It Was Going To Happen Sooner Or Later…

The title says it all really…

While overfender-mania has touched numerous makes and models as it’s spread across the planet like wildfire, the second generation GT-Rs have been somewhat forgotten. Sure, a few examples have been done over the years, but generally speaking, the whole Rocket Bunny and Liberty Walk movement has spared the legendary R32, the chunkier R33 and the later R34.


Until now, that is…


MK Motor has come up with this wide-body conversion for the BNR32 that’s executed in typical overfender fashion. That is, a set of wide-radius fender flares screwed in place over cut metal wings, and a more angular and broader set of side skirts to tie the whole look together.


To say it adds a dramatic touch to the GT-R is a major understatement – it’s more like a complete transformation. In the wheel department, Work Meister M1s were custom specced in size and offset to achieve the desired fitment and look with the massive arches.


I won’t pass judgement here, as with these sort of aesthetic-oriented things it’s all down to personal preference.


However, you cannot deny the sheer aggression of it all.


A double spoiler setup featuring a duckbill lip and a massive, centrally-mounted GT-style wing completes the visual reimagination.


I was happy to see that MK Motor didn’t just concentrate on the exterior; the RB26 engine having been refreshed with N1 pistons, an N1 water pump, and a pair of HKS cams.


The twin-turbo setup has been ditched too; in its place a big single Trust T78 which provides enough boost for a nice, reliable 600hp package.

This is good old fashioned Japanese tuning done right, don’t you think?

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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1's a bit too wide. Normal fender flare would have make it better I guess.


I'm a big fan of this, it suits the body lines more than any other over fender kit I've seen for the R32


I'm a huge fan of the bolt-on flare movement, but this just doesn't work at all.
I'm sorry, but this is one of those cars that should never receive radius flares. Would be better with box flares.


Agreed, the R32 is an angular car and having big round arches just makes it look awkward. A widebody that complemented the box-like lines would've worked better.


EH098 Are we looking at the same car? I realise style is subjective, but it completely obliterates the stepped waistline that is the defining feature of the r32's lines.
In contrast I  think Veilside did a great job of exaggerating and enhancing the stock lines.


Wide fender flares were cool, but this one... sorry, nope.
Round arches doesn't suit well with the original body lines... except if the owner wants a Bosozoku style...

Maybe having the style like Rocket Bunny's Pandem kit for the BMW E36 would look much better IMO.


Yes....the Pandem RB is the better choice


I'd prefer something more like the 22b's widebody.

benadict cumberbatch

what is rocket bunny and speedhunters gonna do when they run out of old jap shitboxes to bolt plastic too?

all jokes aside this is ugly as hell, next


That's super tacky. The R32 and R34 are known for their boxy, sharp edges. Attaching rounded overfenders just to try an keep a car that's always relevant even more relevant is like putting Lando Calrissian into a boy band in order to make him cool. It's pointless, he and the GTR are already subzero...all you do is dilute the awesome.


Personal opinion.
Looks shit.


****P E R S O N A L   O P I N I O N*****
it looks like absolute shit


NikkSquidBonnett EH098 Not usually a big fan of Veilside, but I gotta admit, that looks hot!


The phantom, exterior like shit eggs the interior like who the fuck has seen it


Jesus no! I like overfenders, but my two cents, they look kind of misplaced on a r32. Nonono, but all that aside if the owner likes it, why not. If i would own a r32 i would never do that though.


Please stop posting all these overfender things. It was cool at first, but I got sooooo tired of seing them. Better call this page overfender-hunters... Way too much of this stuff is being posted.




As a general disliker of overfenders and 99% of "ZOMG NISSAN GTR 10000000000hp" hype, I've gotta say that I really like this


NikkSquidBonnett EH098 That looks so much better.


Well, this really does nothing for me. I'm not digging the bolt-on fenders, which is a new feeling for me, but the worst bit is the complete lack of care given to the underhood department. pop the hood and it goes from show car to halfassed teenager's MAACO-sprayed drift missile.

On another note, I wonder what the GT wing and duckbill spoiler combination would do in a real-world or wind tunnel situation.


The execution is crap, flares bolted over front bumper, rear not matching original body lines, the engine. looks like a colour blind  expresionist painter got at it without cleaning it first. The Veilside looks tons better


dreadful job, the paintwork on the LHS looks to be either full of dirt or orange peel, either way looks like something a novice would do at the back of his house. not going to mention another god-awful overfender kit that does nothing except take away from the cars original lines, hopefully this craze dies soon


StraightUpHippo I'm actually not a huge fan of this one...


StraightUpHippo oh my lord O.O


StraightUpHippo I don't know why I'm just not digging it


That's why we can't have nice things...




this is a slap in the face to the designers of the car. wide body royal royce and bentley's is around the corner.


Jake_JLF StraightUpHippo wut


Cant wait till the over fender is looked back at like the spinner wheels are nowadays, so over this.


These comments are funny. Over-fenders aren't new. Darn kids and their fender flares and cambers.




StraightUpHippo It doesn't look bad, but it just doesnt fit the style of the r32


StraightUpHippo Awesome car but i think the body kit suits another car better


Jumpoff1 pretty sure widebody rolls royces and bentles have already been done. not that they look good, unfortunatly




Philip_Brzyski PLZ B0S


Fender flares and widebody is not a "craze" lol. It's been around on racecars since the 1960s and 70s. Since 99% of street cars derive their looks from racecars (even if the owner/builder doesn't realise it themselves), it's a pretty safe bet that as long as wider tires and a wider track width can reduce lap times, you'll be seeing people copy the widebody style on their street car.


I'm not one to hate the widebody "craze" (it's not a fad, it's been around for 40+ years and will continue to be here). I'm a guy who derives form from function, and I love racecars, so I can appreciate a well done widebody conversion.
This though, I can't get excited about. The fender lines do not match the rest of the car, they look very out of place. If the rest of the car was executed to the highest level, I might be swayed....but since this seems like a street car where neither the wide stance nor the horribly fastened rear wing actually enhance performance, I can't really get excited about the car.
As far as widebody on an R32 goes, Veilside did it right a few years back. And if someone wants inspiration for a widebody R32, look at JGTC from the late 80s and early 90s.
Like this:
Try to spot the differences in the body kits between the GTRs. There's a few great examples of how to do widebody and make it look good. There's a pink 911 in there too, you can really see where RWB takes his inspiration from. Also, can anyone spot the Lancia Group B Rally car...quite an odd sight at Fuji next to GTRs lol.


Jake_JLF StraightUpHippo i love fenders but i agree with u


I prefer this simple widebody for the R32 This widebody just screams obnoxious. The R32 is better off with simple styling imo


StraightUpHippo the spoiler is mad


Good old fashioned japanese tuning done completely wrong... the fenders look like taken from a completely different car. This doesn't fit the GT-R at all! Plus it's less fuctional with that silly stance. If anything, this is the complete opposite of good old fashioned japanese tuning.


Looks like a cheap afterthought, and an embarrassment. 

C'mon Speedhunters. have standards. People DO look to this site for style cues of what's hot in other parts of the world. I feel Dino should have exercised a little better taste and maybe featured ONE photo and used it to demonstrate how it should NOT be applied to everything, not an article complimenting the car. It's just facilitating bad choices by inspiring others to tack whatever-the-hell flares they can find onto whatever car they have and say "Damn the #HATERZ" and think they're cool.

Because seriously, these flares were never meant for this car. Dino, I apologize but I think this little spotlight on this car went completely the wrong way.


KeithEdwards Spot on.


D1RGE  "I won’t pass judgement here, as with these sort of aesthetic-oriented things it’s all down to personal preference."
I just think this say it all really...


Saturation point of this style flare has now been found.


Jesus that look shit. Stop forcing all this Rocket Bunny rubbish on us please.


These remind me of bosozoku flares like so


Twitch_6 So many cars already have awesome body kits made for them by race teams. It's a shame they don't sell the molds or something.  Seems like a waste.  Of course would need fender arch tweak for street car but still.


I dig the boso-wannabe style, but i think that the flares work better when they follow the car lines, like the miyabi silvia you guys featured back in 2015...
Like, squareish lines = squared bodykit, rounder lines, rounder kit and so on


Awful. Just plain awful.


Looks like a bosozuku GTr...


awesome vid , thanks


There is a reason by Rocket Bunny and Liberty Walk cars look good. It's called proportions. Kei Miura knows this. It's not just slapping some over fenders and calling it a day.




Racerhead2 Can't agree more. That's what I keep telling everyone.


sigh. just what we needed. lets cut some more oldschool classics up for the sake of a soon-to-be-dead trend.


D1RGE you! i like you!


Philip_Brzyski StraightUpHippo wahaha!


BoostLee can't disagree on the Lando tip. At least the paint reminds me of his sweet jumpsuit and cape getup. Someday...


CaroFDoom ye, same style as the Delta Integrale. that was wide AND stylish, on a boxy car.


I ain't even gonna hate on SH least you have a sense of humor about it and its brought tons of comments. I'm cool with it because it gives me hope. My engine bay is also painted red, while the rest of the car is British racing green. Its also a Mitsubishi. See? Sense of humor!


I'm all for wider fenders but I feel like they clash with the factory lines of the 32. Theyre too round while the 32 is generally more sharp.


look like garbage can lid


D1RGE look bottom of this page, rocket bunny pay for this ad


The R32 is my favourite gtr generation. And this honestly looks like shit


Max Power Live U0001f440


Speedhunters Oh no! Rocket Bunny looks awful on this car.


Twitch_6 dude, this craze is a fad, much like the underbody neons and stupid graphics that the original fast and furious spawned. Sure they may have been around decades BUT when they suddenly become popular again, after years of being almost obsolete it is indeed a craze.
 It`s going to be funny seeing these cars fall in value once they die out. Replacing front wings easy, but I can`t see too many being able to replace the cut up rear quarters, expensive and for good reason with the work that goes into it.
So you`ll be stuck with a car that has an ugly kit that no one wants or a car with hacked up rear quarters and basically worthless.

Here`s a tip for modification



Looks okay but too curvy to be a Skyline. I prefer a JGTC R32 aero parts like in Gran Turismo but with rear wing above:


I don't think that style overfenders work on that GTR. They are round and the GTR already had rectangular widened rear fenders. However thats just my opinion... It's not my car.


racerlordheiman This widebody definitely works better for an R32 IMO.




3xhumed Speedhunters MK Motor. Not Rocket Bunny.


D1RGE Speedhunters reports on car culture. They don't just chose what you think looks good sir. I don't like it either but that does not mean it should not be on a car culture website.


JacobMaciejowski Overfenders have existed for many years and will continue to for many more. They just used to be more functional... or Bosozuku...


I agree, looks total garbage


doesn't look good at all. looks cheap


Maybe if you even out the rears to match the fronts, might have a winner. 
I dig it though, nice track car.


Overfenders brings the clicks lol


worker bee D1RGE Sticking by my comment. Speedhunters' editor can decide whatever the heck they want to publish, and when they publish something like this, they get to hear it in the comments. Almost across the board people are taking this car to task and hopefully they take the criticism and improve with it. I.E., refine their tastes as well as let Miura-san know how people are reacting, and maybe he will start putting as much thought into the next kit as he did with the first RB kit or the Boss S14 kit. 

No, they don't just choose what I think looks cool, they choose what THEY feel is cool. And we give feedback on how WE feel. "Feedback loop". Judging by Dino's disclaimer there, he knew it was gonna get murdered by public opinion, and so it has been. This car could have (and should have imo) been posted as a single photo in an overall TAS writeup and thats all we needed to know it was horrible. Adding 10 more pics and including the dirty, chipped-paint ugly engine bay truly shows the caliber of SH's usual standards(usually MILES higher), and hence why I am taking them to task.
Yes, I demand a high standard from Speedhunters. What else have they given us? It's our duty to hold them to it. I love this website, and want to keep loving it. :)


shame this kit just doesn't suit the car.... and the paint certainly doesn't compliment this.
the proportions are wrong, the kit doesn't follow the car's lines and if its going to happen it needs to be more aggressive in the form of splitters, ducts and canards.


"" This is good old fashioned Japanese tuning done right, don’t you think?""
It's not as bad as the negative camber crap, but it's not that great. 

The whole fender needs to be bulged out square and in one piece. The patched on look with the big curve at the join just doesn't follow the straight lines of the car. 

It was a rush job too, unpainted jambs, weak spoiler mount, so maybe if they refined the design it would help, but it's still not going to be stellar.


Chri5 Duncan I see where you're coming from. I'd like to see something along the lines of the R33 GTLM body, maybe with more aggressive venting outboard of the rear light clusters a la DTM cars, and a full-width rear wing.


bluestreaksti Twitch_6 Unfortunately it's not just a kit at that stage, it's a panel-for-panel reskin. I was lucky enough to have a tour around Prodrive Composites a few years ago and it was surreal to walk around entire bare carbon Aston Martin GT3 front ends just racked up in the corner. I also touched a McLaren P1 rear clam that was waiting to go into the trimming shop... because it's the only time I'll ever get that chance!


You think he should write an article to bash on someones car? Why would he ever do that?


bluestreaksti I cannot like this enough!!


This reminds me of the widebody kit for the Nissan Skyline GT-R r34 in Need for Speed Underground 2. I do like the color and even though I would prefer it with more subtle fenders, I can appreciate the bosozoku-hommage. I figured it would be fun to draw it:


Only thing I question is those wheels and their effect with the ATTESA system.


Dino says "I won't pass judgement here...." lol . Says it all really. There's a reason why no serious shop have attempted to over fender the r32 before and we're all looking at it. Hopefully it all stops here.


Jake_JLF StraightUpHippo I will second that. I am a big fan of the overfender craze, but that can work on certain cars, the R32 isn't one of them though. It just looks meh to me.


D1RGE EXE worker bee D1RGE They will definitely get the picture from the flood of negative comments.


I love R32s and I also love LB and RB over fenders. But I don't like this at all.


no no no no no...


I like how it looks. I wouldn't do it if I had a GT-R but I sure wouldn't kick it out of my garage


RullyAgungP hi om rully, dari bmx, lalu motor ko ke mobil


In my opinion, widebody kits should only be used to run extremely wide wheel and tire setups. Not just for looks with wheel spacers behind your rims or high negative offset. But that's just me.


Not my cup of tea.. Why mess with perfection?


That's one ridiculous looking wide body. And no I don't mean that in a good way. The build as a whole honestly looks half-assed like it was slapped together in a hurry.


I have to say that I find those particular fenders hideous. Just like the others has said before me.
While I kind of like the overfender fever...this was not done properly and it did not make any justice to the R32 lines. A clear example of how not to do overfenders in my opinion.
Also what happend with the front fenders? I mean if for some reason you need to remove the front bumber you need to unbolt the fenders completly seriously?
The engine bay looks like crap. Like that typicall use car you go to check that is for sale that you hear from a friend that is well a daily driven car. You might get away with a engine bay like that in a sunday gathering in some gas station....But Not in TAS come on.
I would not even dare to opend the hood in TAS with a engine bay looking like that.
If you go to the trouble of changin the color of a car for the love of Odin don't be cheap and paint the dam engine bay to.


Racerhead2 but they don't look good


I love it!


Over fender is just a half ass job of increasing width. To do it right you have to look at Power House Amuse R34 GTR.


To be honest, that car looks pretty thrown together. No consideration for the overall build, aesthetics, maintenance or usability. I do like the colour, the wheel choice and the double spoiler though.


You know it doesn't look all that bad, though could do with out the rear wing. but otherwise not bad.


It looks really really good but I prefer a stock looking stealthy approach. We'll see in which direction the industry moves after this widebody craze is gone. Too bad there isn't a front shot to get a better idea of the width.


Were it me, I would have opted for a chunkier nineties look to compliment the racing heritage - but it isn't me. And until I piece together my own kit, it's going to stay that way. However, I really do love what they've done with this. The widened stance just suits this era of Godzilla. I'm a believer.


Needed box fenders instead of curved fenders. Something like the Pandem series of Rocket Bunny kits that have box fenders to fit boxy cars (bmw e36 and e46)


Son, I am dissapoint.


I think it looks really poorly done. Like a lot of people have already commented, it looks like it was thrown together and for what, the sake of making an R32 with overfenders?  The flares don't match the beautiful lines of the car at all, in fact they take away from them and make it look like some boxy Hot Wheels creation.  Then, the icing on the cake, you pull an engine to rebuild and convert to single turbo and you can't even clean the engine compartment much less repaint it to match or at least compliment the body's fresh paint, really?  Seems like poor craftsmanship from a company that doesn't take much pride in their work.  (yes this is just my opinion.)


milkplus My favourite race car of all time


Looks great besides the ironing board attached to the back of the car.


milkplus That's how you do a wide body.


looks rubbish.

way to ruin a gtr


Would of looked better on a gtst, the GTR has these already wide creases which run parallel to these over fenders and it doesn't look appealing. I love the colour though.


Love the articles as always,but i think this car looks better untouched in terms of over fenders. Nice color though.


@Clutch93  Literally, I bothered to sign in (which is rare here now) just to agree with every point you raised... none of these kits even look designed anymore, simply adapted to fit whichever car they fancy this week. Horrendous, just instafamous body kits to cater to 'more is more' ADHD kids raised on Monster Energy with the cereal and Formula D. This one especially, "you can't deny the sheer aggression?" Come on... a stock GTR look harder than this. Even the stereotypical 'hover craft kit' on a '32 is cool in my book and I remember when the pics of the 6666 Rocket Bunny RPS and PS 13's first surfaced on the net 'back in the day' and were something fresh, but I just cannot appreciate a lazy not even half-built show car on a 'speed' focussed website time after time after time... You guys are better than this.


Pug_BRZ milkplus That is not a widebody.. it is a bone stock body. I do agree that this was my favorite N1 car of it's time.


I'm all for widebody and over fenders, but these don't flow with the car at all!


For the record the R33 is not chunky ... It has curves that are misunderstood.


This looks like garbage. They needed to stay with similar lines this changed it way to much turning Godzilla into godzuki


Cobralover NOT FALLING FOR IT! Next you'll be saying "R33 has a great personality" and " once you get to know R33 I think you guys would really get along." ....sorry 250lbs is chunky (3150lbs. vs 3400lbs.)


Those flares look horrible.


is it me or does the back look like a 240 or 180sx


what are you on about there's been wide body r32 for over 20 years now


lik d r400


Look at the overspray on the exhaust. its the little things that can make or break a car. besides that its a beautiful car


sucky car is sucky


I need look at no picture other than the opener to know this car is not my cup of tea and that those fenders don't suit it at all. Yuck! Go away faddish over-fenders.


The best r32 of 2016 I think

Gianluca FairladyZ

The Idea is good, but it needs more refinement. IMO adding overfender is good when the base shape of the car is simple without much fender lines. But as the R32, just like the R33 & R34 already come with pronounced fender shape's it gets tricky.  Like i said, the idea is nice and refreshing, but this would not already make me spend the money to buy it.

Gianluca FairladyZ

milkplus Cobralover  Hey don't touch the R33 it's a great car ;);););););)


..... if only that motor was pulled and they painted the engine bay.............ugh............


Please do everyone a favor and just delete this post.


Don't you guys ever get tired of prefacing every weak pos with the tagline "don't hate" - it's ugly and pointless and screams of someone in need of attention, but so what - you snapped the pics, wrote the story and posted it online - man up and let people think and say about it whatever they want, instead of getting defensive every time over someone else's abomination. 

BTW no it's not good old fashion Japanese tuning, Mines does good old fashion tuning and it runs laps around stuff like this both actually and aesthetically.


This had potential to be a lot nicer. The flare look slapped on with how they just sit on top of existing body lines. It needs a true over fender similar to how origin did the type 3 over fenders. The front isnt terrible but again needs to work with existing body lines.


Lol those flares look crap. At least they upgraded the front brakes. R33 LM style widebody would be nicer... Or