We Love JDM-ed Alfas

The two Alfa Romeos I’m about to show you weren’t participating in the recent Attack event held at Tsukuba Circuit, but rather just sitting on display in the paddock. That doesn’t matter though, because they’re perfect examples of just how well the Japanese are able to take Italian cars like the Alfa 156 and turn them into something totally cool.


For some reason, this is something Italians themselves are not too good at doing; I’ve never seen a modified Alfa in Italy that really stood out. It’s probably because they could never possess the quality that allows people to turn even the most mundane of cars into something badass. That quality is JDM-ness.


How else can you explain it? If you needed proof, just take a look at these two cars put together by the guys at Stile. Both ooze awesomeness because every single modification has been done for a reason. These are beautifully functional track cars with just the right amount of aggression added to that unmistakable Alfa Romeo design.


Both the yellow 156 and the two-tone one next to it were completely stripped out with just a single driver’s seat for each. They also epitomise the type of cars that Stile concentrates on.


This one was slammed on a set of RAYS Volk Racing TE37SLs, which themselves were barely contained by the flares that have been worked into the redesigned front bumper and FRP fenders.


Here’s a closer look.


The look continues along the flanks with some serious side skirts.


At the back the widening is less dramatic, but as equally well integrated as the front. Side gills on the bumper are a nice touch, as is the low-mount spoiler. Look closely however, and you will see that there are a pair of mounts on the vertical side of the trunk lid hinting that when this car hits the track it runs a rather large wing.


The yellow car was a little simpler with only small bolted-on fender flares at the front mated to a few simple carbon fiber touches. It’s the Enkei RPF1s and their aggressive fitment that really make the car in this instance.

Both of these Alfa Romeos are great examples of how the Japanese can really do no wrong when it comes to modifying cars in their own way.

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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Dino, how dare you make such a mistake? The red car is a facelift (2003+) 156 :)


Nope, doesn't work for me. The colours are nice, but the modifications don't work neither as a apackage nor in the details. Make them look like a beautiful girl which put her make-up on in the dark.


Pretty sure the red one is also a 156, but a facelifted version.


Quite right. Red's a facelifted 156.


Doesn't work does it? Fresh pasta, simple touch of basil and some garlic butter much tastier than overcooked rice.


Wow these almost make me want to go out and buy one considering how cheap they are on the second hand market... but then I remember why they are so cheap


Alfa 159 is this


Speedhunters So do I but that's a pair of 156s; red one is a rare facelift model. I know 'cos I've owned both. And Dino is Italian too! U0001f602


Hormann 155 Q4 was the ultimate tuner 155. I had a 155 Q4 (not the one in the picture) when I lived inngermany, it was awesome. Two more years before Q4s are eligible for 25 year rule!


This is really a bad report, you should be ashamed of yourself as an automotive reporter. You don't know the difference between an 159 and the 156 facelift and all this is based on your rather large personal preference on JDM styling.

I understand most of it is functional but please don't write down that it all looks beautiful and cool. And you know why you don't see proper modified Alfa Romeo's in Italy? Because these cars are well designed so they don't need any modifications, especially no JDM plastic stuff.


'Both of these Alfa Romeos are great examples of how the Japanese can really do no wrong when it comes to modifying cars in their own way.'
Er... really?


I have to agree with most comments here. Know your alfa's before posting stuff like this. If you want to jdm your car, stick with the ricers. Although i have respect for the work that has been out in to it. There's a reason alfisti don't do this, it's a beautiful design to start with. That's why most people only do small modifications on their pride and joy. And the red one isn't a 159 but a 156 facelift model as had been pointed out numerous times. Know your stuff. I've owned both of them, and still enjoy my facelift 156 every day.


I agree with JordyMorsch. Alfa 156's don't need any additional bits, there is something just so right about them to begin with. Even the factory option high level rear spoiler is an abomination!

To me, the only styling a 156 needs is lowering and perhaps wheel spacers. Oh, and it has to be blue with cream interior, Italians do blue cars better than anyone else. Fact! :-)


156 GTA, the only modifications you need to do are the ones Alfa Romeo made themselves.

That said I quite like the yellow one.


The anger is real today.


The purists have grabbed their pitchforks and the aficionados have grabbed their checklists.
The both look very nice and the wheel fitment is on point.


As a true Alfisti I have to say I don't agree that Alfas should be left alone. I love Japanese race prepped Alfas and love to see them modded for track use but very disappointed in Dino for the basic mistake with the facelift 156! Imagine if Speedhunters posted an R32 and called it an R33!!


I like the looks of the red Alfa 156, the yellow looks weird imo. but I don't think they tampered the Alfa looks too much.


OMG, purists. Relax, it was a mistake on the indentification side of things, obviously.

As for it being modified, being a tried and true Rotary-guy, welcome to my world. I'm not to keen to V8 swaps, but where you can differ from the other status-quo "alphisti"-snobs is to be open minded and appreciate that it is a different way of building a car; RICE (Ridiculously Idiotic Car Examples) this is not. Clearly built for a faster purpose than your street car. Enjoy it for what it is and what its not. Don't be so narrow in your views.


I like them - well, I like the yellow one a lot (not so sure about the red). What on earth is all this "you mustn't ever modify and Alfa" rubbish? People have been doing track-prep alterations to Alfas forever.

As well as the JDM-ness, what i dig is the unashamed FWD-ness of these modifications. The 165 was actually deliberately designed to look like it was RWD, with its fat rear haunches and concealed rear door handles. I always thought that was a dishonest and slightly lame design philosophy (although i love the 156 shape and actually used to own a lovely v6). These cars put that right.

Is it Alfa Month on Speedhunters? I hope so.


Would have been nice to say what engines they were running and more details regarding the technical mods they have, they are after all track day cars.


Beetje overdreven om alle Japanse wagens neer te zetten als "ricers". Dan doe je de jdm scene echt tekort. Er zijn genoeg exotische Jdm wagens die op deze manier smaakvol verbouwd worden, bijv nsx'jes en supra's. De reden dat alfa's uit deze periode niet vaak gemodificeerd worden heeft niet alleen te maken met het uiterlijk, wat gewoon mooi is origineel, maar ook met de bouwkwaliteit en de ongeschiktheid van het platform voor verbeteringen. Daarmee bedoel ik fwd, en motoren die zich niet geweldig lenen voor tuning. vooral in vergelijking met de blokken die Japanners en Duitsers maakten in die tijd.


*Whoops, typo: meant to write156. Please don't flame me, purists ;)


in the picture there are two 156 (one of two is a 156 restyling).

Nice cars both and i agree with you, in Italy we can't do Alfa like that...


RazvanH That would be for features, spotlights are a simpler look at cars we come across at event :)


@duncanrose27 Hey we all make mistakes ;)


speedhunters_dino RazvanH Please tell me that they will be featured then, I was really excited to see those on the frontpage (as an Alfa Romeo owner) and I was really curios what mods fellow Alfisti from Japan use.

As for aesthetics, also not a fan of aftermarket stuff on Alfas, but if it serves a purpose, then it`s alright with me. The livery of the red facelift 156 is reminiscent of the ETCC (European Touring Cars Championship), in witch the 156`s won consecutive years in the early 2000`s.

All in all thank you for the nice pictures Dino, will make great wallpapers.

Hoping for more Alfa`s on SH.


Your Japanese content is the highlight of Speedhunters so I'll let you off ;)


Beautiful Dino!!

I really like the red car and would love to see it in a feature some time.


FerryVanBeek Relax, Dino doesn't make that many mistakes. Besides, why NOT mod an Alfa? I think the red one looks pretty good. I know in Italy you can't mod your car without getting constantly pulled over, but for others in other areas? why not?


Scrolling trough the comment here you can experience the exact same feeling you get When you try to talk about modified cars to the majority of the italian people .
Nice , i feel at home now .
Anyway the cars really looks both pretty menacing , i would love to see them in action .


You think SH will get a press car for the new Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifolgio? That would be an awesome review for you Dino




I think a visit to Unicorse or A.Trucco would make a good feature, so many amazing Italian cars and specialists in Japan.


Speedhunters madnesssss


Noob question here, but why do the cars have different wheels in the front and back? The red car has TE37s up front and a different set of wheels at the back. The yellow car has RPF1s up front and different wheels at the back.


@Finch204 I'm guessing, spare tires aren't mounted on the same model wheel. If the fronts or rears get worn out, they just take them out and install fresh ones, it doesn't matter if they match or not, as long as the wheel specs are the same. Some do it for style too.


This comment section is even better that the one when speedhunter make the article in support of VW after the diselgate scandall and the one about the generations. Lol!


Wait what? That the only modifications you need to do are the ones Alfa Romeo made themselves. Seriously?!
There's a reason Alfisti don't do this. That's why most people only do small modifications on their pride and joy another one said.
I tell you why. Because the Alfatistis are always broke from spending money fixing all the crap they're cars brake down. And that leaves no extra money to Modified anything. Great design he said.... Yeah aesthetically it is and that's as much the only thing that can be said from Alfa.
They said you are not a Petrolhead until you own a Alfa and that is why...so you know first hand what is like to be stranded when you least expected in the most undesirable place and time because your Alfa behave as and Alfa and it broke down AGAIN. Yes they are terrible car, riddled with the sort of faults that every other motoring manufacturer had addressed by about 1972. Yes, they began rusting almost immediately after leaving the dealership, and yes, dodgy electrical systems could lead to spontaneous combustion, but they embodied all those clichés people use when they talk about Italian cars: passion, lust, soul, and beauty. Because when you had one running right wish is only once a year If you get lucky, its superb handling and free-revving engines made them unlike anything else in the world. And despite all that I completely adored them. And have owned a few.
But saying that and Alfa should not be modified its a insane comment to made. Let Japan modified what ever they want.


EliThanos You sir have absolutely no clue about cars. What you've written is pure nonsense. 
I work in the car industry for 16 years and had a lot to do with Alfas, even though german cars are my main business.
Alfa made a lot of great cars in the past 7-8 years. The 147, 156, 157, Giulia, Mito are just a few of them. When I'm talking about these cars I mean I've driven them properly, not just 2km around the block. I also know a few Alfa owners who bought their Alfas new and have 150-200k km on the clock without major issues.

Stop spreading what you've heard from some couch quarterbacks at the bar. Alfas are far better than some wannabe car addicts think, but to know that you need to drive one. Until that keep quiet.


So it's a great looking car already. People don't come to Speedhunters to see stock cars. People also have different tastes. Is the car community better off for this post instead of giving us the same things you always expect? I'd say so.


FerryVanBeek Maybe know your cars before labeling an entire group of vehicles as, "ricers."  Regardless of what the design is to begin with, this is a discussion on how a developed style has been applied to enhance that beauty.  And while I have no idea of the models, and if these are mislabeled then by all means, that should be addressed and fixed - I don't believe this was an attack on a group of owners, this was meant to shed light on something that isn't seen everyday.  Typically, that's the point of these blogs - unique and inspiring.


EliThanos you dont no nothing about Alfa Romeo and if you no nothimg about Alfa as petrolhead you are simply dead. I dont no what you drive but I tell you that my Alfa eat your for breakfast.


I love Alfas. Love how these have their intakes set up too, looks pretty bad ass.


These are awesome, makes me want a jdm Alfa!


Elithanos, that "another" would be me. And let me assure you, my 156 is very reliable. Reason could be because it's a diesel. Never broke down on me so far and neither did my previous one. I had a selespeed before that and that one hit all the marks for unreliability. Something was always broken on that one. All i did with my current one is lower it and found some really nice aftermarket wheels. That's really all it needed. Not because alfa owners are always broke a you put it. Just get back in your VAG-WAGON and drove off. If it will start that is.


Amazing pair, I don't care for originality because they are hardly rare... do what you want lads! That red one looks utterly fantastic (heads off to ebay and to measure garage space)


Dino ti consiglio di seguire su Youtube il canale di Davide Cironi.
Ne vale la pena!



@Luca Chi? il canale di un noioso pallone gonfiato arrogante? C'è di meglio...


EliThanos my 159 has zero issues or rust...


I've never owned an Alfa but I've always admired them. The JDM treatment is a winner in my book too!
Nice one Dino!


I think we're going to see a lot more of this with the release of the Giulia.


familycar it's everywhere like that. Either you man up or die trying


familycar oh congrats to your feature and sorry that I touched your manly military spirit, by calling you a pussy? dude what?...anyway, I hope your roads get better, keep your game up and good luck increasing your country count. Hitting up 50 states...now that is a dream.


@JJ7V EliThanos Well said


meal stub  after looking at this article again, I think the reason they have different wheels up front, is because they are running wider tires/wheels up front because they are FWD. If they are not FWD, then I don't know why.


To hone logic, supported with open minds and a lot to learn. For logic that is already extensive, balance it with humility


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In Italy we can't do any modifications to our cars.
With the last fucking law, basically we can't change even the wheels.In any case in Italy there are some badass cars that have nothing to envy those...


I would probably  describe these cars as "NOICE!!!"


I must say this text was written by someone who does not know what Alfa Romeo is.
Please before you write something unintelligent like this, do some research.
Alfa Romeo is exclusive brand in Japan, and only wealthy can drive it, and because it so exclusive and rare, they don't like to modify them at all. Same as Italian, they envy and love the stock cars, no need to add on something that original designer made.
JDM and Alfa Romeo is a big "no no", and i just love how you written "Japanese are able to take Italian cars like the Alfa 156 and turn them into something totally cool." I cannot express you how this offended me.