The Zombie Diesel Porsche 911

We all know that the 24 Hours of LeMons is about racing on an (extremely) low budget, and that the field is largely full of cars which have been saved from the scrap heap. So why in the hell is there an air-cooled Porsche 911 competing in the series you might be wondering? Aren’t those things crazy expensive?

24H-Of-LeMons-63 copy

Indeed they are. And while old 911s are worth more than ever (and continuing to rise in value by the day), this particular 1983 model entered by ‘Hella Shitty Racing’ was a total wreck when its conversion to LeMons racer began.

Before it wound up in the team’s hands, the Porsche had been rolled over, written off and sold for its drivetrain more than anything else.

24H-Of-LeMons-109 copy

But rather than scrapping the shell once the engine and transmission had been removed, the brilliant idea to turn the old Porsche into a LeMons contender was born. It’s an idea that would send shivers down the spine of many a snobby Porsche enthusiast.

24H-Of-LeMons-106 copy

But it’s not just the battered appearance of the 911 that would be angering Porsche purists, there’s also the highly unconventional engine swap.

24H-Of-LeMons-108 copy

You see, to make things feel even more ‘wrong’, the Hella Shitty Racing team decided to drop in a four-cylinder turbo-diesel engine from a Mk4 Volkswagen Jetta, using other parts sold from the 911 to help keep the car within budget.

24H-Of-LeMons-93 copy

It’s actually a great combo for low budget endurance racing: light, good on fuel and also unlike anything else in the highly diverse group of LeMons entries.

24H-Of-LeMons-105 copy

There might not be a whole lot of Porsche left in this car besides the battered body, but that’s exactly what makes it so fitting as a LeMons entry. It’s a four-wheeled statement of not caring and having fun.

24H-Of-LeMons-66 copy

If you’re a diehard Porsche purist this might be hard to look at, but for the rest of us, we just can’t help but laugh when we see this ‘classic’911 out there racing wheel-to-wheel with Ford Escorts and other econoboxes turned race cars.

Such is the greatness that is LeMons.

Mike Garrett
Instagram: japanifornia_media



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Even though it really isn't at any sort of advantage against newer economy cars I feel like this thing would get penalties thrown at it through BS tech all the time.


As a purist, I see a salvageable platform. As an enthusiast, I even like the diesel swap, it's the appearance that I find highly disturbing, lol.


extremely likeable car just wish they they didn't go with a diesel engine though


And totalled again up the arse of that MX5?


I wanted to see how the engine fit in the 911 :D


mattdawhit something.... something about that I really like. Also WTF MX5.


Yurisminator same. Pics or didn't happened.


@Matiz Yurisminator The rear is boxed out a little bit. (in the old paint scheme)


Isaac C That thing rolled down a hill before Philipp got ahold of it.  It was not in anywhere close to reasonably good condition.


PowerTryp It does not.  Despite winning C *twice*.
And it does have an advantage -- they don't refuel ALL DAY.


I feel myself cringing a little seeing the pictures of that poor Porsche myself! But if the car is a power house, I applaud the team who put her together and on the barest amount of financing at the same time! Do keep us updated on how she runs and post videos will you!


dumbass car, a waste of web space, too......


porsche_911_996 As a Porsche Freak, that is just to freakish U0001f44e PrestigeDiesels


DP_Grouch porsche_911_996 PrestigeDiesels Permiso, si es totalmente subnormal.


JeffVier PowerTryp How in the world does this pass $500 rule? Rolling chassis for any short hood is many times that alone.


cutterjones13 Dumbass post, waste of web space too......


this car is glorious


Please, make the team with this Porsche as new Speedhunters "budget" crew!

And do keep us updated!


the car was very good 
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