Hobby History: The Tamiya Museum
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Not long ago I posted a story chronicling my visit to the annual open house at Tamiya’s global headquarters in Shizuoka, Japan. In that story I mentioned the company has a special area inside the HQ which showcases its long history of building and selling model kits and radio control vehicles around the world.

Tamiya-HQ-Japan-Visit-73 copy

So with that in mind, I thought now would be the perfect time to geek out for a while and show you some of the historic treasures on display in the Tamiya museum. Whether or not you’re a radio control hobbyist or model builder, there was a ton of awesome stuff to see.

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The museum includes products from Tamiya’s early post-war days right up to modern times. Through this incredible exhibition of models and RC vehicles you can see how the Tamiya legend came to be.

Tamiya-HQ-Japan-Visit-75 copy

It all began in 1946 when Yoshio Tamiya started a sawmill and lumber company in Shizuoka. With an ample supply of raw material available, Tamiya soon began producing wooden model ships, and by the early 1950s the company had transitioned its business solely to model making.

Tamiya-HQ-Japan-Visit-85 copy

Supported by a boom in model ship building in the 1950s, the company started to become known among hobbyists, and in 1960, to keep up with changing times, the company released its first plastic model – a replica of the Japanese battleship Yamato. This was followed up by a 1:35 scale motorized model of the Panther tank and later in the ’60s Tamiya began producing plastic replicas of Formula 1 cars.

Tamiya-HQ-Japan-Visit-81 copy

Whether it was a military vehicle or a race car, Tamiya’s products quickly gained a reputation for their unparalleled attention to detail and accuracy.

Tamiya-HQ-Japan-Visit-77 copy

In the mid-’60s the company stepped into the slot car market, and the museum includes several products from this line. Included are 1:25 replicas of American stock cars and 1960s European sports cars.

RC Revolution
Tamiya-HQ-Japan-Visit-56 copy

It wasn’t until the mid-1970s that Tamiya expanded into the radio control market. With motorized scale vehicles quickly gaining popularity not just in Japan but all over the world, Tamiya wanted to make sure its RC cars would have the attention to detail its other products were known for.

Tamiya-HQ-Japan-Visit-57 copy

In fact, the company actually purchased a brand new Porsche 911 in 1976 and then promptly took it apart to get a better idea of how the car was put together. This data was used not only in the production of a plastic model kit, but in a 1:12 scale Porsche 934 RSR radio control kit which quickly put Tamiya on the RC map.

Tamiya-HQ-Japan-Visit-64 copy

From that point on, radio control vehicles became a huge part of Tamiya’s line-up and the museum area includes all of the company’s memorable RC kits from the ’70s and ’80s.

Tamiya-HQ-Japan-Visit-65 copy

There’s some truly nostalgic stuff on display in here, including the 1:12 scale Group 5 Celica LB Turbo RC kit originally produced in 1978.

Tamiya-HQ-Japan-Visit-72 copy

I also caught a glimpse of this 1:12 Bob Sharp 280ZX kit. Who knows how much this thing would be worth on the open market today?

Tamiya-HQ-Japan-Visit-58 copy

In the 1970s Tamiya also enjoyed a close relationship with many Formula 1 teams, which resulted in highly-detailed 1:10 scale replicas of cars like the Ligier JS9 and Ferrari 312T.

Tamiya-HQ-Japan-Visit-67 copy

The company also produced numerous sports car kits, including this Ford C100 RM Mk.4, a 1983 release from the 1:12 Racing Masters series.

Tamiya-HQ-Japan-Visit-71 copy

And while Tamiya’s road and race car RC replicas were very popular, it might be the off-road stuff people remember the most.

Tamiya-HQ-Japan-Visit-60 copy

The museum display is packed with vintage Tamiya off-road RC kits, including the Blazing Blazer 1:10 scale 4WD originally released in 1982.

Tamiya-HQ-Japan-Visit-69 copy

And who can forget Tamiya’s RC version of the Subaru BRAT? You have to credit the company for turning Subaru’s unusual pickup into a radio control icon.

Tamiya-HQ-Japan-Visit-68 copy

Equally cool is this lifted Audi Quattro 4WD kit that was released back in 1983.

Tamiya-HQ-Japan-Visit-28 copy

And along with the huge display of large-scale RC vehicles, the museum also includes plenty of Tamiya’s Mini 4WDs, a popular product which first hit the market in 1982.

Plastic Memories
Tamiya-HQ-Japan-Visit-78 copy

Needless to say, the museum includes a huge collection of Tamiya’s plastic model kits from the 1960s right through to today.

Tamiya-HQ-Japan-Visit-80 copy

Here for example we’ve got the highly-detailed 1:12 scale Porsche 910 kit that originally debuted in 1968.

Tamiya-HQ-Japan-Visit-79 copy

Also released in the late-’60s, this pair of 1:12 Formula 1 Lotus 49s that helped raise Tamiya’s popularity among hardcore motorsports fans.

Tamiya-HQ-Japan-Visit-54 copy

Then you have the brand’s massive line-up of 1:24 scale plastic model kits, which along with the aforementioned RC models are some of Tamiya’s most globally recognized products.

Tamiya-HQ-Japan-Visit-53 copy

All sorts of automobiles are represented here, from internationally famous sports cars to vehicles that were more unique to the Japanese market, like the Nissan Leopard and Bluebird.

Tamiya-HQ-Japan-Visit-62 copy

There are plenty of classic race car kits from the ’80s and ’90s as well, including the Group A R32 GT-R and the Nissan R90V Group C racer.

Tamiya-HQ-Japan-Visit-55 copy

And speaking of Group C, you can’t leave out Tamiya’s highly accurate replica of the Toyota TOM’S 84C.

Tamiya-HQ-Japan-Visit-46 copy

With so many different racing car models on display, it was a bit like being at some sort of motorsport museum – only all the history was replicated in scale.

Tamiya-HQ-Japan-Visit-48 copy

Sure, some people might want to forget the ‘toys’ and stick to the real cars, but the truth is, many car enthusiasts got their start with models and RC cars before moving on to the 1:1 stuff.

Tamiya-HQ-Japan-Visit-74 copy

In that sense, it could be said that companies like Tamiya have contributed as much to our excitement for automobiles as any real-world car maker has. There’s an untold number of gear-heads around the world who were inspired by the very products on display inside this room, and here’s hoping the Tamiya spirit keeps on inspiring future generations to do the same.

Mike Garrett
Instagram: japanifornia_media

Cutting Room Floor
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Tamiya-HQ-Japan-Visit-84 copy
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Way back in the early 90's I had a Grasshopper 2 as my 1st RC car....wasn't aware Tamiya had so many great models as well 'til a few months ago. The GR C and Can Am models rock. Nice post...brings back memories


And all those box arts


The bonus image of the CB1100R...its the epitome of serious attention to detail. Its level is ridiculous.
It would be very intresting to know how Tamiya over the years had deal with the technology secrecy and confidentiality agreement issues that im sure had appear when making a scale model of a particular race car, bike, or even military vehicles.


I'm drooling..


Any pics of the armor? i know its a car site, but i love Tamiya's military stuff. Hell, im building an M60A3 right now.


Its like looking back through the catalogues I drooled over as a kid, and still do now given half a chance!


I had one called Thundershot around the same time but the one I always dreamed of getting was the Midnight Pumpkin.


*heavy breathing*

omg.  nice one, mike!  i'd spend all day in there if i had the chance :)


oh my god! this is the heaven


Hello Mike, thanks for that awesome pictures and story. I am biting myself in my a.. right now because i had an Audi Quattro (which was only RWD btwU0001f601) and a Blazing Blazer years ago an sold them.....but anyway, thanks for refreshing my memories. Greetings from Germany. Roland


Mike I live my life vicariously through your photographs.


Spot the Unimog. Awesome museum.


miknork21 heaven on earth


I'm Curious to know what the F1 John Player Special car is worth??.. I have that exact car covered in dust in my room, it belonged to my father, I also have some of those WWII planes built in the 70s collecting dust,  mosquito, Lancaster, hurricane etc.


Oh my.. that's one amazing building I certainly want to visit in my life! Thanks for this great article, very enjoyable.


Only way I'll have the space to have multiple project cars. I should really get back into the model making!


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How much would a Tamiya 1/8th Mini Cooper #44021 be? I know Tamiya has discontinued them for about 15 years now, but if your shop had one brand new still in the box in mint condition. What value would you put on it? How much would you sell it for In your professional opinion.
Thank You.
Phil Hawk


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