, 2001!!!)


I met him last fall at Slovakia Ring. He signed dashboard of my AW11. Wonderful guy. very friendly.

Gianluca FairladyZ

jure893bohinc  yeah it's def. that car! i'm sorry i don't have the link :( you must browse youtube because it wasn't specific that car in the title. with a bit of luck you'll find it!

Gianluca FairladyZ

Every time i attack a mountain road without anyone else in the car, I loudly say to myself "TOUGE CHALLENGE". Ive got DK to thank for that.


loved his and orido's review of the mine's r34


The drift bible.


BigTmoneyD That and "TOUGE BATTLE!!!"


I'm absolutely jealous of everyone in the comments who actually got to meet him or get an autograph. I don't imagine i'm the type to fawn over 'normal' celebrities but i don't even know how i'd be getting to ride shotgun or randomly bump into him at a train station.. i think drift bible is my earliest memory of him and led me down the deep hole of best motoring and hot version on youtube etc...he seems like a really awesome person


r 400s


Omg thank you!!!


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