Onikyan Madness

Japan has always been – and continues to be – the place for people to draw inspiration from when building a specific car. With so many established styles and continuously evolving trends, the JDM way is often at the center of our dreams, and it’s not necessarily limited only to Japanese cars either.


However, what I’m showing you here definitely is. In fact, this style is so Japanese, many people don’t get it or will just dismiss it as silly. If they truly understood they’d know that the whole reason behind building cars in Japan is about having fun. No judging, no attitude – just straight-out appreciation and respect for whatever anyone does with their car.


That’s why the Kei car corner at Malaysia’s recent Art Of Speed impressed me a lot. Aside from the fact that due to a collaboration with Perodua there are no shortage of rebranded Daihatsus on the streets of Malaysia, the way in which this particular group of enthusiasts looked towards Japan for inspiration was mind-blowing. For a moment I thought I was standing in the middle of a large VIP meeting in Osaka, such was the way in which these rebadged Miras were representing the uniquely JDM style.


Can you say slammed?


And onikyan? The negative camber on the rear of this Mira was just as exaggerated as I’ve seen on some of the wildest Kei cars in Japan.


Much like anywhere, this kind of style – a combination of extreme bippu and the ever popular Kei tuning culture – is always gong to raise eyebrows. That’s understandable too, because it doesn’t have a purpose except for looks and its shock factor. It might not be accepted by all, but this little group of cars had a constant crowd of people about them all event long. I’m pretty sure they were trying to figure out how these guys are getting 25 degrees of negative camber at the rear!


This Mira was wearing a simple set of aero additions and the necessary highlight parts – like this protruding exhaust to give it even more character.

I’ve seen many JDM-styled VIP rides outside of Japan, but not many that pull the look off quite like this one.

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino

Art of Speed 2015 on Speedhunters
Art of Speed Official Website



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Dont track my IP

I don't hate the car, I hate how you write your articles.
You try too hard. You write like you try to relate with us. You emphasize certain things way to much and get way into depth explaining shit. 

Its annoying to read:

"wouldnt you agree...."

"this type of butthole is not typical of what is accecpted by butthole society, but you have to experience it in person and really see it in the flesh to really appreciate it. butthole cultre is what makes butthole culture so butt-tastic, you really have to be a butthole to see how amazingly butthole this is"

"how could you not like this butthole"

That is literally how you write.


@Dont track my IP I think some of the most interesting articles on Speedhunters have come from Dino. He finds the good subject matter, gives insight into the areas we don't normally get to see, and can snap a killer photo. Keep it up.


5th pic from the top, the woman against the wall,is she being ill????
This wacky car put a smile on my face.Just that. Thanks dino..


@Dont track my IP STEADY ON OLD CHAP
If you don"t like what you read don"t read it......


Troll is trolling. Why don't you try and write an article about car culture instead or critising other's work. Dino has done more to further and promote acceptance and is in the thick of it. You have no idea how much time and effort goes into this kinda of work do you? Grow the f' up Mr Jealous.


@Dont track my IP Jokes on you! Your IP have been tracked! Congrats!


I 'd have done the same! I just dont get it.


If you stay here long enough, you would see more kei cars running around even the ones like above driving as a daily driver!


turbom that's a camping chair.

Project AT180R

@Dont track my ip, please show some respect even tho you don't like reading the editor's article or the style of other builds
i've been reading here for years now. I say the editors here are great car guys who is very dedicated to modern world car culture
one thing i like about dino's article is, he mostly featured JDM cars, Japanese car culture, the people, and the car trends from the land of the rising sun
so thank you dino and the other speedhunters editors here, for keeping us inspired


I just have one question, can this car still make a turn?


If that's a woman than that's the larger fire extinguisher I've ever seen lol


I have a question... HOW? 

im not against this kinda cars... but.. how does they do it?! that camber is WAAAAAY to agressive!

please, tell me how! 



Dino's articles are awesome!!
You're an idiot. Lots of other interwebz out there for you, just keep it moving.


mnchk1987 Read the article, diversity, being different and having fun


I came to write about how much this camber thing bothers me, but fuck my opinion and my tastes! The car seems to be build with passion, there is a huge attention to details; owner must be proud!


TheDude69 mnchk1987 im not talking about the diversity, im really asking how do they can make such an amazing camber. it looks like it isn't fisically possible


mnchk1987 TheDude69 adjust tophats further in. adjust control arms further out. profit.


This camber came with old cars with only one pivot joint. So when you lowered them the rear cambered. Then in the 90's it was a trend for drifters it looks ridiculous but the crazy camber with body roll made the steering easy. Only the corners. I think the VIP do it as a tribute to the old cars. Even though it is a JDM thing. It is totally illegal in Japan. Many people don't know the law is strict and there is a biannual car inspection. Tires can't go past the fender, the ride height must be the same as your title same with the with. So if you didn't pay money to get your title updated many people changed out their cars back to stock form for a 30 minute inspection only to put it back together until the next inspection. Its insane and I have done it many times. They basically don't want you to touch your car.


kOOpA No, I don't think that's gonna make you a profit since you'll be buying more tires than usual...


luissk82247 kOOpA good one, dad.


adjustable rear axle beam and camber plate


@Dont track my IP Do you get paid to write automotive culture content for an internationally-recognized website? Dino does.
Boom! Headshot.


Daode mnchk1987 LOL at the welds


mfelipe Respect for that, this is what being a petrolhead is all about ;D


Bro5 Daode mnchk1987 You think thats funny watch this XD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LgIrDyUEBjY


I love everyone when he is built true passion without care about many haters out there !!
this is demon camber from Indonesia Honda Jazz GE8.. modified by @autoji


I get the "doing it your own way."
I get the "unique and different."
I get the "trying something unprecedented."

But in the end, I just DON'T. GET. THIS.

I think bippu is perhaps the one Japanese automotive trend I can't get my head around.

I'm not questioning the builder's dedication to his craft or his fabrication skills, which are self-evident, but rather his choice of style.

I just don't understand the appeal of putting too-narrow tires on rims and then modifying the suspension to look like something large and heavy fell on the car and broke all the pickup points. It can't make for a well-handling car, or for tires that either last long or hold air well.

To me, bippu is the automotive equivalent of the Bronies, and I have the same reaction to both: "WTF? Where did this come from and how did it become a thing?"

I just don't get it.

SmoothAsButter SN

Yafet That guy is with a group that has compact cars with -56 camber in the rear. They adjust it to normal after the shows though


Unfortunately there are a few things that the Japanese do that really only work in Japan. This is one of them.


Yafet The front needs to somewhat match the rear for it to be effective IMO.


turbom I lol'd too hard at this and the subsequent comments when I realised it wasn't a woman throwing up and was in fact a camping chair.


Spaghetti turbom This is a legendary comment sub thread.


Yafet maju terus bro :D (y) nice jazz


Yafet IDGAF I love it hehehehe.


DaveT Spaghetti turbom I came back to have another laugh. Too funny. The use of "being ill" started the laughter, going back up to look at the woman continued it, followed by the comments and realisation that it was a chair kept it going longer than it should have.


SmoothAsButter SN Yafet yes, we are one of them. we build this thing for show and not reccomend this for daily driving. just check at instagram @yafetkristanto or @autoji


Spaghetti Yafet yes we make it, but we can,t really match the camber degree . This thing cannot turn while hittin the streets ..haha


I get it, Its because at the end of the day the owner doesn't really give a sh*t if people like it or hate it. As long as the owner of the car does that's all that matters, And really, isn't enjoying your car what AutomotiveCulture is all about????


where can i get that mira hood


@KancilxMira its custom make.


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