What Is A Tuner Car? The Boden Autohaus BMW M4
New Cars, Same Spirit

I’m not sure if I’m the only one who feels this way, but it seems like the definition of a ‘tuner car’ has changed dramatically over the last decade or so.

In the old days, it felt like most of the cars people modified were of the inexpensive variety. And that makes sense too, because a big reason you’d modify a car in the first place was because you might not have had the budget to go out and buy a high-end machine from the factory.


If you did have the means to buy a high performance luxury car or sports car, then chances you’d probably leave it stock or very close to it, because the car was already pretty damn good out of the box.


And if you did modify the car, it would be very simple things; maybe a set of lowering springs, a nice set of wheels, and an exhaust system if you were feeling adventurous. No need to tear apart a perfectly good (and expensive) car, right?


But lately, that notion seems to be going by the wayside. These days it feels like any car, regardless of its price tag or level of exclusivity, is fair game for dramatic modification, both performance-wise and cosmetically.


Just take a look around and see the heavily-modified RWB Porsches, the air-bagged Italian supercars, and the Nissan GT-Rs running around with horsepower figures two or three times greater than what their already world-beating stock motors made.


I can’t explain exactly what has led to this brave new world of automobile modification, my best guess would be that the people who grew up modifying more common, less expensive cars carried the tuner bug with them as they moved on to the higher end stuff.


Whatever the case, this has brought us some pretty radical examples of modern performance cars that have been significantly altered from their factory spec. And here’s another, this time based on 2016 BMW M4.

SEMA Or Bust

This SEMA build was spearheaded by the team at the Kolab Agency in Orange County, California, and as the company’s name suggests, the project would be bring together several big aftermarket brands to upgrade and restyle the fresh-out-of-the-box Bimmer.


Handling the work for the build would be Costa Mesa’s Boden AutoHaus – a shop which has made quite a name for itself recently, particularly when it comes to late-model European cars and custom air suspension setups.


So with the showroom-fresh M4 in their possession, the Boden boys got to work transforming the BMW’s looks and performance.


The bodywork is going to be the first thing that people notice about the car, so let’s start there. When talking about the increasing popular genre of modified European performance and luxury cars, Vorsteiner is one of the most well known names in the scene. Wanting to go for a big-impact look, Vorsteiner was called upon to provide some of its signature body panels for the M4.


More specifically, the plan called for a full GTRS4 wide-body conversion, which gives the already wide BMW an even more aggressive profile – particularly in the rear quarters.


And along with the aggressive fenders, bumpers and side skirts, there’s also a big front splitter and a GT wing out back to complete the race-inspired look. To finish things off, the BMW was coated in bright red BASF paint.

Times Have Changed

Sourcing a set of wheels and tires that could properly fill out the buff fenders was another important task, and this is where the guys at Rotiform come in.


The bronze and gunmetal-finished Rotiform BUCs measure 20×11-inch up front and a ridiculous 20×13-inch in the rear to complement the Vorsteiner fenders.


The tires are Pirelli P Zeros – 275/30R20 and 345/30R20 front and rear respectively, with yellow tire lettering for the right amount of contrast.


You can also spot the big R1 Concepts brakes behind the spokes of the Rotiforms; and the factory suspension was swapped out for BC Racing pieces.


Under the hood the twin-turbocharged S55 straight-six has seen some modest work, including a larger Garrett GTX2863R turbo upgrade.


The exhaust is a Magnaflow Sport Series kit with four titanium-coated tips protruding from the rear diffuser.


And let’s not forget the NOS nitrous kit to further build upon the tuner car vibe.


Last but not least, the cabin of the M4 has been fitted with a custom rollcage and a pair of Sparco full bucket racing seats with matching harnesses.


Long gone are the days when cages and wide-body kits were reserved for modified compact cars; today it seems like the rule book has been thrown out of the window.


Luxury car? Performance car? Tuner car? Whatever you want to call it, this aggressively modified BMW is just one more sign of the wild era we are living in.

Mike Garrett
Instagram: japanifornia_media

Photos by Louis Yio
Instagram: lusciousy

Boden AutoHaus x Kolab Agency BMW M4

BMW S55 inline-six, Garrett GTX2863R turbo upgrade, Magnaflow Sport Series exhaust system with titanium tips, NOS nitrous kit

BMW M4 dual-clutch automatic transmission

Suspension & Brakes
BC Racing suspension, R1 Concepts big brake kit

Wheels & Tires
Rotiform BUC 20×11-inch (front) 20×13-inch (rear) Pirelli P Zero tires 275/30R20 (front) 345/30R20 (rear)

Vorsteiner GTRS4 wide body kit, rear GT wing, BASF red paint, custom graphics

Custom rollcage, Sparco racing seats, Sparco racing harnesses

Cutting Room Floor



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Soooo... Over-the-top visual drama, and 4% of the total budget went into engine performance upgrades?
Way too ricey for my taste. But I'm sure there's a flatcap enthusiast out there who can't wait to have his M4 molested and depreciated.


I'm not diggin' the look of it...and I surely bet my wheels that it drives like sh*t on the limit with those huge tires. Because is a tuner car not a fancy car. At limit is a thing which an M4 would do best. Sure it looks great on a Lamborghini, but then again who would drive a Lambo at their limit? Other then Daigo Saito of course. Nice color though.


"Boyracer's wet dream car"


I'll probably catch an e whooping for this but something about the way it sits seems a hair off. A touch too high, tires a touch narrow? Something.
Could just be my flat billed hat is too tight though.


looks cool... but i think is too much for my taste too... maybe with another set of wheels the car can look better... Anyway nice work!


Oh man. I don't have anything nice to say. The scenery is gorgeous though!


I hate to be the one to give bad feedback, but this is probably one of the worse and ugliest cars you all have featured. Nothing about that combinations flows besides the money out of the open wallet used to build it.


DaveT I personally just don't like the rear fenders.  Something is off about the flow in that area.


I would never be able to afford this, but it looks like a ton of fun to drive. Really like their choice of wheels. Front bumper also has a very interesting shape for those air channels. My only question is, who is the guy in the sticker that is applied to the underside of the rear wing? Everything made sense until I looked at that bonus picture and went, 'Wait, what? What is that sticker about? And why is it hidden?'


Steve Hayward DaveT it is what i feel too, too wide, it needed the tires a bit outward or the fenders a little narrower


The way those wheels fit is lovely, but very little modification to the engine to be truly described as 'molested'.


Why??? Only because they could??? Too much of everything. Destroying the beautiful basic shape of the car.


racing seats, nitrous and a roll cage for a car that's going to be parked at car shows all the time. I don't get it. looks good though.


First impression: It reminds me of the orange Fast and Furious Supra. 
One of the few occasions where I'd rather be seen rolling in a stock M4! I guess it comes down to the owner's vision/taste, but man....I feel like this done in the 90's...in a bad way!

SEMA can do that...builds are tasteful or crazy AF, imho!


Dissenting opinion: Hellyeah! Bring more stuff like this to the car scene. Car shows have gotten so boring recently. They seem to be mostly comprised of a bunch of conservatively colored cars with expensive rims. Yeah they have little tweaks galore, but even the crazy ones tend to be subtle(ish). But these are show cars, so come on, put on a damn show! Crazy is fun. 
And it makes the subtle cars easier to appreciate. Variety is fun too!


What a waste. Just gonna be parked and not used like it should. Wtf has the world come to


The vinyl application dude should be fired - check how skew the nose stripe is. Oh well, the rest of the car aint much better anyway.


My sixteen year old self would have LOVED this car ..... and I'm old enough now to appreciate what that means.


Call me a troll, call me a "hater".....I don't care. But I don't like this car. If the people that built it like it, more power to them. This build is solely about product promotion....so It is effective in that regard I guess. Its overdone because the only reason the build was done was to promote as many products as possible.


This car is like the R8 some posts lower. Boring.

Not because its a R8 or a M4. No its because its uninspired.

turbo BEAMS ae86

made for what? check every box internet likes?


That looks like fun. Why has everyone forgot about fun?


Not bad, it sits a little to high for my taste.

I think it may have grabbed a bigger crowd if they didn't use such a "loud" color for an already outspoken car. I love the color for something with smoother lines, perhaps an AMG GT?


LukeEVOVIII  It will probably be shown around, auctioned, bought by a tool in Palm Beach for way too much, used and abused and crashed into a light pole while the driver was under the influence...bought with daddy's money. It's normal here.


Me, me, myself and I find it stupidly wrong. But it is not the first or last. 80ies were full of craziness too, but less stickers...


Beautiful build.. Would however, look slightly better if the tyres width equalled the fenders, so they were flush.


Lowered more, remove all the silly fast&furious stickers, remove the gt wing for something more factory like, remove the nitrous no need for that is not a civic and put back the stock M4 seats...and i'll buy it.


I kind of hate it if I'm honest. No offence to the guys that made it but it's all wrong to me. The 20's make the car look like a 4x4, that ground clearance is awful. The stickers are very dated and ricer, the fenders are far to big and in your face, not a great look on the car and the shape doesn't really suit the natural body lines. I'm not a fan either of how the front fenders still have traces of the original fender left there, it just looks cluttered and the nos and seats are completely out of place on a car that screems fast and furious rather than serious race car. I really believe sometime "less is more", especially on a car with such elegance and beauty.


Having a stupidly low car isn't functional, especially in Sydney, (Australia) where the roads are crap and there are hills everywhere. It's great to see something like this, not another car sitting on bags.


HOLY SHIT it's 345 mm of grip down there


Only thing missing is Testarossa strakes. There is just too much of everything. Awful


I just love how term - rice - has gone from describing low budget unfunctional and not thoroughly thought out upgrades to describing whatever some bloke on the internet doesnt like.

I hardly would call this car rice.. or while at that - butchered or ruined.. Its as always  - some purists will hate on something - i get it. BUT why the hipocracy ? Ive seen tens of projects that are way over the top then this one is. Crazy wings that look out of place, crazy body kits. Camber, huge wheels. And its all to somebodys taste. And some dont like it.
But this ? This is like any other build. Nothing more, nothing less. I wouldnt say this will stay in my memory for a long time, because it doesn have anything that over the top - extreme body kit and upgraded engine. And thats allright. But to call it bad ? 
I understand comments are for putting your opinion out there. But cmon..


Beautiful Body Kit to a Wonderful machine, I'm not a fan to install NOS nitrous kit, but i don't judge.


Did they all stand back, throw handfuls of expensive tat and then see what stuck? Utterly horrible.


stop hatin  ppl, it's just a wide m4.. built 4 offroad ))


Do the driver side rear tires really just say "Pirell"?


Ekoumvak typically these are stickers......



To hone logic, supported with open minds and a lot to learn. For logic that is already extensive, balance it with humility


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