4 Clips From The Past Week

Another big week of Speedhunting from all around the world is almost upon us, but before we get into that it’s time to take a quick look at some of the videos we’ve been checking out over the past 7 days.

Let’s get started with a new clip from Nismo TV

Nissan Motorsport’s YouTube channel has given us some great in-car POVs of late, and this video featuring the D’Station Nissan GT-R GT500 is every bit as good. Filmed at the recent Nismo Festival held at Fuji Speedway, watch as the Super GT machine mixes it up on track with everything from a Le Mans R90CK to a couple of tour buses… You’ll definitely want to crank this one up!

Next up, we’re in Germany for the annual Essen Motor Show – an event that has a little bit of everything, but brings out some of the region’s most high-profile show car builds. They’re the main focus of this official highlight clip.

It was back at the 2014 SEMA Show when Speedhunters took out the Scion Tuner Challenge with the retro-race-themed #MaximumAttack FR-S built by our very own Keith Charvonia. For 2015 however, Scion turned its attention to the new iM; pitching fashion labels illest and Crooks & Castles against each other with two cars, 90 days and a couple of modest build budgets. The finished iMs were revealed last month at an exclusive pre-SEMA event prior to them being displayed in Las Vegas where the final public votes were sought, but it was the very recent LA Auto Show where the 2015 STC winner was announced.

We’ve seen plenty of RAUH-Welt Begriff Porsche videos since Nakai-san has gone global with his bespoke 911 builds, but this short film charting the creation of RWB Clermont in Atlanta, Georgia, is a little different. Yes, it shows the Japanese artisan at work as he cuts and drills a 964 to give it the RWB wide-body treatment, but its owner, Tate Askew at MotorCarStudio, also explains why joining the RWB family is so much more than a custom-built car.

As always, if you’ve watched a cool video online this week, don’t forget to share it in the comments section below!

The Speedhunters



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Awesome short documentary . never seen it before so thanks for sharing ! :)


This year's tuner challenge was a bore fest compared with previous years, especially last years


That RWB is pretty inspiring...
Always nice to watch a master/artist at work.
I imagine with his attention to detail, the fresh cuts and drill holes get a little paint?
Might have to utilize that chair and table set up.


Hey Michelangelo, are you going to put any shading on that angel? I'm just checking, nice ceiling.


"That hand looks a bit off perspective here, going to fix that?"


That Essen show had a ridiculous amount of super sick wheels!  Who else thinks those half and half wheels were the $hit?!!


Singer  or  RWB Porsche?

Either way I hope Singer never becomes as commonplace as these RWBs have become!


ughhh that Scion tuner thing was super cringe-inducing! ack! 

"Fuh Real Fuh Real"


What's that off throttle rattle in the GT500?


gt500 was great!!! but what the hell is that bus doing on the track? looks like the Nurburgring in those funny videos..


Another great RWB's film. And these gold wheels ! I love them !


Pardon? I suppose you've never had the privilege to do specialty autobody work.
They don't teach you the cool tricks on the first day.


Awesome RWB...


If you think that video shows Nakai's first day doing "specialty autobody work" you are embarrassingly uniformed or a moron.


Name calling. Awesome. Reading comprehension issues?
No, my comment reflects that autobody tricks and skills are learned through a process, and not learned on on first day.
I referred to him as a Master. As in; I'm sure he has bags full of cool tricks, for autobody solutions.
I do auto restoration as a hobby. Because as a paid job it usually sucks.


Congrats on doing autobody work, I figured. Your initial post smelled of "oneupmanship", and you continue with your "tricks and skills" comment. You are one of those guys that read an Alpha Males Guide to Getting Chicks and you are now locked into Neg Compliments. It happens. You'll find someone.


Pardon? This isn't a dick swinging competition Oscar, not sure what your issue is, you couldn't be more wrong about me.
But hey, believe what you want. Alpha males... what a joke, I don't compare myself to others, it's pointless.
Initial post "oneupsmanship" on who? A guy is such demand his customers wait months to fly him around the globe, for 4-5 days of his time. Yeah, i'm not on that level.
I was in a slump with a long term MA70/JZA70 build, and this video really charged my spirits up, giving me a little more desire/initiative to complete.
Are you trying to be an epic troll Oscar?
Water off a ducks back, buddy.


I'm sorry. Look up the RWB Malaysia video and read the comments. It's just funny how some people can't give a compliment without a caveat.


@SW1 "It was really dope. Like fuh real fuh real dope". But I'm glad the over-fendered vehicle didnt win.


I gotta admit, Nakai-san is definitely one of my favorite builders right now. To the lamen's eye each car he does could be seen as "just another RWB", but there's always so much personality to every machine he descends upon. And those gold barrels, too goddamn good.


You cannot compare Singer to RWB. It's like comparing Cognac to Jim Beam.
Don't get me wrong I love RWB but Singer is on anothet level.


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