A President Like You’ve Never Seen

I could put together a very long list of cars that I’ve seen running factory BNR34 Nissan Skyline GT-R 18-inch BBS rims. Just like BCNR33 17s and BNR32 16s, they have always been cheap and nice upgrades for budget builds across Japan and in plenty of other countries too. But I’ve definitely never seen them fitted to a G50 Nissan President.


As soon as I laid eyes on this car at the Nissan Matsuri, it made me slightly suspicious – in a good way. I had a feeling there was something rather interesting going on…


The red BNR32 Skyline GT-R 4-pot callipers with drilled and slotted rotors at the front, and a similar setup at the rear with BNR32 2-pot callipers were further confirmation. Yep, it certainly looked like the owner of this big luxurious sedan had been on a shopping spree at his local Up Garage used parts outlet.


Along with the Cima and the Infiniti Q45, the President was Nissan’s answer to the Lexus LS and Honda Legend. It was at this time that the Japanese manufacturers really started taking the whole luxury car thing very seriously, and I guess it’s probably when the race that is still going on to this day really began. For a 25-year-old car the interior is still a decent enough place to be, but it wasn’t soft leather and equipment levels I was looking at here.


I was more interested in that manual transmission lever that stuck out of the gaping hole that once housed the shifter for the factory slush box.


Thankfully, a few hours after I first spotted the car, the owner parked it up following a track outing with the bonnet open.


Ah, I knew it! The lazy VH45DE 4.5-litre V8 was obviously not the sort of power unit Nissan designed for track work, so the owner ditched it in favour of a pretty heavily-tuned RB25DET.


The engine features a low-mount turbo of generous dimensions running an external wastegate, and on the intake side the stock plenum has been modified and welded up so that the throttle body and piping can be position at its front end rather than on the side going over the engine like the factory layout. It makes a front-mounted intercooler a much more straight-forward proposition.


The coolest thing about this President is how the exterior has been left untouched for a stealth look. In fact, you can’t even spot that it’s running a big intercooler up front.

We really like seeing cars like this on Speedhunters. Thinking outside the box definitely gets you noticed!

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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I used to have a white President/Q45 and loved it with an extreme passion, so this certainly makes me warm inside.


Hi, do you know how it has been switched to LHD? Steering and dash was taken from 90-96 Infinti Q45? Also anybody know are there some difficulties during the process and how much it could cost?


The calipers are from the R33 GT-S.


Kinda downgrade-upggrade!
Downgrade because 4.5L V8 to 2.5L Inline-6
Upgrade because it's pushing more horsepower now!

Muhammad Haqy Aunoora

I want to see that car in action


This is really cool! I was expecting a RB26 swap though. LOL!


MichaelKN I'm interested in that too. Apparently you need firewall (because you just can't drill the holes) and whole steering mechanism, plus wiring hell (getting whole front end with firewall and front suspension would be easiest way). Cost depends on your country/state since in U.S. RHD import ratio are rather low compared to EU, where are lots imported and converted RHD/LHD cars, this of course would be cheap, but assuming that you're in U.S, where chopshops asks atrocious prices, then yes, it would cost a lot. If you're in Canada or GB, then you don't need swap, even in U.S. you can find RHD cars, but laws depends on state.


rally2727 No replacement for displacement.  Yeah, right! lol


abezzegh87 More power and more torque (probably not much down below though). I'd say it's definitely the right way...that Nissan V8 came from the factory with a serious case of asthma!


speedhunters_dino abezzegh87 I'm curious about this as well. Is there a lack of aftermarket support for these V8 engines.  Poor head flow or relatively minor (to fix) flow issues like cams and intake/exhaust? I've always wondered why they are rarely modified, if ever.


Crazy as Japan is they throw away perfectly good cars that are able to drive. The taxes are crazy so I think it was 12 year old cars get taxed more!! He definitely got that car at a junk yard for next to nothing. Then assembled it with the 2JZ and GTR rims ect.... Lots of people would get Nissan Crew cars ex taxi cars. Taxi's actually have more welds making the body more rigid and tough. They would simply just drop in everything from a Silva or 180SX. The suspension links right in. Cheap drift cars


960 MichaelKN Thanks for the reply. I'm based in Poland and I've seen few clean rhd Nissans and some bad Infinitis listed in western europe. I think I would rather transplant parts in to healthier chassis or thanks to new regulations in my country get away with driving rhd import. But still it's very tempting to have lhd President with some original Nissan trim. I just don't know if it's worth ripping original car in good condition. Another worry is that i don't know any shop which has proper equipment/skill and a crew which i can trust. I know how to do some basic mechanics and have a friend who has some professional tools and a bit of workspace but i think it could to much for our skills to swap front end or cabin of quite a large car.


"The lazy VH45DE 4.5-litre V8 was obviously not the sort of power unit Nissan designed for track work" Blasphemous slander I say good sir ! "Designed" should read "tuned" as the VH was used at higher level racing than the RB series ever was. Served as the power plant for the Nissan R391, Indy cars and the Mclaren MP4-12C.


VHs arent quite as youve described Dino
401hp with a procharger https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ou_VoF0JIaY
or 438hp from a tuned vh41 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vD-uscsHNFs


ryukyustriker It's running an RB25 not a 2JZ


abezzegh87 the stock 4.5 motor specs are 340hp at the crank. I dont really care about what the owner does to his car, but i do think the author needs to be more informed.


Check out this build, a g50 q45 with the horrid forged internal 4.5l motor built for time attack. 



A racing President... wow. My favourite President would be the VIP Sovereign H250, such a badass car. Toyota Century's look great too, whether they are older or newer. It is little known fact that the Century is Toyota's flagship, not a Lexus model as some would think. I'd definitely get either as they offer the American land yacht look/VIP for relatively little money. 

As for the engines in these cars, they're very old and made when Nissan/Toyota were first getting into making 8 cylinders. I'd trust their 8s now.. especially a Lexus one. But why bother with that when you can play round with boost and tune which is better for his application.


Just out of interest this doesn't have stock bodywork and it isn't a President. It is a USDM Infiniti Q45 with a President front and rear conversion. Presidents only came in  RHD and the speedo in this car is in MPH. And the VH45DE in these are 320HP stock. A lot more than an RB25DET. The only advantage the RB has is it already has a turbo fitted.


John Key NZ The motors in these are not old. They were first designed in the mid eighties alongside the RB26DETT and VG30DETT. Both Nissan and Toyota had been making V8 cars for a couple of decades before this but Nissan with it's VH41DE and VH45DE alongside Toyota with it's 1UZFE decided to get serious to compete against German and British luxury cars by designing quad cam all alloy 6 bolt mains engines. While Australia and the US were still building push rod V8s


Beaubot Your motor isn't even that crazy of a build. you would have to upgrade the turbo and run 20+ boost on an rb25 just to get close to the stock vh45de. 

rb fanboys will love this article tho. I honestly like the build, but the ignorance of g50 chassis and engine are hilarious.


I'm surprise no one has noticed the custom handbrake install in this american Q45.  Side note, the only reason most people don't use the v8 is the lack of a easily adaptable manual transmission.


SuckaRichards Nissan VH-Series motor powering the MP4-12C? I think not man.


I'm certainly not hating on this car (or the article), but a LHD luxury nissan used for drift? its clearly an infiniti Q45. with R32 GTST calipers and a toyota intake plenum.


correction, its a modified factory plenum. just looks very 2JZ.


Not going to lie, I really like what is happening here. With the influx of VIP lately, it's nice to see someone taking a luxury and giving it a mean heart and some angry driving love.
Loving this machine, great find Dino!


eejjkk SuckaRichards i quote any exact parts or whatever but i do remember reading a while back the 12C V8 was derived from a nissan V8, that Mclaren then did their magic to. Granted the 12c motor has very little nissan left in to but that's where it started.
took a googling break, here's the history from car and driver...but yes not much Nissan left in it at all lol


subtledriver haha was just checking out the link someone else posted about your build...very cool and yeah the VH45 isn't as bad as a lotta the comments seem to think; i've seen guys put them in Z32's as well


Think not and google not apparently

JMax Paint Garage LLC

Not going to lie, this car is shit in my opinion. HOWEVER, this should be a PRIME example of 'if life gives you lemons, drop the V8, convert to manual and DRIFT!".

Proof of my logic is that the front seats of this car weight about 40~50 lbs, the rear bench and panels add another 60 ish... so NO effort on weight reduction was done. This proves that this car is mainly a family hauler that the owner decided to spice up to take it to the track.

My gripe is, Dino, was this car really worth the Speedhunter's limelight? You find these sort of builds (and prettier)  at local drift events and not one time are they featured.

I think this article is doing great injustice to the guys who cannot commit to a track car due to only having one family hauler, spend time and money to add awesome mods, and then they get dismissed as posers or never receive words of praise for their effort - MUCH LESS get featured in Speedhunters... (=____ =)


Judgey, Judge, Judging. I like it. Sometimes people build cars from their own dreams and not what is dictated by their favorite forum, and the world is better for it.


JMax Paint Garage LLC I can agree. Upon first glance it seems unique but in when you start in on the details, its just a cheap drift car with odd choices in swap.


Hirocima Cruisers I stand corrected.. what? the RB26 was developed in the mid 80s? shit.


John Key NZ Hirocima Cruisers R32 GTR was released in 1989, R31 with original RB20 in 85/86. You don't just suddenly release a new performance engine. Will have been under development for a couple of years before release. And the Q45, R32 GTR and Z32 twin turbo were all developed in the money no object 80's to be world beaters in their classes.


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