Simple, Focused & Fun

I think that many people often forget just how easy it is to prepare a car for serious fun. When I was at S&A Auto-Create a few weeks back to shoot a tough Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI Tommi Mäkinen Edition, I came across this JZX90 Toyota Cresta sitting outside the shop.

It stood out to me for the simple fact that I’ve always loved these tanks that Toyota built up until a decade ago. They were designed and built for your average granddad, but sought after and dreamt about by drifter kids.


It looked the part; a nondescript aero package to get the exterior looking a bit more menacing, and resprayed SSR Type Fs bolted up at each corner. It was enough to pique my interest and I asked if I could check out the engine bay…


Being an S&A Auto-Create car, I wasn’t at all surprised to find a BorgWarner turbocharger sitting on a custom-made manifold. Aside from an injector upgrade and a retuned ECU, the 1JZ is pretty much stock, but even so, with the turbo set to low boost the straight-six is able to deliver 500hp or so. It’s a reliable setup too, just what you need when you are drifting.


Standing there looking at this Cresta, it all made so much sense; it was simple and focused. Basically, the owner has grabbed a cheap used car and added only the parts that he needed to make it feel and handle just right.


The interior follows the same approach too. There’s a decently cupped steering wheel, a supportive seat, a manual transmission, plus a few must-have electronics like a boost controller…


And a FC Commander for a trusty A’PEXi Power FC engine management system.


Simple and to the point, and all ready to be enjoyed!

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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The manifold is a work of art!


wheels should be a SSR Type F, not the CE28N


Just right, juuust right.


What can I say ? It just looks so amazing !
Clean , no extreme way on everything , it just works !

turbo BEAMS ae86

it is villanous




Would love to see this in the hands of am unsuspecting granddad, just for the laughs.


I love simple focused builds.


Absolutely gorgeous. The JZX90 Cresta is my favorite car. Thanks for spotlighting this Dino!


Cresta is always the best looking of all X generations, IMO.  Finding a good JZX90 is getting harder these days, and the scene/drift tax on them keeps prices up, too.


You guys might want to update your homepage. I though you were all a bunch of lazy bastards taking a huge vacation because it's showing the Stonewall 356 as the latest spotlight on the front page.


@Hippo I figured it might be my browser but i been having the same problem. Every time i go to speed hunters on Chrome it shows the Beetle Rod from the 29th as the latest article lol all inconveniences aside, this is my kind of build. Beauty.


I am seeing it on all browsers. Also, it's not happening on other sites. Weird, dunno how they managed it (timestamp cookie?), but pretty sure it is the site.


Any idea of what body kit this is?


i need to know this body kit tooooo mannnn I'm looking in to it just need it


rook56 FIXED!!!! :D


NatG rook56 It's a cookie/memory cache issue. On windows machines it's as simple as pressing ctrl + F5 to reset cache while on webpage.


The perfect car U0001f60d


@Moard Vertex lip kit.


Really like this just so simple and to the point!!


the car was very good 
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