Summer Of Swag: It’s RAYS Time

We’re pleased to announce the kick-off of another exciting competition on our social channels as part of our ongoing Summer of Swag program! We’ve already given away some extremely cool car parts to some of our readers over the last couple of months, but what about those of you that don’t actually own a car? Well, the best part about this week’s prize is that anyone can be in to win it…

Rays Gshock

Courtesy of our partner RAYS Wheels, the prize we’ve got up for grabs is this extremely limited edition G-SHOCK x RAYS collaboration model GD-100 watch. Very limited numbers of these babies were produced, and they aren’t actually sold outside of Japan, so this is quite possibly your one and only chance to own one!

Want to be in to win? Here’s how to enter:

  • Find @thespeedhunters on Instagram or @SPEEDHUNTERS on Twitter and locate the RAYS Competition promo image – you’ll know it when you see it
  • Repost this promo image to your Instagram or Twitter account along with the hashtag #SHSummerOfSwag
  • Tell us WHY you want to win a Limited Edition RAYS x G-Shock watch!
  • We’ll be announcing the winner next Wednesday 15th July at 8.00am PST 

The competition starts NOW – check our Instagram or Twitter account, find the competition image and get posting!

RAYS website
More RAYS stories on Speedhunters 

Terms and Conditions

* Employees and family of RAYS and Speedhunters are not eligible to enter.

* Make sure your social account is not set to ‘Private’. Any entries submitted from private accounts won’t be counted.

* The competition is open from Tuesday 8.00am PST (07/07/15) – Sunday 11.59pm PST (12/07/15). Entries submitted outside of this period won’t be counted.

Full Terms & Conditions can be viewed here.



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Abezzegh87 You're obviously NOT getting the watch! I'll take it! lol Love G-Shocks.


This watch is awesome! My mate has a black and red G-Shock watch, and this would seriously trump his!


That's some serious swag you guys got there!


This would be a great start to my G-Shock collection! I'll be sure to enter.


Would love one but unfortunatly not a twitter or instagram user, gutting.


Entered ! ready to win


Entered! Really awesome watch. G-Shocks are cool. Swagger-tie-swag :)


I'm not either, but I made an Instagram just for these giveaways. I'm probably gonna delete it once they're over.


Damn I wish I could just purchase this watch. Why'd they have to make it so limited?


repost? its mean post by us not retweet right?


AristoAum1 Correct, so copy and repost the image. Good luck!


Single post per network I guess?


MilesHayler You can post on either IG or Twitter and enter as many times as you want, but there's not really much point as we're going to go through all of the entries anyway. So it's best to just enter once, and make it count! :)


I've always wanted to wear something rays related. Is this competition open to residents in the U.K.?


My.. Instagram or Twitter account..?! What in the hell..? Urgh..

Will simply wandering around the office at work, setting everyones homepage to Speedhunters suffice?


Fernando M It sure is!


RdS2 We have to keep track of the competition somehow, and social media is an easy way for us to do this. It's also fun! Don't tell us you've never been tempted to try out Instagram or Twitter? Perhaps now is the time ;)


Without going off on a 10 page tangent, I'm a great loather of social media. I prefer to socialise by talking to my friends face to face when I see them.
So what If I promise to show everyone this page when I see them? Can I win then? lol


no thanks


Marvelous! Speedhunters is seen and visited world wide, so I thought there might be license issues and what not.
Will enter the competition via Twitter and finally create an instragram account just so I can promote and enjoy some more speed hunting.


sigh, more social media gayness i get to miss out on.


Abezzegh87 I have two G-shocks which were promotional items when you bought an Isuzu Dmax.  There were two styles, one is almost identical to the Rays one (except black) and has "isuzu" and "dmax" printing.
They are very cheap, and guess where they are made?


G-watch target demo: 12~16 years old? 
I'll pass.


$3000 ebay pufff lol


the car was very good 
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