Mafia Boss Meets Stance

Am I the only one who thinks modern-day Mercedes-Benz models like the S-Class have lost a certain ‘something’ that the cars that preceded them had? I don’t even know why that is to be honest, as a new black AMG-enhanced S-Class with tinted windows is as imposing as imposing metal can get.


But something like that still doesn’t have the sort of presence the W126 generation had. While it was in production between 1979 and 1991 (damn, it almost sounds like the R35 GT-R!), it was the limo to have if you wanted to travel in comfort, and it became an instant hit with the wealthy, irrespective of whether their money was made legitimately or not.


As it’s aged, the W126 has kept that aura. It’s a relic from those years of excess that were the ’80s, but one that has stood up to the test of time; it still has an air of intimidation about it. Being built like a tank helps, of course.


The recent Track & Show event wasn’t the first time I’ve come across this particular car; I saw it late last year at Stance Nation in Odaiba, when it was rolling on a different set of wheels.


But now this badass S-Class, which any self-respecting Yakuza boss would be proud to be driven in, sits on a set of 5-spoke Work rims.


The Ferrari F40 design is a tried and tested one, and this Seeker SX interpretation strangely fits the old Benz down to a tee.


The rear SXs run a much deeper dish as they tuck nicely into the rear arches. It’s a nice thing that Mercedes’ designers even worked a little flared section into the radius of the arches – almost like they knew what people would be doing with the car more than 30 years after its conception.


The owner has done the very Japanese thing when it comes to the exhaust too: a straight-through system. The sound from the 2.8L straight-six is more akin to a Kaido Racer Cresta than any Benz I’ve ever heard.


But for me, aside from the few modifications, the best thing about this big-body Merc’ is that it otherwise presents in beautiful original condition.


So what do you think? Just imagine seeing this thing slowly crawling towards you down a dark Shinjuku backstreet!

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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Bags? Static? Which?


Here in Portugal there is the evolution


Personally, I feel like all new merc have no real personality to them. They all look REALLY similar too.


CharlesChris15 MBs tend to look the same in every generation. If you look at a C-Class/E-Class from the same era as the S-Class showcased here, you'll see they look essentially the same, except smaller.


What's with the front windshield and the changing colors?


@Scoob Most likely a side effect of using a UV filter.


CharlesChris15 Mercedes has always embraced 'Vertical and Horizontal Affinity'. As the W126s designer, Bruno Sacco, put it; "vertical affinity describes the continuity and of Mercedes designs. Horizontal affinity is the common styling cues between different models in the manufacturer's range; there should be a strong visual relationship between the smallest and largest cars. Vertical affinity is the requirement for cars not to be rendered stylistically by their successors, ensuring greater timelessness of design." Consider W113/111, W109 and W114, W116, R/C107 and W123, W201, W124 and W126, R129, W202 and W140;Like @Tom says below, it's nothing new for Mercedes models to look similar across the range.


Tinj Probably, but it may also be some sort of special glaze/laminate Mercedes used on their windshields; you can literally see it on other cars from this era. I see the same thing on my dad's 91 300SE. Mercedes really did over engineer these cars.


Is it only me or someone else agree that the white cls with the red wheels on the background looks sexy?


How did the builder get that much negative camber out of the semi trailing arm rear suspension?


Can vouch for Work Seeker Sx, I prefer them on my e30 though ;).

turbo BEAMS ae86

Leonel Oliveira it is villanous


I've had a ton of those MB and loved them all, but when I looked at that car I was drawn to just how ugly those rims are.... they remind me of some of those rims the cal-look VW's use to run 30 years ago and they were ugly then too


Love it! Simple, yet effective styling....the Work wheels work so perfectly with the big body and the height is perfect. That CLS behind it in a few shots doesn't look too bad either.


Original_Spartan Agreed!


old  benz´ ( and as well jags, bmws  ) just make perfect cruisers, slammed a bit (& meaty tires for the ride :) ), a not too shy engine .done


I must confess I have spent an increasingly unhealthy amount of time looking for W124s and W126s for sale. Which is strange, because as a kid (when these models were still current) I swore I'd never buy a Merc because they were for old men. Come at me, middle age.


CJC_Matty I also couldnt imagine myself drining w124 when I was a kid, before I met E500 somewhere in mid 90s...


My late father owned one from new for 20 plus years. It was the car I grew up in. I knew every sound, from the autobox dropping down a gear under hard acceleration, to the sound the doors made when they closed, right down to the central locking locks that locked one after the other in quick succession.
Thank you Dino.

Alphonso Walker

I always love the W126 chassis they are masterful build vehicle, I have 1985 300sd great car


Are there any more pictures of the E46 sedanin Background with the 6 Series rims on the first picture of the S-Class


W126 is the ultimate Benz, non other comes even close...I'm not a fan of newer Merc's but W126 mildly slamed cruiser would love to own.


Trentworth That's how they all look lowered that much. my w123 was the same and friends w126's have just had cut springs to get that low and all had that amount of negative camber.


linken200 hey, any more info on lowering w126s? Want to drop mine but not much available for more than a 1-1.25" difference.


Lazurblau Thats a DAMN good blue.


That's because the quality just went to shit. No Mercedes can top the 80s/90s. W126/124/R129/W140 etc. were amazing and bulletproof. I love my W124 and have followed Yuu on Facebook for a while. Awesome stuff!


as much as ppl like dumping cars, I like bringing them back up from that peril........... this car........ about 2 inches higher off the ground, and a taller sidewall tire - man, that'd be perfect.......something about the Yakuza driving around in stuff like this always has me thinking, they must NEVER run from the po-po


Looks superb! But it would have been great if it had a V8 not a straight six...


Anyone knows what a lip is that ??


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the car was very good 
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