Simple Is Best: The Hot Rod Hauler

When you think of a big indoor custom car show like the Sacramento Autorama, you likely picture brightly colored, chrome-laden machines that draw your attention from across the exhibition hall. But the truth is, along with the flashy show cars there are plenty of much more understated, but no less impressive builds to enjoy.

And that brings me to a 1941 Ford pickup truck owned by Bud Wolfe of Graham, Washington.

Autorama-28 copy

To me, this cruiser exhibits the perfect blend of vintage styling and modern tricks, all wrapped up in a very tasteful package. One of the first things you notice is the body color, which is a very unique combination of pale yellow and tan.

Autorama-26 copy

While the body styling is pure old school, the chassis is a modern setup from T.C.I. And as you might have guessed, there’s a set of air bags to keep the truck sitting mean while also retaining functionality on the street.

Autorama-25 copy

The wheels meanwhile are Artillery steelies fitted with dog dish hubcaps. That olive green paint contrasts perfectly with the Ford’s body color.

Autorama-20 copy

Under the hood sits a 302 cubic inch Ford small-block with Hilborn fuel injection. You just have to love the ‘Thunderbird Special’ markings on the valve covers too. The engine is backed up by a C4 automatic transmission that feeds power to a 9-inch rear end.

Autorama-22 copy

The cabin of the truck is just as stylish as the exterior and features a 1946 Ford dash and a big-diameter steering wheel from a ’48 Mercury. An don’t forget other cool details, like the subtle patterning on the door panels.

Autorama-23 copy

Bud Wolfe’s pickup might not have the flash and extravagance of other Autorama cars, but who needs that stuff when you have style and attention to detail like this?

As far as 1940s pickup trucks go, I don’t think it gets much better than this.

Mike Garrett
Instagram: japanifornia_media



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Being 2 hours away from Sac, all your coverage makes me real sorry I missed the event. Hilborn stacks are amazing looking on any V8.


Serious want. Ford in a Ford, injection stacks, perfect colour, absolutely spot on


Now that's a work of art. About the only time approve airbags is on a vehicle like this. 
Amazing work here!


Is it just me or is there pinstriping on the inside footwell? (Just below steering column) none the less this is perfect damn


perfect color, perfect stance....more trucks please


That is an old school pick up done absolutely right!


So many things done right here.  Keeping a Ford drivetrain, original fenders and running boards, perfect wheel size and style, and a stellar paint combination.  Huge thumbs up to this builder




jbfromsiliconvalley It was a good one!


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the car was very good 
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