A Badass Escort With V8 Bite

There are numerous reasons why people modify cars, but in doing so, thankfully not everyone follows the same script – even when it’s a rare car and there’s an ‘accepted’ method.

Case in point, Darren Whitfield and his V8-repowered 1972 Mk1 Ford Escort Mexico – the subjects of a new Speedhunters video by Jason Laroza.

With its custom wide body work, big wing and V8 rumble, Escort purists might look at the Whitspeed creation disapprovingly, but Darren couldn’t care a less – he’s having way too much fun putting 340hp to the ground and hitting 150mph in his bespoke beast. We love it!

The Speedhunters



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I noticed there's a CD player head unit in the dash. How often does that get used when there's a glorious V8 playing sweet music up front? LOL! XD


Speedhunters awesome!


I think this is absolutely amazing, such a great attitude from the creators.


Love the car... can't understand a single thing he is saying.


CarWaffle ..badassingly satisfying


Tidy - Great feature!


Eh bit stupid for a Mk1 tbh. Call me a broken record but a nice screaming bda or na /turbo yb would've been much better


BADASS.I love that he threw a v8 in it...there are no gauges to be found but I see a cd player haha if mine,  my only change would be a more square IMSA/ Group B rally style flair on the fenders and quarters..but its not mine haha


LukeEVOVIII Screaming BDAs are expensive and YB swaps are common in the UK. V8s are rare in comparison.


Turbo yb swaps are common (I am in the UK). Yes v8s may be rare by comparison but they are quite boring for a legendary car like a Mk1 Escort. But hey, each to their own, now my car U0001f44d


eriktheredstache Really humble and honest guy. Just loves building and playing with cars!


LukeEVOVIII For some reason, I always thought you were in the US. D'oh. I'm just back from a US holiday and have come to the conclusion that V8s are just better for everything. #v8allthethings


Great video! Subtitles for us non British would be good LOL.


i like escort mk1 and i like mustang svt cobra r, so then i guess i love it!


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