How To Build An Accord

Some people might think of the Honda Accord as the ultimate in boring appliance transportation, but to me, the model has always been a little more than that.

This was especially true back in the ’90s when the Accord offered an unrivaled mix of quality, innovative engineering and a surprisingly fun chassis to play with.

Neoclassics-Show-49 copy

And while there aren’t nearly as many modified examples out there as there are Civics and Integras, ’90s Accords can be damn cool when fixed up right. As evidence, I present this 1992 CB7 Accord Coupé owned by Ruben Calderon.

Neoclassics-Show-50 copy

Ruben’s Accord was a perfect addition to last year’s Street Neo Classics show, which focused on Japanese machinery from the ’80s and ’90s, and it’s hard to argue with the simple look of his car.

Neoclassics-Show-51 copy

In addition to wearing a few subtle body upgrades, the Accord is sitting low and rolling on a set of Work VS-XX wheels measuring 17×8-inch all around. They’re the perfect size to fill the fenders without looking tacky or out of place.

Neoclassics-Show-52 copy

Under the hood sits a JDM H22A VTEC engine – a hard-revving four that was never offered in a USDM Accord, but was quite potent in the Prelude of the same era. The transmission is an M2B4 5-speed with LSD.

Neoclassics-Show-47 copy

And as you can see, the engine bay has an attention to detail that’s so commonplace in West Coast Honda builds.

Neoclassics-Show-53 copy

The interior is equally clean, with upgraded bucket seats and a Momo steering wheel. Let’s not forget the right-hand drive conversion, either.

Neoclassics-Show-54 copy

I don’t know if this model will ever be considered a ‘classic’ in the traditional sense, but there’s a lot to love about this almost 25-year-old machine.

The CB7 Accord is a car that represents Honda at its peak, and Ruben’s clean and classy example does a fantastic job of keeping that great 1990s spirit alive.

Mike Garrett
Instagram: japanifornia_media



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Awesome! Got me looking at my aunt's old 92 Accord in whole new way.


I'm the proud owner of a '91 Accord sedan,and I'm so sad being without a job and unable to pay its taxes.I hope sometime it returns on the roads again.Awesome car but here in Greece it's really hard to find parts.


sotosaccord My first car was a 91 accord Sedan in black. the passenger side door handle was broken and it was rusty where the rear bumper met the quarter panel.  Most times is see one in decent condition parked I leave a note. Someday I want to buy one back and relive my pizza delivery days.


I hope things would work out perfectly fine, to improve your situation, and Greece's in general
Mahfoodh - From Sultanate of Oman


No5ki sotosaccord that's what I do when I see other cars of my taste!!


Awesome post! Somehow I noticed that some USDM accord coupes looked quite handsome!

I'm more interested in the CA5 coupe behind the background...


Daily driven without front window wipers? :)


There is one quite good looking old accord from my hometown in finland too...


Speedhunters semicomedic sell me your accord. I'll build it better


I will never understand the converstion to RHD in an LDH country..i mean i get the need to stand out but that's a downright driving safety issue imo.


This is an example of some of my favorite Speedhunting. The unassuming Accord boasts no flair, it just politely reminds us of it's basic template of a functional car. But when you approach any model with a vision and can see what it can be - not what it is - you have the ability to completely evolve it into something special. There isn't too much that shouts out at you about this car, but it's attention to detail and subtle alterations really have given this Accord an incredibly attractive charm.


put the steering wheel on straight


I love this car. I have a 2006 Accord Coupe EXL V6 I would love to look like this. Especially that engine bay. Wow.


I love CB7s, but here in the mid-west, they are *all* rusted away.


DamianDziaduch Probably removed for the car show, just like the hood.  It's a common practice.


that Accord sir, is brilliant. the interior is cleaner then my 2014 plate (the outside too...) the Colour is to Die for too - especially when combined with the wheel Pantone. 

Ahhh the H, when you can't get a K to fit, have a SOHC D-series and want Vtec action or want a car that isn't massively front heavy, the H is a superb parts supplier/choice for a SOHC-swap, also, they are yet to reach the prices that K series engines go for... the next big run on Honda engine swaps for sure.


@Dom Mind giving examples of how its a "safety issue"???


@Dom If you've never driven a RHD car in right hand traffic, you can't comment. Not a safety issue in the least. We have tons of USPS workers running around without issue.


It's amazing how easy a set of inch-up rims, some lowering springs and a nice tint job can turn a grocery-getting Accord into a street cruiser. The car had smooth lines, but it's ride height and steelies made it almost invisible. I had an '86 that took on some Preludes for sportiness, with a Jackson Racing muffler, Suspension Techniques springs, KYB shocks and Enkei 15" rims. Wish I had taken a picture of it...


There's a few accords with k swaps done to them


Appropriate number plate. 

I was wondering about that out-of-place Bosuzoku rear diffuser, then realized it was the bonnet.


from malaysia


Um. Youtimes do know that the accord comes with an f motor, not a d motor. right? And the h is a dohc. Not sohc.. and people pick h over k for this chassis because it's pretty much a drop in swap. No modification, just a couple wires. K swap has been done in these cars numerous times.
And the h22 is a heavy engine. So I don't know why you say it's superb if you want a car with a light front end?
And what do you mean next big Honda swaps? Are you new to Honda? And cars in general?


From new bedford ma.


I meant there's been a run on the K engine (with it ending up in everything) and the H will be the next one to get swapped in by everyone into everything.
What I was saying is the Mini-me swap to a H head on a D-series engine (sohc because the DOHC won't fit obviously) is a good direction of those who want VTEC and don't have it.
The H isn't as heavy as a lot of built K engines, dropping the K into the front of say, an ED9 usually ends with a really badly built car that tries to rip itself apart while ending up waaay too front heavy. While its popular it's not a good move. IMO, the H deserves more options for tuning and more respect, especially when most of the Bseries engines that everyone wants round my parts are starting to become not so easy to find for a decent price.
I was saying the H is little known in a lot of the world, everyone wants the built K, massive power, no balance.
The H holds a low price point, and is a small form engine, easy to tune, easy to get not so expensive parts.
Yes, I am new to cars in general, only got into them about five years ago when I lost the ability to ride. I am currently working my way through my first project. I know motorcycles though, ridden Honda all my life.


I was trying to express my happiness that this perticular car didn't have a K. I'm bored of seeing them, it's a great engine but it's in everything now.


Love it!


karppa1977 Gorgeous

Mayhem Robinson

Race car!


do people actually convert their cars into right-hand drive in the US?


@floyd I'm with you. Really? Seems like a pain in the ass to create something that is a pain in the ass. 

Maybe because we can get JDM cars here and know how annoying an RHD is in an LHD world.

J Walter Weatherman

I did it because I bought a WRX JDM half clip and I wanted to swap the whole suspension including the steering rack as one piece (me being lazy) along with the wring harness which supported upgraded hvcs headlights etc. I also did it so I could get my mail easier...


"Some people might think of the Honda Accord as the ultimate in boring
appliance transportation, but to me, the model has always been a little
more than that."
Yeah, maybe in an alternate reality where Toyota Camry's don't exist.


DamianDziaduch Wipers for what? Rain?


apex_DNA Trueeee


Always loved Accord coupes, and this one is perfect.


Im into cars all my life,so i feel like retard when i see Accord coupe,because i have never,ever seen one! :D :D Were those coming to Europe aswell?  I love it...


I hesitated between this model in sedan version and a P10 Primera. Went with the Nissan but always liked those Hondas, look very good with a few bits.


Engine bay straight out of the 90s. I remember the first import car shows I went to you would see a few Hondas in a row with basically all the same setup. DC header, DC or AEM intake.


Please lawd take me back to the late 90's where this is all that was needed to make me happy. I'm glad I view it now and I enjoy it just as much. 
I think part of the draw was the satisfaction that Hondas of that era just had very handsome, tight lines so a well detailed one could stand out as great as this example. 
One can repress the loud colors and horrible fiberglass of those years but the purity of Honda products and their power to indoctrinate a mass of new car people must never be forgotten


"Rice" only came about in the late 90s, people were into Hondas way before that, mid-80s at the very least.


apex_DNA Well yeah but I wasn't older than six by the time the eighties ended.


Same here, but that doesn't stop me from learning the history behind Honda's popularity in the US...I've seen aftermarket parts catalogs from as early as 1980, and books on modifying them as of 1989, and I'm sure there are earlier records of both.


dawg whuts ur dream car?

"pimped out accord"



...... oh simple design Honda...........where have you gone?


89 lxi keeping it oldskool


I love my cb7, doesn't take much to change the appearance, all stock except for F&F's


New accord racecar build!