Four Video Favourites From The Past Week…

Once again, it’s time to take a quick look at some of the video clips from around the net that we’ve been watching over the past week.

Kicking things off is a short film from eastern Europe entitled, Autumn Drift with Yeti

‘Yeti’ is a BMW E30 powered by a Toyota Supra 1JZ-GTE engine, and in this clip from NeonCup Studio, Polish backroads become the visual and technical backdrop for an epic drift video captured in ultra high definition 2160p 4K.

Next up, it’s the second to last episode the Z Dream documentary series, featuring Sung Kang and his Datsun 240Z – the FuguZ. In Episode 4: Unleashed, the finishing touches are made to the ‘RB26DE’-powered Z at GReddy HQ in California ahead of its official unveiling and subsequent debut at the 2015 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, and Sung takes the car for its first drive.

Sticking with the SEMA theme for a moment, whenever Jim and Mike Ring, aka the Ringbrothers, debut a new car in Las Vegas, it’s bound to be something special. And their latest build – a Ford Mustang called Espionage – is everything we’ve come to expect (and more!) from the car-building duo. What’s this carbon fibre bodied and 950hp supercharged Chevy V8 powered (yes, you read right) Ford all about? Jay Leno finds out, and then in typical Jay Leno’s Garage fashion, takes it for a drive.

Last, but definitely not least is a very cool short film from Austria; the subject of which is a 1975 Lancia Stratos. Originally found in an English barn, a seven-restoration brought this rally icon and its Ferrari Dino V6 engine back to life, and Showdown in Vienna captures the car in all its finished glory beautifully.

Seen a cool video this week? Don’t forget to share it in the comments section below!

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I have nothing but respect for the vision the Ringbrothers have and the originality/creativity of their one off builds. However I think the phrase "less is more" is lost on their builds. In a few years some of the trends we see today, especially in pro touring, will look like the pastel colored geometric side stripe pro street style builds from the 80's. Trends change. I always prefer elegant, understated builds as far as form is concerned but with tons of functional performance underneath and the Ringbrothers do nothing but execute in that arena. My three cents

Also Sun, Han buddy, you lost me with the over fenders.


So much hype around that 240Z build... I can respect it, but damn, it's not that amazing is it? Those wheels + the conformist bodykit, ain't hot in my book. Just my opinion people.


Quad Turbor 4 Rotor RX-2 sounds pretty nasty.


Just to be a heel

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Bro5 It's called marketing, and I'd rather see that car "marketed" in this way than anything I've seen on the Discovery Channel for the last five years.


AceAndrew2 Bro5 Discovery Channel? Ok...


Bro5 I'm really starting to question the obsession with massive body flares. Just look at that Z next to the one ZCarGarage built with the OS Giken motor (no flares, clean lines, cleanest Z I've seen in a very long time). The clean bodied Z is absolutely beautiful, it's the kind of car that needs little to no body modification, and it seems like keeping a car stock bodied is becoming more unique than slapping the newest Rocket Bunny kit on it....


I want that Stratos. Truly a magnificent work of machinery. Definitely holds a place in my heart as one of the most beautiful cars ever made.


@Forzarismo Totally agree. Together with the Lamborghini Miura, these two cars are always in my heart.



these videos make waking up on a monday a little easier


After a cracking Sunday with my 4 wheeled babies I relate with these videos incredibly well, thanks SH :-)



toyota supra 2jz-gte engine, right?


No love for #mycarisgreen girl?? #toosoon


abezzegh87 MTDatsun Bro5 E-type influence is definitely there, although I always saw an affordable Daytona


MTDatsun Bro5 or the scoot 4 rotor Z


the car was very good 
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