Dream Drive: A 1000hp Audi R8 On Ascari Circuit

Love at first sight can happen in many ways as everyone is fascinated by different things. The diversity of taste is unlimited.

With the car I’m going to show you today, you may see many details that tug at your heart strings; the design, the technology beneath, the track performance. Having had the chance to take a deeper look at this mean machine based on a Audi R8 V10 Plus street car, I will try to supply as much information as possible so every single one of you will be captivated for your own different reasons.


Potter and Rich, a consortium of innovative and passionate car enthusiasts, had the idea of creating a unique supercar that aimed for maximum performance and next generation technology. It’s called the MC8.


One of the first upgrades added to the base car by mcchip-dkr (the technical partner for this project) was the complete Audi LMS Ultra carbon fiber bodykit.


Including its side flaps, the splitter creates around 150kg of downforce at 200km/h, resulting in direct steering and sharp turn in.


The rear wing produces about 200kg of downforce at the same speed, and helps in putting the power down as well as having a reliable back end, especially through fast corners.


Beside the aerodynamic parts that have been added, the weight reduction of circa 120kg is also an outstanding detail, and one that not only improves performance but lessens brake and tire wear, and reduces fuel consumption.


On track, the MC8 is running on 18×11-inch (front) and 18×13-inch (rear) BBS Motorsport wheels with Kumho Ecsta V70 tires in 305/30ZR18 and 335/30ZR18 respective sizing. In the suspension department you’ll find a KW Competition 3A race kit including HLS (height lifting system) to increase ground clearance when required. Similar to the race machine, this car is missing the front drive shafts as it too has been converted to rear-wheel drive.


Although the outer shape of the car is totally track focused, you enter a different world on opening the doors. Seeing the suede-covered door panels, dashboard and the seats, it seems like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde created this beast.


The reason for the clash of styles is simple – the car should offer track genes as well as cruising ones. In other words, the boy wants to race and the girl wants to travel in total comfort. We’ve all had this discussion in the past, right?


Nevertheless, besides AC and a Bang & Olufsen sound system, there are still nice details to remind the driver of what is going on outside the confines of the cockpit.


Now it’s time to get serious and take a deeper look at the power-plant of this mid-engined supercar. The V10 FSI unit offers 550hp and 540Nm in standard spec, but there’s a lot more potential here…


The engineers and technicians of mcchip-dkr, specialists in engine upgrades, removed and disassembled the engine, before installing forged pistons and conrods, and giving the cylinder head and flywheel a final treatment. The final piece of the puzzle – a supercharger.


In addition to the engine itself, mcchip-dkr installed a complete Capristo exhaust system including bypass valve which can be controlled by the original Sport button in the center console. Together with the power management developed on their in house dyno, the maximum power output shows 1010hp.


Beside aerodynamics and suspension technology, this power is harnessed by a Brembo brake system similar to the GT3 model. There are slotted rotors and endurance-spec brake pads front and rear.

Track Performance

The real question is, how does this package perform on track?


Well, in order to find out there is only one way – drive it.


I will take you with me on a lap around Ascari Race Resort in order to give you an idea of what this supercar feels like.


To be honest, the cabin is a comfortable place to be.


First impression – super easy to drive, thanks in part to the suspension setup being tested on the 7-post rig at KW Automotive. It was easy to feel the limit of the car; the brakes were great and the tires came up to temperature quickly.


Putting down the power is smooth, and although I was running with the ESP on, the yellow light on the dash never illuminated.


It’s great being able to use the downforce of the aero package through the corners and feel the grip of the sticky tires.


Even double bends are easy to point through on throttle, and to be honest, due to the high level of grip on offer, I could have used more power. I was running on race mapping which results in 830hp, but does it sound sophisticated when I tell you I want more?


In case you agree with me, the makers of this beast do have a solution. The car can be ordered in a number of configurations: 1010hp (supercharger), 1500hp (supercharger hybrid) or 2000hp (turbo/hybrid).


Hybrid, yes; intially that’s what all this project was about. The R8 offers the perfect base to add a hybrid unit to the front while the conventional combustion engine remains in the back.


I can only imagine how this car would perform with another 500hp of electric power added to the front axle.


I really hope this is not my last meeting with this beauty. I’m looking forward to seeing it again, and wouldn’t be averse to doing a lap with even more power in the back (and the front).

Driver’s Eye

Hopefully I was able to relay some of my feelings to you guys, but in case you still would like to know how it is to sit in the car and push the throttle, I’m happy to share my view from the driver’s seat in the video above.

Michael Grassl
Instagram: speedhunters_michael

Photos by Alok Paleri
Instagram: turbanoutlaw

Cutting Room Floor


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Eh good feature but quite a boring car really


Still a R8 LMS to me, nothing more nothing less.


LukeEVOVIII  Some people would say the same for the Evo.


Well maybe to the US spec evos as theyre shit haha but I don't really care tbh. I like what I like and fuck the haters


The car is anything but boring - the detail work on it seems amazing.  The way the article was written however is a bit "blah".  No conveyance of excitement.


I just can't stand Camo. In any guise. At all. Ever.


LukeEVOVIII  Agree the US Spec are more tame. Like the Evo's myself specially when dropped.


Definitely. Whereas we got monster spec evos here in the UK


I believe this is the same car that I saw testing in Zolder 1 year ago.
Just listen to those downshifts. :D



@lms I was going to write exactly the same thing.  The "Dream Drive" features are usually quite interesting based on the actual driving details, whether it's on a track or a road journey, really describing the whole experience.  This gave me very little insight into the experience of driving this car, or driving on the (great) Ascari track.


Steve Hayward


Michael Grassl I look forward to that.



1000hp carbon clad super car
is boring, but a 4 door grocery getter is not? Im confused


You've lost my interest as soon as you said super car. I font like them. Never have done, never will do. Just not the kinda stuff I'm unto but hey each to their own. And the Evos here in the UK are hardly if ever used to get the shopping haha (and what does the amount of doors matter?)


LukeEVOVIII the hate for a well built well thought out beautiful car makes me confused and a little sad. Why would you worry about the label? Look at what they did with the car, its a mechanical piece of art.


I'm one of those people that doesn't like supercars/hypercars. However I do greatly like the processes involved to create the cars


Fuckin sick!! I'm usually not too big on juiced up super cars, but this one is top notch! What does it for me is that it's actually built with track use in mind. The aero kit is there for a reason, and that makes me smile :). Those downshifts are mean too!


Hmm… Great car, no doubt.

The thing that bothers me, is the article itself. I shared the ideas of fellow readers of Speedhunters that there is a lack on detailed technical information in some articles… With this article this problem is solved. BUT, to me, the best thing about SH is the car culture that shines trough the written stories. This article get's boring pretty quickly because it reads like a spec sheet… You guys should find a way to show more technical details about the cars, but also don't lose the aspect of the culture. In this case, I really wanted to know how this project started, who's working on it (their vision for example) and how they came to the idea to build a hybrid. 

Also… especially since the article was all about the specs, a video is essential. Photographs are nice, but this project deserved a nicely edited movie. The on-board footage is okay… But an edited movie with a nice storyboard including panning shots, on-board footage and some details would have been much nicer.

I am sorry I cannot be more positive, usually I am quite fond of how the SH articles are created.


This is fantastic, if the interior had the same flashes of yellow as the outside it would be utterly perfect. I had the pleasure of hearing LMS Ultras at the 'ring a few years ago. They are some of the best sounding race cars out there next to the SLS's.


LukeEVOVIII  perhaps not shopping but I see an evo 10 outside the gym every other day, what does that tell you about the owner, like the look of themselves in a mirror?


Don't really like the Evo 10 thh


And the perfect bicycle to complement it:


This seems to be the same case with the red Nissan GT-R that was given a custom GT1 bodykit (which was built by Bulletproof Automotive), where instead of having a moderate amount of power, it's given unnecessary wads of power (+1000 hp). 
However, this actually looks better than the actual GT3-spec figure it's based on, plus from what I see of its rear view, it must have a chassis floor, similar to that of GT1 and GT2/GTE. It's also better in a manner that it doesn't have to go through some artificial rules for "competition" purposes.
Excellent coverage.


Do I see both a gate shifter and paddle shifters?


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