Random Snap: Changing Of The Guard

I’m currently sitting here, working through two days of coverage from Dubshed. No, the above snap isn’t a mistake; I’m talking about what is probably the premier Volkswagen Group event on the Emerald Isle, and here I am sharing an image of a laid-out Aristo with a Rocket Bunny S15 in the background. So, what happened?

This was certainly not your typical VW show. A new venue has coincided with a resurgence in the quality of Japanese cars that I think in many regards, took the VW scene by surprise. For so long, the VW boys and girls here were out on their own when it came to finish and execution of a build, but that gap has just been reduced considerably.

Stay tuned for more…

Paddy McGrath
Instagram: pmcgphotos
Twitter: pmcgphotos



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One picture and 2 short paragraphs, what's the point?? Teasing for a bigger piece? Still a bit pointless me thinks, gorgeous aristo though.
Don't get me wrong paddy, I'm a big fan of your work on here, was just expecting a bit more when I saw your name.


Random Snaps are something we used to always do when Speedhunters first started. I was feeling nostalgic. There's plenty more to come...


I miss the random snaps. Added a decent amount of content and always showed a sweet ride. Bring it back, but for good!


Veto for old SpeedHunters? I think, yes.


What a great shot, I like the composure.


SO WHAT HAPPENDED?!!! Obviously, Japanese cars look a Hell, lot better than European cars, especially on dubs!!


That car is beautiful! Thanks!


Paddy McGrath Yes! miss Dino's random snaps and Mike's car-spotting posts.


Spooky ghost shoe in front of the s15. Tiny aperture?


Cool story, Bro.


That Aristo does look pretty sharp, I can't wait to see the rest of your images from Dubshed


Keep doing random snap Paddy if you think something really cool to be covered. I do believe your taste so far


That Kazama Auto Luxor bodykit looks so freaking good on that Aristo/GS!! :D And the Weds Kranze LXZ of course <3


Out on their own when it came to finish and execution of a build? Yeah whatever. Half the time the pieces of crap are covered in paint stripper and then all of a sudden 'yeah that's cool man'


90nissanS13@my350z The EXIF? We only done that for Photo Guides and certain end of year round ups.


LukeEVOVIII That's a pretty small minded view, Luke, and is certainly not representative of the proper VW scene as a whole.


Andreas H Husby Not to mention the full Garson interior...


pushbikerider Working on it now!


bluestreaksti Yeah, I had a couple of shots ruined thanks to bright white trainers appearing through the image.


Gnat-size I'd say...


LukeEVOVIII That's typically just a VERY small group of VW owners. A LOT of VW cars are incredibly clean. VWs perfected wire tucks and clean engine bays, that coincide with cushy interiors. I'm not really a big VW fan, but I can admire the build quality of the VWs that put my car to shame in execution


Personally, I think the VW is so boring. I'm fed up with stance cars lately and it's just getting too extreme


That's not a very small group at all my friend U0001f601


LukeEVOVIII Yet, you still clicked into a story obviously about stance cars?


LukeEVOVIII It really is. Every single car scene or automotive sub-culture has its detractors which aren't representative of the group as a whole. 

I've no issues having a discussion, but I'm going to ask you politely to not troll the comments here. If you can't add anything constructive, click through to another story that might be more to your tastes.


Paddy McGrath Andreas H Husby Yeah maybe,haven't seen it,I've just seen the car from a different angel at the jdmdistro-page on facebook https://www.facebook.com/jdmdistro/photos/a.185776371448171.55160.185770994782042/1349917595034037/?type=3&theater


Andreas H Husby Paddy McGrath It didn't have the Garson interior when I shot it that time, it's even better now. There's a bit more on it in the second piece of Dubshed coverage.


I still clicked because I was curious as to what else entailed.


I'm not trolling the comments. I'm putting my options out there. You're the one which decided to reply to me I didn't make you


the quality of builds are definitely going up and up for the Japanese cars - I've noticed that trend for some time in the states - good thing too - but since the 90's, I felt that the VW scene was a notch above (and I drove Honda's back then) - doesn't seem it's that way any more. Seems everything has gone up several notches for all makes. Nobody seems to care about what you drive until it's absolute and flawless - I like that - but I like the parking lot too - I like to see what can be done with very little, and ponder the choices people make

looking forward to the shots


Paddy McGrath I guess that's what it is. I just feel like I used to see it a lot more in the past. I got into photography around 2007 and later, that's what brought me to SH. It was actually you and Mike G. that brought me inspiration.

That, and building/restoring cars in my "free" time made this a great site to come to. I do like when there is grassroots, garage builds on here. They used to be more plentiful when you guys had limited media access lol (?)


Paddy McGrath LukeEVOVIII You cant generalize a car make like that, everyone builds them differently, air cooled, water cooled.. stanced cars arent even 15% of the VW scene..


thesciontcturbo LukeEVOVIII I'm not sure you can credit VWs with perfecting wire tucks and clean bays.  I look to America for doing most things before anyone with regards to custom automotive work, because they were doing everything to insane levels before the "dub scene" or the "Japanese scenes" really took off in that regard.  I might be wrong and I welcome any criticisms or corrections.
Thank you for understanding that this post is not an "anti-VW" post and in no way and I expressing any negative opinions about anything.


90nissanS13@my350z Paddy McGrath I think we're coming back around to things, I'm a fan of the more humble builds too (the KE70, EP70, Evo V etc. are proof of this) but it's hard not to be inspired by those bigger builds too. 

A certain amount of balance is definitely required.


Slappy_Pistons thesciontcturbo LukeEVOVIII I would say Yes, now that you mention it, American cars have had the major hand in automotive modifications in the past 6 decades. 
But, if you look at it form a "modern" standpoint, i.e. Cars with electronics, VWs have always set the bar for engine bay, and wire tuck cleanliness. It's not super hard to make a clean engine bay with a carbureted engine, that has about a dozen wires total, but with all of the wiring that goes into modern cars, I'd say VWs are the front runner in keeping things tidy.


Paddy McGrath 
Heck yes. Lets add more weight to the other side of the seesaw. Yes, I really like the wild pikes peak build and the WTAC for sure. You can see what's possible from a big budget, rather than just imagining it.


Speedhunters Passed this car yesterday stuck in a massive traffic jam due to snow/hail, stands out so much in a line of beige plebs!


not another half arse random snap article, SH. Crikey I've come across too many for my fortnightly dose of SH. Do random snaps on FB or IG please we come to SH to read articles and gain insights


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