A Chevy That LUVs The Quarter Mile

While it’s easy to love cars that have been bred fast and cool from the factory, there’s something equally great about a vehicle that does something its designers could have never imagined.

That’s why I greatly enjoyed seeing Scott Bisel’s Arizona-based B/Gas Chevy LUV pickup at this year’s March Meet in Famoso.

March-Meet-2016-13 copy

An acronym for ‘Light Utility Vehicle’, the LUV was engineered and built by Isuzu in Japan, and sold in the US by Chevrolet beginning in the early 1970s. This was one of the models that helped establish the ultra-popular minitruck market along with its rivals from Datsun, Toyota and Ford/Mazda.

March-Meet-2016-16 copy

While the LUV was favored for its utility and fuel economy, Scott’s truck has been transformed into a dedicated drag strip monster. It’s not only quick, but highly unique in a field of Camaros, Novas and other race cars.

March-Meet-2016-15 copy

The LUV is powered by a blown and injected 388ci Chevy stroker motor, which provides enough power to propel the little pickup to mid-8-second ETs on the strip.

March-Meet-2016-14 copy

Needless to say, there aren’t much of the original Isuzu underpinnings left; instead you’ll find coilovers, an integrated rollcage and massive wheel tubs for the Mickey Thompson drag slicks.

March-Meet-2016-20 copy

The sticky tires are wrapped around a set of American Rebel wheels, and there’s 4-wheel disc brakes to help slow the truck down after it blasts through the traps. It also sits low to the ground for a mean and functional look.

March-Meet-2016-22 copy

But what I really liked about Scott’s LUV wasn’t just its Japanese-American minitruck roots; it was the overall cleanliness and attention to detail. From the beautiful blue paint to the polished wheels, it could have easily been a show truck.

March-Meet-2016-18 copy

Built in Japan, marketed in America and reinvented for the drag strip. This 8-second vintage minitruck is as cool as it gets.

Mike Garrett
Instagram: japanifornia_media

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The smallest vehicle you can find yourself with the biggest engine you can fit in it. Always a good recipe for a smil



Speedhunters should track this guy down with his Datsun PU from the 70's. I believe the owner lives in socal, plus he's a auto shop teacher.




Glen Quagmire That is amazing. Must find.


BigTmoneyD Word to that!


Mike Garrett Glen Quagmire I can probably get you a name to the owner. My buddy Ray at work knows him from back in the day,


Glen Quagmire that thing is cool as hell, pic saved, future project for sure


Great article sir!! I like builds like these!!


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