This Is Tokyo Street Life

Drifting may have evolved into a legitimate form of motorsport complete with corporate backing for high profile teams and drivers, but that doesn’t mean its roots have been forgotten.

In its motherland of Japan, drifting is enjoyed at all levels; from the professional ranks of the D1 Grand Prix, to club-level competitions, to casual open track thrashes. But there are still those who choose to drift in the environment where it all began – on the street under the cover of darkness.

It’s dangerous and highly illegal, but for some, it’s worth the risk. In this brand new short video from Japan-based Speedhunters filmmaker Jeremy Pritchard, we follow a small crew to get a brief look inside the underground world of Tokyo street drifting.

The Speedhunters



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This is a trailer...right?


Is Han & Vin diesel in this one?


Ah.....Street drifting in long and go sideways...


MORE! @thespeedhunters
thats that i want to see!


I like how in the scene where he is saying "if he's caught he's finished" there is a police car with its lights on coming down the road they were just on.


jaretron  Seems like one to me.


I love seeing this live every weekend!


Guys you should make a full documentary!!!


1 minute and 40 seconds of intro, 45 seconds of drifting and then the outro... seriously... The video quality is great but it somewhat lacks real content.


Needs MOAR everything. Otherwise its great.


As others have said, really like the way this is out together, it just needs much more content!


Really really good but where is the rest of it??


Anyone else notice sirens/ lights coming the other way when he's talking about getting caught 2:25? hehe


This is real drifting, not that corporate sponsored bullshit nowadays.


That's it?  I sat through 5 minutes of buffering for that?


Would be sweet if you could do a feature on some of these cars : D




please make a doco DVD whatever it will blow the world up thank you :-)


YESSSS love these videos. Its hard to find new oldschool street videos but these will suffice


Speedhunters ooooo


YouTube "The Chronicles kanjo" and you'll see some similar stuff but much more footage. Seriously illegal and dangerous stuff, but very cool to watch.


f and f tokyo drift


Finally… SH is gonna show some videos with similar quality to the photos. The short videos in most features that have been there for a while now @SH are nice, but the quality stays (far) behind the photographic work and writing. I would really like to see you guys do more videos alongside the usually 'photo & writing-stories'… 

As for this one. It is a nice start, but now let's make a 30 min. full docu on these guys… Not only the action, but let the drivers tell their story or put it in greater context. The potential is definitely there ;-) .


Not bad not bad...although, it's kind of like a shorter, drift version of this
Also, drifting won't die if these kids don't drift lol. It's too big now. Kids in Scandenavia, Eastern Europe, Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand will continue to drift, no matter what happens in Japan.
And the Japanese didn't invent drifting, Scandenavians, specifically Swedes and Finns, were the first to drift RWD cars. Japan started tandems and street culture, but not drifting itself.


Joshosaurus if you sat through 5 minutes of buffering then you have bigger problems lol


Twitch_6 true that. a big misconception is that drifting was born in JP, while actually is was heavily crafted in Rally racing.


I got lucky and got to experience some of this. Headed to Daikoku PA
but the cops closed it for the night. Spotted and ended up following a
group of cars to a spot where these guys congregated. Good times.


I need to see more of that S15!


Danger_Drew_4h30 I'm surprised someone else here knows Lazerhawk


tommydpo Joshosaurus You might wanna upgrade from that 56k modem. 21st century and stuff...


wlahara you only recorded like 10 seconds??? such a tease :(


Mitchellol That corporate bullshit is safe for spectators and much more safe for drivers. Formula D and Drift All-Stars are actually some really good things to watch. And if you can find streams of D1GP - that too.


Speedhunters this is ,,Need for Speed" in real life xd thank you guys for this video !!


Isn't the dash-cam footage kind of old? I swear I've read those subtitles before.


Awesome video. Nice to have a little insight into the japanese street culture


For those longing for more check out street drift from Kamchatka, Russia


Wait, you mean you can drift without a 1,000HP V8?!

Funny. 90% of Japanese car features/video/car meets are done at night.  You into cars and in Japan, then you will never see the sun again!


Awesome nice little video! You should do more of them!


jaretron I hope so...


Wrong. I invented drifting when i pulled my rear brake on my huffy too hard...


Great stuff... I really want to make/see more underground stuff like this!


Get Luke Huxham on board.  You have the funding of EA...


Very cool song it has that Kavinsky vibe.
I can't really condemn street racing as long as it is done with some degree of safety. Anybody notice anything from the video....the roads where deserted. No traffic, no pedestrians....just them. If they crash is on them, they know is a calculated risk, street racing is dangerous when it is done recklessly putting other people cars, pedestrians in danger.
Drifting being invented in japan i don't think so. Maybe it was Japan who gave it a name and make it the mainstream it is today but Scandinavians and Finns have been doing it since shit since there was a car in there country. I know a few young teens from Finland that do not race whatsoever cause his dad will kill them if they do lol! but they perfectly know how to drift and control the car sideways super Finland is second nature to them.
Very cool video do.
But seriously get a hero pro or a nice phone with a good camera.


LazerHawk, one of my prefered artist! Not enough popular I think, by the way!
Thanks for the music choice!


Please do Wangan & Kanjo street culture too!


EliThanos Night driving can be safer because you will see oncoming traffic by the lights in the forest and so on.


I want to live in Japan :(


Dimitry Mochkin Mitchellol Maybe they're exiting for you to watch, but to me it's boring seeing 800+ drift cars making perfect run after perfect run with no real danger.


Why Not Do This In The Us?? Are There Established Crews Already Here? I think that is the "stance" im coming from.

ig @momentsbye


I agree. As much as racing can be dangerous, I love the feeling of a fast car. There is a time and place for it.


Great video!


Nice short view on the street drivt scene. I had the chance to see it with my own eyes when I was there and its pretty cool. I was walking throug the night when suddenly I smelled some smoked tires. Short after I realised that I have found a popular place to drift. ^^
Spent the whole night there.


@MyLifeAsLouis I think they already did the kanjo culture.
(another link if youre interested in kanjo racings, article features cars of every major kanjo club;


If you haven't already, check out Driftworks - Outsiders Japan documentary. (yes, it's more than 5 minutes long)


@MyLifeAsLouis I also found a Speedhunters article on the Wangan, if you still happen to be interested.


"Everything I like is either illegal, immoral, fattening, addictive or expensive" 

Drift on guys, much respect!


MomentsBye to answer those questions. Cops in the us will chase you to death, and CAN catch you. Punishments are way over the top, and yes there are crews here in the US. Just to name a few, gravy garage, risky devil, animal style, street dancer, and a TON of others. theres too many to name.


Dino had more than a couple articles last year covering the goings on at Daikoku Futo, and I remember at least 1 or 2 posts about things going on at Tatsuya PA...there's definitely been Wangan coverage here before.
Not saying I'm opposed to more though :)

60 hi from russian streetdrifters #truedriftfactory ✌


And hi from russian streetdrifters #truedriftfactory


i love street style) and parties with cars, as for example




dangerous and beautiful, this is street life.


the car was very good 
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Guys this is so coool if they get cuaght jail!!


I want to become a street racer in Tokyo
But I am in India can u help me

Cassandra Carothers

Am sitting in my Ginza hotel room right now and after hearing (on several different occasions) the unmistakable squeal of rubber and roaring of engines, I took to Google to see whether Tokyo underground racing culture actually exists, or whether I really am still stuck in N4SUnderground fantasyland. I came across your video almost immediately, and was wondering if I could ask you whereabouts you can find the races, if it's possible to casually and super-sneakily observe them as an outsider, and what it's really all about. I would LOVE to witness this in action, even if only for a few moments.

Stanley Awintima Atulari

I really wanna be a part of this revolution