4 Videos From Last Week…

Another big week of Speedhunting from all around the world is almost upon us, but before we get into that it’s time to take a quick look at some of the videos we’ve been checking out over the past 7 days.

Let’s get started with a midnight car meet in one of the world’s famous cities…

The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift meets Hong Kong in this new video from Initial P, and the result is pretty spectacular. In a region where car modification is almost completely outlawed, Hong Kong has pretty diverse scene; and as you’ll see in this clip, there’s no shortage of quality either.

From a congested city carpark in Southeastern China to a desert expanse in Southern California, USA. This time it’s a new clip from The Riders Channel - the subject, a 1600hp+ sand rail built by Racer Engineering. The desert-destroying machine, which is currently up for sale with a US$170K price tag, is regarded as the fastest sand car to ever be driven on the Glamis Sand Dunes, and you’ll see exactly why by hitting play above.

Our next video is the official trailer for a forthcoming documentary movie titled Havana Motor Club. This is the real-life story of a group of Cuban drag racing enthusiasts and their quest to hold Cuba’s first sanctioned race in more than 50 years. The passion for cars is strong here, and we just can’t wait until this film releases.

Finally this week, it’s footage of a ultra-rare Lamborghini Sesto Elemento (translation: Sixth Element) being put through its paces on the street. Only 20 of these 570hp carbon-clad supercars were ever made, and the fact that the model was marketed and sold as a track special – not for road use – only makes this clip even more interesting.

As always, if you’ve watched a cool video online this week, don’t forget to share it in the comments section below!

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Hey Speedhunters, I don't know if it is just me, but there seems to be something up with the cookies on your site. When I go to the site, on both my computer and the app on my phone, it doesn't bring up any new content. To get new content I have to clear the cookie data from your site. Has anyone else reported this?


Absolutely true, thought it was just me


Hey, Speedhunters. My family is mostly Cuban and to know that there are people making a documentary on Cuban motor racing, something that has been outlawed for decades over there, it's great that they are bringing the sport back. Can't wait to see this when it comes out!!!!


this sesto elemente was my - i sold it to Mohamad, existing ouner.


dlaurence01 Me too. A real pain as I like to check the site many times a day!


dlaurence01  Same here, Chrome; Safari; IE on two different computers and still issues with content loading.


dlaurence01 Yup, same here


Haven´t you tried the magic "F5" button? It does work on my computer. ;-)


Speedhunters OMG the GTRs!!!!!


I just got back from a 2.5 week trip out in Hong Kong and was surprised at the car culture over there.  I didn't really think about it going into the trip until I saw a bunch of modified cars just driving around parking garages.  A friend that we were traveling with had family out in New Territory, so they were nice enough to drive us around a few of the days.  

Parking garages are pretty cramped, but they are sure a lot of nice cars in there.  They definitely park a lot better than most people in the US, and they back in too.


Krakatau I have to use CTRL+F5 (clear cache and refresh)


We're still experiencing this issue sorry dlaurence01 - our team over at the head office have been working on fixing it but some people are still having problems. You'll have to keep refreshing your browser for the new stories to appear - hang in there!


Why i rarely see Saudi fellas wearing seat belts in car videos? (Sesto Elemento's default is 4 or 5 point harness right?)


i'm interest to see car culture on Cuba, i think SH should come to Cuba
it's nice to see more car culture from around the world.


hawi Because everyone in saudi is rich and can afford to die and be brought back to life :P


Speedhunters dlaurence01 Its not even an issue you "need" to fix. People are just too lazy to press ctrl+f5. Its not rocket science and takes 2 seconds.


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