What It’s Like To Hunt Speed

There’s a very simple and incorrect assumption that I see a lot of people make.

That is, equating the best job in the world as also being the easiest. These of course are two very different measurements, but I’ve lost count of the amount of emails, messages or conversations where people have wrongly come to this conclusion.

2015 Speddhunters POTY by Paddy McGrath-1

Make no mistake, being a Speedhunter is hard work. It always has been and I would imagine that it always will be. This isn’t a complaint, just a realistic assessment of the situation that I’ve worked my way into. I’ve no issues with hard work; I enjoy it more than I probably should, but it does grind my gears when someone remarks how lucky I am to do what I do for a living.


Believe me when I say this, luck plays no part in achieving your goals.

2015 Speddhunters POTY by Paddy McGrath-3

Looking back at 2015 as a whole, having wrapped up my last shoot of the year last week, it’s certainly been a year of highs and lows. Some of you might remember that I took a year out from Speedhunters from the middle of 2014 until April of this year. I’ve never wrote about it before, but it was quite simply because I was tired. It probably didn’t help that I didn’t see eye-to-eye with the management at the time either, but an indefinite break was most certainly called for.

Nobody gets into this business to make truck loads of money. Instead, we tend to be happier to make just enough to get by in exchange for experiences and a level of work satisfaction that is typically unheard of. But, when the day comes where you wake up and dread the working day ahead, then something has to change.

2015 Speddhunters POTY by Paddy McGrath-4

Life is simply too short to waste away doing things that you don’t really want to do. In May of 2014, I set out on a journey that brought me full circle. I spent a year relearning how to love doing what I used to do and trying to find myself again. It might sound corny, but as a photographer it’s important to be able to put a little bit of yourself into your work or else you run the risk of loathing your own work and yourself in the process. I learned to be more vocal and to have more belief in myself.

I spent a lot of time shooting new manufacturer cars which helped reignite my passion for photography. There were fast cars and some very not fast cars, but it was all part of the same fun. Being able to focus solely on photography was a huge breath of fresh air too. When the message came from Pedey in April of this year, asking if I was interested in rejoining the team, I couldn’t have been in a better place to say yes.

A New Beginning
2015 Speddhunters POTY by Paddy McGrath-6

Rather than retelling the same stories you’ve already read before, I thought it might be interesting to give you some fresh insights behind the photos that you might not have been aware of. Coincidentally, my first Speedhunters assignment of the year was the same as my last one, but you’ll have to wait a little while to read about D-Mac’s progress on the Drift S1 project.

When Darren filled me in on the details of what he was planning with the Audi, I think my first thoughts were that he was a bit mental. But as the year has gone on (and okay, progress has been slow), I can really see the belief that he has in this. I want it to work for him so much and believe that it will. This could be the car of 2016.

2015 Speddhunters POTY by Paddy McGrath-7

What has been enjoyable this year, and something that I was never able to do before, was to work outside Speedhunters from time to time. It’s amazing how different the approach is for an online assignment and a print one, but it really keeps things fresh. This 1UZ-FE-powered AE86 was for the cover of Japanese Performance magazine in the United Kingdom.

2015 Speddhunters POTY by Paddy McGrath-8

Being able to reimmerse myself within the Volkswagen scene was a pure delight too. I’ve always been fascinated by how these guys and girls can provoke a reaction from people. The Cayman on hydraulics was certainly divisive, and whilst I never aim to post a car purely for controversy’s sake, I think it’s important that we continue to showcase cars from all ends of the car culture spectrum.

2015 Speddhunters POTY by Paddy McGrath-9

This shot is a reminder for me that it’s always worth doing that little bit extra when shooting. With all the statics in the bag, it would have been easy to call it a day and head on home, but we ended up adding another hour or two just to get maybe five or six rig shots of Jamie’s Escort Cosworth.

2015 Speddhunters POTY by Paddy McGrath-10

Again, outside of the Speedhunters world I was lucky enough to continue to work for a number of major car manufacturers here in Ireland. Typically, there’s a lot less pressure on these types of PR shoots, so you can take extra time to explore places that you’ve never been before. A recurring theme of 2015 was persevering through tough shoots to get the result I wanted. I’ve learned that it’s this perseverance that many people mistake for luck.

2015 Speddhunters POTY by Paddy McGrath-12

May was a month where I can only look back and think about how quickly things escalated. One day I was in the Dublin mountains, the next I was camped outside a petrol station in Austria having spent the morning flat out on the Autobahn from Munich in a brand new GTI. I still think it’s hilarious that people travel from all over the world to go to a petrol station, but then again, people are weird. Weird in the good way, of course.

2015 Speddhunters POTY by Paddy McGrath-14

A lot of people talk so much sh*t about the Volkswagen scene, but you really couldn’t find a friendlier group of people who are so passionate about their cars. It’s amusing too how worked up the internet trolls can become whilst the owners and builders just laugh it off and continue enjoying their cars. I sacrificed a visit to the BMW Museum to shoot Richie’s 964; I still have no regrets over that decision.

2015 Speddhunters POTY by Paddy McGrath-16

From the glorious surroundings of the Austrian alps to the scorching heat of the Qatari desert within a matter of days. There were plenty of occasions this year that felt so surreal, and watching four guys drive a Land Cruiser around on two wheels was most certainly one of them. It was so interesting to take a look at Qatar’s car culture, especially considering it’s still in its relative infancy.

2015 Speddhunters POTY by Paddy McGrath-17

It took a little bit of time to readjust to having to keep an ear to the ground for the next big build. Some we analyse behind the scenes for days if not weeks, arguing their merits. Others, once we hear who’s behind it, we know it’s an automatic guaranteed feature car. Viktor’s 2JZ Caddy and subsequently his E30 which I shot at Mantorp Park in Sweden this year are probably two of the best cars I’ve ever shot. But just wait until what you see what he has in the pipeline…

2015 Speddhunters POTY by Paddy McGrath-18

Drifting, well, you know my thoughts on drifting. Luke Fink played a huge role in bringing such energy to IDC this year. Ultimately, I think he beat himself, at least at Global Warfare II he did, but his battle with Jack was a highlight of the year. I’d love to see him back in 2016, but can we please lay off the ‘Fink’ related puns next time around? They’re embarrassing.

Rounding Out
2015 Speddhunters POTY by Paddy McGrath-19

I’m only halfway through the year at this point and pace only picks up from here. Of course, the big event on the Speedhunters calendar is Gatebil at Rudskogen in July. You’ve read the hyperbole already so I’ll spare you a repeat.

2015 Speddhunters POTY by Paddy McGrath-22

What you probably don’t know is that it’s a ridiculously hard event to work. You spend so much time chasing things down and trying to arrange feature cars that you never really get the chance to appreciate what’s happening around you. It’s sort of like going to see your favourite band of all time for their last ever show and then having to wear a blindfold and ear plugs. You know it’s happening, you try to enjoy it, but it all sort of passes you by.

2015 Speddhunters POTY by Paddy McGrath-20

This is probably a more accurate view of Gatebil for a Speedhunter!

2015 Speddhunters POTY by Paddy McGrath-24

One of the surprising highlights of 2015 was a trip to Riga in Latvia. It’s hardly the first place in the world that will come to mind when you think of drifting, but the Drift Allstars event was a particular highlight of the year. The course, the drivers, and the spectators made for a memorable weekend. Jumping drift cars? Old Soviet race track in the middle of a city? Epic.

2015 Speddhunters POTY by Paddy McGrath-25

I would be dodging the elephant in the room if I didn’t mention Drift Allstar’s proposed rule change to prevent cars over 20 years old from competing going forward. I think it’s a good thing, but being totally honest, I think it’s only a half-hearted attempt at creating a grid of contemporary cars. If they were to exclude all cars that were over 10 years old, it would be a much braver statement with a lot more conviction. Time will tell.

2015 Speddhunters POTY by Paddy McGrath-28

I still smile when I think back to the accidental Speedhunting that occurred the night before the big Volvo meet in Sweden. Vintage American cars excite me in ways that few others do. It’s a shame the scene in Ireland is almost non-existent, but maybe that’s the appeal?

2015 Speddhunters POTY by Paddy McGrath-27

Back on Irish shores, I resumed my duties balancing Speedhunters and other photography work. My days with the new Q7 were a highlight too. It was one of those times where something clicked and I felt my photography advanced just a little bit further that night.

2015 Speddhunters POTY by Paddy McGrath-32

My love for drifting continued to re-emerge too, thanks to the phenomenal talents of James DeaneJack Shanahan & Tomás Kiely. Their passion and commitment to the sport is nothing short of inspiring. Their enthusiasm is contagious too and I look forward to seeing how the Irish will go about attempting to repeat their dominance in Europe in 2016.

2015 Speddhunters POTY by Paddy McGrath-37

I know the GTI is hardly the most aspirational of cars for one to own, but I never thought that I’d ever own something quite as good as this in my life. It makes me smile every day, and truth be told, my time with it is really only getting started.

2015 Speddhunters POTY by Paddy McGrath-34

Above all though, 2015 has been about my friends. Regardless of whatever work I’m stuck under, it’s such a relief to be able to break away from it for a few minutes to stand around in a garage chatting sh*t about cars. Quite simply, it’s good for the mind. Some of the cars being built in sheds here are mind-blowing too; from such humble origins are cars which deserved to be shared on a world stage. There’s plenty more to come next year too…

Farewell, Friend.

Before I wrap this up, I want to talk about a man who is no longer with us.


Simon McKinley passed away earlier this year following an accident at a hillclimb in the west of Ireland. While his life has been tragically cut short, there are few better examples of someone who achieved so much in such a short period of time. No doubt, Simon’s legacy and skills behind the wheel of his Escort or Lant will be remembered for decades to come.


I watched Simon drive for years from afar, and when I finally built up the courage to ask him if he was interested in allowing me to shoot his car, he couldn’t have responded with more enthusiasm. He made me feel like I was one of his family. They say you should never meet your heroes, but they never met Simon McKinley.

I’m going to leave it there, I think. Before I finish, I just want to thank each and every one of you for coming here and supporting us. Even those of you who I might not agree with in the comments, I appreciate that you’re helping to keep us in check and providing balance. It’s your support and expectation that keeps me motivated to keep doing my best for you and to make sure that I never take this Speedhunters’ life for granted.

It’s not easy, but it sure as hell is the best job in the world.

Paddy McGrath
Instagram: pmcgphotos
Twitter: pmcgphotos

Cutting Room Floor
2015 Speddhunters POTY by Paddy McGrath-5
2015 Speddhunters POTY by Paddy McGrath-11
2015 Speddhunters POTY by Paddy McGrath-13
2015 Speddhunters POTY by Paddy McGrath-15
2015 Speddhunters POTY by Paddy McGrath-21
2015 Speddhunters POTY by Paddy McGrath-26
2015 Speddhunters POTY by Paddy McGrath-29
2015 Speddhunters POTY by Paddy McGrath-30
2015 Speddhunters POTY by Paddy McGrath-31
2015 Speddhunters POTY by Paddy McGrath-33
2015 Speddhunters POTY by Paddy McGrath-35
2015 Speddhunters POTY by Paddy McGrath-36
2015 Speddhunters POTY by Paddy McGrath-38
2015 Speddhunters POTY by Paddy McGrath-39
2015 Speddhunters POTY by Paddy McGrath-40


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I hunted speed once.. Now it hunts me.


great to know that you found your balance. from my point of view you're doing a great job! my favourites are the simple builds, the daily driver and your stance on them, albeit the controversy. thank you.


Cool writeup Paddy, you're pretty much the reason I picked up a 40D a couple years back and I haven't stopped since. Here's to you continuing to inspire in 2016.


danielbelvino Thanks, Daniel. Much appreciated.


TYRphoto That's awesome, keep shooting and having fun!


Please can we have 'Richie's 964 ' shot above as an A1 print to buy - that's a fantastic photo


not going to lie.
I was drawn in by the lead photograph and clicked to see more about the Audi.
Then I had to sift through yet another diatribe...
maybe 2016 will be the year of Speedhunting and not SpeedEditorial'ing
soooooo much scene justifying/explaining 

I just want to see cars man. 


"Do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life". Glad you re.discovered the meaning of this sentence, Paddy. You're definetely one of my favourite photographers here and a model to aspire to. So keep it up!


I'm glad you reconnected with what you love to do.  However, the admission of being underpaid and broke in exchange for being a photographer is not something I can relate to.  If you love what you do, and are good at it, you should at least be paid what you're worth.  Don't undersell yourself!


Alright, alright, calm down Mr. Norris.


"If it's easy, it's not worth doing."
I think my dad was talking about promiscuity but I guess it applies here.


@SW1 Have you no soul?


Thank you for all the hard work, coverage and hard questions you've thrown at us this year Paddy. I think your "angle" has certainly grown since your leave of absence and you've been including a mental aspect to the features you've been doing that is very positive. Here's to a great 2016!


Thanks Paddy and the Speedhunters Team for the inspiration and education.
Cars and art is my life and this site is my church.
Sometime next year I hope to show you the result of being exposed to 8 years of this free porn (virus-free, I might add : D).
Hopefully it leads to meeting some of you in person and buying you drinks.
Cheers and a Happy New Year!


Well Paddy, I don't think I'm the only one here who enjoys and gets inspired by your clean photography and the informative words that accompany them. I can only wish that you (and the other Speedhunters) enjoy making Speedhunters as much as I enjoy visiting it! Keep it up!


Thanks for your hard work Paddy, i never miss any of your posts because the pictures are always top quality and the words inspiring, colorful and rather punchy. I like people which are not always 100% politically correct. I've been reading speedhunters since 2010 and it's the first thing in my 25 years life that's got me this loyal for this long on the internet. Long live SH !


VincentConkerAuger true words - same here :)


Paddy, you are a fantastic photographer and your write ups are brilliant however it seems every time one of your articles shows up on Speedhunters it divides commentators - some hate and some love you.
We can all see you have worked hard, it's obvious in your articles, however you are very lucky; even if you don't feel it.
I'm an automotive and track day photographer and I can only dream of being flown around the world to do what I love, I will never be lucky enough to be on the same level as you. Maybe it's contacts, maybe it's being at the right place at the right time but you can't deny you are one lucky bloke..
I couldn't be in the position to quit my day time job and push my photography how I want to and seeing your articles makes me very jealous at the same time as opening my eyes. Keep up the good work.


James Oversteer I think If you're writing something that everyone agrees with, it's pretty pointless. There's not enough discourse in our community about important matters. The more we debate, the more we learn and the better we become.

I still don't agree with the 'being lucky' sentiment though. I'm very, very grateful for what I do but it's been a tough fight to get here. I took a chance and started my own business in the middle of a recession. While my friends emigrated to all corners of the earth, I fought to create an industry here which previously never existed. I forego a regular wage and the financial safety of a traditional 9-5 to do what I do. It's scary as hell at times, but it's obviously not without its positives. 

The reason I'm so opposed to the idea of 'being lucky' is that a lot of people waste their lives waiting for their lucky break, when they could be out fighting for it every day.

Really appreciate your words and your taking the time to comment. Thank you.


@perf VincentConkerAuger Thanks guys, hugely appreciated.


IsaacDC I think that's the most important bit, to make sure we enjoy what we're doing. Otherwise the passion can fade away.


vroomtothetomb Many happy returns :)


D1RGE EXE Thanks, mate. I hope you have a great new year too!


TarmacTerrorist Words worth living by.


@Fabrik8 That's a rant for another day, but you're right. Trying to compete against people who are willing to work for free because they have a 9-5 is a very tough challenge though...


JDM_Luca Grazie, Luca :)


Malc_R That's not my call, unfortunately. Glad you like it though :)


I'm incredibly glad you returned to the fold Paddy. More so, I'm glad you returned revitalized in what you do for the project as a whole, for those of us that find our place here, and most importantly, for yourself. I always look forward to your work, be it your ever-evolving photography, the polarity builds you come across, or the personal views relating to the motorist world we live in. Your hard work is very apparent in your articles, looking forward to more in 2016.


Paddy McGrath James Oversteer
I totally agree but I don't have the balls to be as straight forward and blunt as you - I get enough hate for commercialising automotive photography as it is. 
Good on you for taking the risks and growing your business, I've done similar in my native South Wales, having gained exclusive rights to a track and built up private clients however I've been very lucky to get where I am so I guess we will have to agree to disagree about lady luck.. I totally agree with never waiting, do what you can do and do it now. 
Thank you for taking your time to reply to me and I hope one day we will be colleagues on the same level - My photography doesn't make enough to live off and with a 9m old baby relying on me I won't be quitting to tour the world just yet but lets see where things go.


I know where you are coming from. I do this "speedhunting thing", but unfortunately, not for a living.
I'm never gonna quit anyways, but it's just a side job, or even less than that. I do it for myself, because I love it.

Many people come and tell me that what I do is easy: "anyone can photograph some cars and then post them up on a website". Yeah, maybe. But spending countless hours under the sun, in the middle of a track or in the middle of nowhere, then spending many hours more selecting and post processing each image, and then writing a story... Well, I think it's definitely NOT for everyone. And truth be told, when a story makes a whole with it's tittle, the images, the way they are ordered and edited, I can assure it really is HARD work. (Not to mention the cost of the equipment needed to do all this, ha!!).

I don't say "lucky you Speedhunters, that get to do what you do for a living" because I think it's easy, I say it because there is no better feeling in the world than doing what you love and adore for a living, while you bust your a*s in the process, and that last bit is the beauty of it.

Cheers, and a happy new year!


Nice article. I completely disagree with your statement about luck though. Its not everything but its not nothing either. Do you think Nico Rosberg should have just tried a bit harder? Did Audi just get hybrid problems at Le Mans because of complacency?
I use sport because it is clearly a case where people have the same skills, attitude and commitment. Only one person/team can win is all.
Very sorry to hear about your mate too. Puts everything else in perspective.


rook56  Something is strange about Nico. I think he was "told" to back off. Mercedes wanted Ham to win a 3rd championship, it looks great for them. It doesn't as mean much to have Nico take the championship in 2015.

Not to mention all the Silver arrow records for 2015.


Wish i hadn't read this piece. Your photography is great, normally your writing is too but this. Sorry but what was the purpose of this article? To let the world know you work hard. Everyone who has ever achieved anything works hard. Anyone at the top of their game has to work hard to stay there, it's the way of the world.
No one worth listening too assumes success or achieving your dreams comes from luck. When people say your lucky to be doing what your are, i think they mean fortunate. Fortunate that you are able to be doing what you want and having the opportunity to take advantage of your situation to best suit you.
Enjoy it, make the most of it and quit moaning about it.
Work hard in silence, let your success make noise.


It's a Year In Review post, most of the Speedhunters team are writing their own...


Paddy McGrath @Malc_R It may not be your call personally but it would be good if 'Speedhunters' as a collective, commercial operation listened to their customers....:-)


Malc_R Paddy McGrath If you want to drop me an e-mail, I'll try get you sorted.


Happy new year Paddy, thanks for your hard work to bring us the great content throughout the year!


Oh man...another whiner. Hope we can have less lf these people in 2017.


Hope we have less d-b*gs in 2017! #nobodywantstohearyourthoughts


Simon Mckinley, i never saw a guy driving a Escort like him.. 2 beats


Hello Paddy, 
Greetings from Slovakia. I have to say from all speedhunters editors I like your features the most. It's just something in your writing style that when I am reading it, it feels personal. I never realized that you are from ireland, until I was there to visit my girlfriend who's studiing there and I was randomly reading your feature on Auto Heroes at Mondello Park early in november. And I was so sad because I was there in Ireland just 20 km from the show at that time but I didn't know about it. I just want to say that Ireland is a beautiful country with lovely people and I will most definitely come again for a visit. I wish you all the best for this year :)


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