A Rotary That Hauls

Last week I posted up a spotlight on an unusual rotary-powered Mazda pickup truck, and it seemed to get a big response from you guys. Today I thought I’d follow that up with another rotary pickup from the Japanese Classic Car Show, this time one from an earlier era.

While the Racing Beat project borrowed its turbo rotary engine from an FC3S RX-7 donor car, the pickup we’re looking at now came from the factory without pistons.

JCCS-2015-154 copy

It’s one of the REPU pickup trucks that Mazda sold in North America in the mid-1970s, and even in stock form these things are damn cool. Along with its unconventional engine, the ‘Rotary Engine Pick Up’ featured upgraded interior trim and a unique body treatment with a distinct front end and aggressive fender flares. Better yet, this particular 1975 model has been heavily modified by its owner, Edward Arce.

JCCS-2015-58 copy

The RE pickups were specified with 13B engines, and that is what’s still under the hood of this truck today. It’s just been hot-rodded a bit…

JCCS-2015-153 copy

The twin-rotor motor is fed by a Hitachi HT18S-2S turbocharger which is part of a Cartech blow-through system utilizing a Weber 40mm IDF carb. There’s also an MSD ignition system, Racing Beat exhaust and more.

JCCS-2015-59 copy

Chassis upgrades on the old truck include QA1 shocks on all four corners along with Eibach springs and an LSD rear end. A big brake kit with 5×114.3 hubs also features, as does a set of 16-inch Epsilon mesh wheels.

JCCS-2015-61 copy

There are some cool touches in the cab as well. It appears largely as it did back in 1975, but there’s custom Bride gradation upholstery on the front bench seat and door panels, an aftermarket stereo system and a glovebox that’s been autographed by none other than rotary hero Mad Mike Whiddett.

JCCS-2015-60 copy

JCCS is a show that’s all about showing the many different sides of Japanese car culture and this rare Mazda pickup truck was a perfect addition to the diverse field.

Stay tuned for more spotlights from this fantastic event.

Mike Garrett
Instagram: japanifornia_media



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Loving all of the pickups lately, keep 'em coming!


I just commented in "The Ultimate Fun Ever" feature.. <<MORE PICK UPS PLEASE>> 

this was fast!

Great features! 

thank you guys!


I just commented in "The Ultimate Fun Ever" feature.. <<MORE PICK UPS PLEASE>> 

this was fast!

Great features! 

thank you guys!


These REPU's are awesome little trucks and with the tuning that's gone into rotaries in the past couple decades there really is no reason to avoid having one. They're affordable and usually in good shape up in the Pacific North West.
Course I'm not biased being a Courier owner...


Does anyone know what Intake manifold that is? Why is the charge pipe not connected and where is the throttle body?


mnchk1987 Ask and you shall receive! ;)


Colin123456 in the 2nd one you can see on the left side of the many, the throttle cable. so that means the throttle body is after the mani, im guessing an ITB for each runner.


Really diggin this one, awesome choice of wheels too!


Those wheels are badass


Those wheels are badass


Speedhunters mnchk1987  Mandatory response


Dill Pickle Noted!


Ask and ye shall receive, it was only a day or so ago I lamented the lack of small trucks in my life, and Speedhunters comes along with the cure-all. Would absolutely love one of these.


Colin123456 I think the manifold is part of the Cartech turbo kit.  It uses a Weber IDF carburetor, so there are two down draft throttle barrels.  That pipe should be connected, don't why not unless it's boosting incorrectly.


What wheels are they? I've seen Enkei Classics which are similar but not three piece which these appear to be.


Speedhunters and. About this? thetunerfashion http://twitter.com/thetunerfashion/status/649694469521076227/photo/1


John Key NZ it says in the article beneath the picture


John Key NZ it says in the article beneath the picture


But will it drift?


That 13B is NA right now...


Colin123456 that top is the intake plenum for the carb. the pipe isn't connected it appears to be running as NA right now. and you can't see the throttle body because its carbureted. so the weber is the throttle body or in this case 2 throttle bodies.


"JDM TRUK" license plate on a vehicle only sold in the US? I understand the Japanese influences, but come on, let's be realistic here.


What does that turbo do than?


BigTmoneyD Blows air back into the atmosphere apparently


Yes only sold in the US. where was the truck manufacturer and where was it brought from ?


It makes the truck go faster


Just wanted you to know about wheels epsilon wheels come with 20 bolts and enkei come with 32 bolts as well as bbs wheels


Charge pipe may be disconnected due to drivability issues. Carb turbos tend to be a full on or off experience. Not really a street driven setup to cruise with


TylerHorne BigTmoneyD just blows air lol


@Isaac I feel like you don;y understand the DM in JDM


Wat domestic market


awesome article what a awesome pick up, anymore photos?


Actually it's really not that bad as a daily driver. The pipe wasn't connected do to time issues. Problems after another didn't have


I didn't have time to buy a new radiator so in the end I ended up towing it. I was so frustrated i Didn't really pay attention to details.


What turbo kit and or intake/blow-off system is that. I too have a REPU and was looking into boosting it. Your truck is amazing eddieisaac!


Hey guys I have one of this trucks for sale!!!


Actual rotary truck that is drifted


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