900hp+, 9000rpm: Vaughn Gittin Jr. Is Ready To Rock

The 2016 Formula Drift season kicks off later this week in Long Beach, California, and you can bet that no punches will be pulled by those drivers contesting the Pro championship as they all look to draw first blood in the points standings.

Vaughn Gittin Jr. is pumped, and will be bringing some serious firepower to the FD party in the form of his new competition-spec 2016 Monster Energy Nitto Tire Ford Mustang RTR.

Producing in excess of 900hp from its 436ci Ford Performance/Roush Yates Racing V8 engine and weighing in at just 2800lbs (1270kg), the ‘Stang has already proved its straight-line might by turning a 9-second standing quarter mile. But as you’ll see from the new Ford Performance video above, its drift-ability is definitely dialed too. And just how good does it sound at 9000rpm?!

The Speedhunters



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Way to short need more


Aggressive! Love it.


I'm still having issues with this website. If I want to see new stories I have to open an incognito window.


gprsjunkie Hit refresh or clear your cache

Pete the perfect pilot

Sounds almost as good as mad mikes mx5. Going to be epic this year, can't wait. All to the good for us rotary fans with Kyle And Mike running with rota power. Go the Mazdas!


Sounds better than 2015 rtr


Flat plane?


I don't even care if this is a drift-car, it is awesome.


gprsjunkie Same problem for me


gprsjunkie use Ctrl + F5, or turn off your cookies for SH website


jmc0415 Probably not. Most of Rousch/Yates engines are designed for NASCAR applications were these cross plane lumps easily spin to 9000rpm with a high CR.


gprsjunkie Because it's car porn ;)


I still don't get why pro drift cars have the worst stance in all of motor sport. More baffling to me is how some of these cars have the tires sticking out an inch passed the fender flares. Even nascar race cars look better than formula D cars.


earmenau Three things. 
1. The poke your referring to comes from changing the suspension geometry to maximize steering angle and grip, ergo replacing knuckles, control arms, tie rods, camber plates, steering components, etc. Also, traditionally, widening a car's track width lowers the center of gravity and makes it more stable, which is pretty important for something like drifting.
2. Stance is a matter of opinion, I happen to like my tires when they stick out rather than tuck, I don't want any car of mine to resemble a hover craft.
3. I don't think stance is placed very high on these drivers' list of priorities. I'd be more worried about whether my car is going to go where I tell it to when it's carrying me sideways at 50 miles per hour, rather than how flush my tires look. This is a motorsport, function is going to outweigh form every time.

Also, stockcars look great, but there is no way in hell that those repetitive, extremely regulated, stamped out fiberglass molds with stickers for headlights look better than FD cars.


The interior looks like an agricultural machine. And it is too big for my liking. The engine is cool though...


jmc0415 Nope, standard cross plane.


I like Vaughn, but he's the worst offender in the growing list of FD cars that run too high and too soft for my personal preference. I like my drift cars low. I wish him all the best in this years competition though he's had a rough ride of late, and the new car looks promising.


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