Inspired By Your Automotive Art: Showcase 2

After our hugely successful call-out for your automotive artwork earlier this month, we found ourselves with a mountain of incredible feature-worthy imagery – more than we could possibly fit into one, let alone two stories! So we decided to split them into a five-part art series, featuring some of the coolest car-related art from all over the world, in no particular order…

John Narciso – Houston, Texas


Who says you have to colour in between the lines? This beautiful digital illustration was sent in to us by John Narciso from Texas, which he’s fittingly named, ‘the MAXIMUM ATTACK LaFerrari’. We’re loving John’s creative use of colour and the particular technique he’s used to give the effect of broad brush strokes, almost like an oil painting would have. The best part has to be the Speedhunters tyre bomb stencils!

Jim Tramontano – New Jersey USA


Painted on a 30×40-inch canvas and inspired by one his favourites artists, Roy Lichtenstein, this hilarious artwork by Jim Tramontano is one of our personal favourites, as it’s inspired by his own personal experiences as a High Performance Driver Education instructor! You can check out more of his work over at his website here.

San Mamiya – Japan


We’ve always been big fans of Japanese artist San Mamiya’s cool car and motorcycle-related cartoons with their retro style and cute cat-like characters. This drawing features a race-inspired Honda City with a matching Honda Motocompo minibike, and San Mamiya created it just for our theme – how cool is that? San Mamiya creates most of his working using his PC, mechanical pencils and paper and the Japanese software program PaintTool SAI. You can see more of his work on his Instagram page here.

Marc Falk – United Kingdom

marc falk - type10 - final

Here’s something a bit different – an electric-powered mini-MPV concept created by Marc Falk; a project which he completed for the Engineering Design & Visualisation module of his CAD BSc course at London South Bank University. The final vehicle concept takes up the footprint of a Smart car, but has space for a driver and two adult passengers, or alternately a driver, two children, a pushchair, and a week’s worth of shopping. The tailgate is asymmetric to allow loading from the kerbside. It might not be designed to go fast, but it’s an amazing concept and we have to say that it looks pretty cool too!

Robb Ferguson – Costa Mesa, California


Costa Mesa local Robb Ferguson has spent most of his life doodling and sketching cars, and in recent years he’s started taking it more seriously, putting his name out there and getting commission work for flyers and t-shirt designs. This print was a recent commission piece, featuring a radical Kaido Racer style Soarer blasting down the Bayshore Route with the Yokohama Bay Bridge in the background. Robb draws all of his art freehand and without the use of a computer, citing comic book and manga art as his biggest influences – something he was partially introduced to via our own Speedhunters contributor Mike Garrett’s Auto Otaku blog. You can view more of Robb’s work here.

Raymond Loumeau – Durban, South Africa

LeMans Porsche Animation

Illustrator, racer and big-time race fan Raymond Loumeau shared with us these awesome illustrations he created in the lead-up to the 2015 24 Hours of Le Mans. As well as the winning #19 Porsche 919 Hybrid pictured, Raymond also included an amazing GIF of the red #17 car in motion, with a view of the driver inside.

Cyro Miguel – Paraná, Brazil

917 png

Speaking of Le Mans, Cyro from Brazil actually specialises in 3D rendering, using computer software such as SketchUp, Kerkythea and V-Ray, but it was this abstract art piece he shared with us that really caught our eye. Inspired by the 1971 Le Mans film and as a tribute to Steve McQueen, Cyro has put his own spin on the #20 Porsche 917K with its iconic Gulf livery.

Doug Breuninger – Los Angeles, California


An automotive designer for Galpin Auto Sports by day and a freelance artist/designer in his spare time, Doug Breuninger has already built up an impressive following for himself, partially thanks to a personal art named ‘Notable Rides’.  For these highly detailed, hand-drawn paintings, Doug uses quite an unusual canvas – Post-it notes! Having always enjoyed experimenting with different mediums, he writes, “I love the challenge of not only working on a small scale, but I also enjoy the challenge of composing, balancing and getting the most detail into a small square format that almost everyone has used.” Each one takes an average of five hours to complete, and so far Doug has created 150 Post-it paintings of his favourite cars and designs. We’re especially fans of his recreation of our Scion Tuner Challenge-winning Scion FR-S – thanks Doug!

Abimelec Martinez - Hermosillo Sonora, Mexico

Rat Rod Bugatti

Abimelec tells us that he’s always had a passion for cars, and ever since he first discovered Photoshop on his computer at home he’s been hooked to what’s become known as virtual tuning. For this particular design, he’s gone all-out to create something controversial and crazy: a $40 million Bugatti Type 57SC rat rod! Pretty impressive for a 16-year-old student, huh? You can check out more of Abimelec’s work on his Facebook page here.

Jon Krebs & Tony Pislaan – USA

Fleetline project4 (1)

Jon Krebs and Tony Pislaan submitted this awesome photo from their latest mixed media collaboration combining Jon’s photography and Tony’s automotive sketches. With this particular image, Jon has taken a photo featuring a ’55 Chevy in the foreground, and has then placed Tony’s drawing of a mint-green ’47 Fleetline lowrider back into the image. The overall idea is simple, yet the effect is striking. Awesome work guys!

Tony Pislaan on Instagram
Jon Krebs on Instagram

Anders Magnusson – Gothenburg, Sweden 


Anders from Sweden shared with us this digital drawing of the iconic Lamborghini Miura, which he’s created using only black and white and a few simple lines to highlight the sleek silhouette of one of the world’s most beautiful cars. We had to laugh when Anders wrote in his email caption, “It’s like side boob, but better!” We can’t really argue with that!

Timothy Pronk – St. George Ontario, Canada


We’re loving Ontario-based artist Timothy Pronk’s style when it comes to his automotive cartoons: burnouts with lots of smoke and fire! Timothy explains his drawing process, “First I create a pencil sketch of the vehicle, aiming to add motion, crisp details, a nice flow and usually a driver of some sort – possibly with a thumbs-up! After that, I ink the drawing with brush pen markers, scan the line work, print it out and colour over the printout with Tria and Copic markers. I do digital art as well and traditional painting, but I like cartooning vehicles the best as it’s a nice mix of research, subject matter, fun, commitment and techniques.” Check out more on his Instagram here.

James Gibson – United Kingdom

James Gibson2

We’re loving these race poster designs sent into us by James Gibson. They all feature different styles yet somehow still able to all tie in together, and we’re especially enjoying the simplistic vintage feel of the Art Deco style Monaco poster. We’ll let James explain:

Monaco Formula E Race Poster: “A friend of mine wrote an article for a web magazine about Monaco’s role in motorsport over the years. The conclusion of the article looked forward to the first all-electric race around the streets of the principality. I instantly thought of the classic Monaco race posters from the 1930s and thought it would be good to apply the same look to the most modern of motorsports; Formula E.”

Nürburgring 6 Hours Race Poster: ‘Racing poster art nowadays is (in my humble opinion) pretty dull, mainly due to the fact that the designer has to satisfy all the sponsors of the event and make sure they all have their spot of real estate. So, I decided to have a go at producing an alternative race poster for the World Endurance Championship 6 Hour race. People have told me it looks like a movie poster; this isn’t what I planned but I love how it came out.”

 24 Hours du Mans Poster: “This was one of the first proper ‘artworks’ I created in Photoshop. It was created whilst trying to teach myself how to use the program. I adore Le Mans and I’d had the idea for the layout for a while, I then bumped into a Sauber C11 at the Autosport International Show. I shot the car on my camera and used the shot as a template for the car illustration. The scenery and the rest of the poster was then built around it.’

Christer Stormark – Norway 

Speedhunter_Toyota_Celica Base

Norway-based designer Christer Stormark started messing around with rendering images of modified cars back in 1999, which eventually progressed from a hobby into a career, seeing him land a job as a vehicle artist for a game company. You might be thinking the above image isn’t anything particularly special, but that’s because this is the photo that Christer started out with as inspiration for this particularly cool-looking vision…


Christer explains that he’s always wanted to own a nostalgic Toyota Celica, so he decided to put his own twist on this design. The obvious changes are the drastic drop in ride height and the addition of a front splitter, flares, swapped mirrors, as well as an aggressive set of Work Meister CR01 wheels to complete the look. The white-on-white colour scheme with the chrome detailing is on point, while the vintage leather interior and side decals work perfectly. Christer, we definitely think that you should make this project a reality! While we’re waiting for that to happen, you can check out more of Christer’s design work here.

Ginanjar Setia Mulyana – Indonesia

88C-V - Copy

Last but not least, vintage racing fan Ginanjar has shared with us this cool sketch of a monstrous Group C weapon from the ’80s – the Minolta Toyota 88C-V. Ginanjar writes, “Ever since I saw an 88C-V in a video game, I fell in love with it. This is my version – in colored pencil.”

A big thank-you to everyone who submitted for this feature. Just a quick note that we’re not accepting any new art submissions for this theme, but if you did manage to submit something but haven’t seen it feature yet, stay watching for Part 3 of our Automotive Art showcase in another two weeks time!

Story curated by Taryn Croucher
Instagram: taryncroucher
Twitter: @taryncroucher

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I know I'm just repeating what others have said profusely, but there's so much talent in evidence here it boggles the mind. It's amazing the passion and creativity that the automobile inspires in mankind, isn't it?

It's very much inspired me to up my own game and improve my work. Based on that motivation, here's the latest piece I put together.


Ice Age Heeeyy, the GNX guy!  o/




This is the Ford F-150 RULER. I made it inspired in the Black Mamba F-650 and the Gittin Jr. F-150 with that green lights.

If anyone want to see more, acess my FB and deviantart page:
And thanks for Speedhunters for the opportunity, i'm very glad to be part of the #IAMTHESPEEDHUNTER !


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CyroMiguel777 Congrats on being featured yourself sir. My cartoon artwork is posted in this feature also, a but below yours, thanks for caring!


Thanks for including my art Taryn Croucher and Speedhunters ! Congratulations to all the other automotive artists featured here as well.


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Great work guys, enclosed a car designed by me and inspired by the Liberty Walk Nissan GTR


That Bugatti ratrod.  Wow.  I do a bit of that photoshop myself but I'm not surprised there's kids half my age that are 12398x better at it.  I think I'll retire now!


Russia with you! 8)  #Katanamarket #IAMTHESPEEDHUNTER


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Please consider my poster designs. Celebrating those sweet Japanese Design Lines!


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(How could I possibly miss this awesome post?)

This is my first entry, Lancia Stratos "Inspire"

(Inspired by the iconic Stratos Turbo and the awesome car culture from SPEEDHUNTERS!)Hope you guys like it! :D


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the car was very good 
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