Subaru Surprise: A Split That Hustles
Flat-Four Thumper

I am old enough to remember when Splitscreen VWs were affordable. I’m kind of joking, but as we all learn, when cars get older and more desirable their prices go up. That’s how it works with anything cool.

The trouble is, when they do, people tend to get less adventurous with the modifications. It’s the reason why I love this mid-’60s, Porsche-flavoured crew cab so much.

Forge Action Day 15 Spotlight Bryn Musselwhite (32 of 77)

Instead of spending money on restoring the Type 2’s body and interior, the owner has put together an awesome mix of Subaru motor, Porsche hubs with brakes, and choice other parts with what looks to be the original VW paint and body. Which means it can be used without worrying too much about anything.

Forge Action Day 15 Spotlight Bryn Musselwhite (76 of 77)

And that’s backed up by the fact I found it at the Forge Motorsport action day last year, where the forged EJ20 STI motor was being given a good work out. But with 330hp at the wheels and 400-odd at the crank, you’d just have to blow a few doors off once in a while, wouldn’t you?

Forge Action Day 15 Spotlight Bryn Musselwhite (39 of 77)

This crew cab, or ‘Doka’ as the variant is known in Germany, came from Sweden originally. A large tree had fallen on it, and apart from that damage having being straightened out, the body has mercifully been left alone.

Forge Action Day 15 Spotlight Bryn Musselwhite (36 of 77)

It’s a rolling advert for Fellows Speed Shop, which is based in the Midlands of England. As well as the Porsche twist wheels, there’s a 944 turbo hub/brake setup, but they’re mounted on a very trick Jaguar-based front suspension.

Forge Action Day 15 Spotlight Bryn Musselwhite (33 of 77)

In a straight line at the drag strip, the VW has run an 11.98-second quarter at 110mph (177km/h), which is massively impressive. Sleeper status: check. There’s been a huge amount of fabrication work and problem-solving done to make all the ingredients taste good together, and for that I duly bow down.

Forge Action Day 15 Spotlight Bryn Musselwhite (38 of 77)

Then for not shouting about it with loud paint, graphics, wings, big seats or any of the other telltale signs people can’t resist (me included!), I bow down even further. Sometimes it pays to take a closer look – you don’t know what you might be missing out on.

Bryn Musselwhite
Instagram : Twospeedbryn

Cutting Room Floor
Forge Action Day 15 Spotlight Bryn Musselwhite (34 of 77)
Forge Action Day 15 Spotlight Bryn Musselwhite (35 of 77)
Forge Action Day 15 Spotlight Bryn Musselwhite (37 of 77)


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It's perfect!


Would like to see it running on track..


Why's the steering wheel at such a weird angle?


Mayank0809 as the steering wheel is in front of the wheels and you sit on the front wheels,  it basically  has to go strait down to be able to connect up to the steering arms


Mayank0809 maybe this picture helps a little to understand the background..


why do the last features lack of detailed specs?
A couple of pics is just scratching the surface...


Hope they uprated that steering box! The factory setup was horrific.
All in all, a truly sick build!!


I like the flow of articles featuring patina-featuring cars these days. A subaru engine in a VW just feels so right. Of course, it had to be drawn, even though the drawing doesn't make it justice.


Speedhunters predator083 je veut le même.


It's a spotlight not a feature


this is cool  ...And 11.98 @ 110 mph...   Bad ass


vlr7   Same here


Now that gives me ideas for the Schwinn-hauler


very good choice to spotlight. Keep 'em coming, Bryn.


Man, this is off the scale on cool size! Love it!


I love looking at out-of-this-world mods especially those hybrid versions which incorporate luxury brands with antiques. The exterior of the car might look weathered but the performance is not sacrificed and that is the fascinating part.


I've gotta disagree about the body.  Rotting panels are not patina, IMO.  I love the build, it is something that I would like to do (if splitties weren't so bloody expensive), but a sympathetic restoration of the body - at least cutting out the tin worm - would look so much, well, better.

11.98 quarter!!  Massive sleeper cred.


Very nice!
Where is the radiator, how does he cool the engine?

Perry fellowsspeedshop

hope this helps. France fitted under van and scoop


the car was very good 
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