JDM Secrets: Exposed

We don’t need to tell you how big of a melting pot Japan is when it comes to cars – our continual coverage from the Land of the Rising Sun is testament to that. Of course, YouTube is full of videos covering off Japanese car culture too, but perhaps none are quite like the latest farcical short film from the funny guys at CAR BROS – co-starring our very own Mike Garrett.

For a hard-hitting look at never-before-seen Japanese car culture – CAR BROS style – check out JDM Secrets by clicking play above.

The Speedhunters



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Chris 'Haffy' Hafner

My ears were violated by that Honda, but those sounds at the end made up for the insult :-)
Funny guys, really well done!


That is honestly the worst 4.52 of bullshit I've ever watched. 

What a piece of crap poor excuse for "funny" motoring related video, I mean what are they trying to do? its not funny, its not informative, its not visually pleasing.

Once again, Surely these dicks don't actually have fans! Surely.......


hypodermic i skipped through, and can tell the above comment is 100% accurate. Thanks for saving me.


hypodermic it feels like they tried to force a mightycarmods type of comedy into it


Since when is Germany located in Africa? :D


I will now refer to every 2000GT as a Skyline and every Skyline as a Honda Civic.....This video has enlightened me and changed my POV of life, and Japan.

But seriously, this was absolutely hilarious!


Hey guys long time reader but first time poster. This is possibly the worst 5 minutes of my time I have ever wasted. It was ignorant, arrogant and amazingly lame. Also I find it funny you guys post something that talks down on Honda's while it's Honda #IAMTHESPEEDHUNTER theme. Truly let down you guys posted this on a otherwise spectacular sites.

Chris 'Haffy' Hafner

Humour, some people don't have it.

Chris 'Haffy' Hafner

Not supposed to be serious. C'mon people have a laugh!


My lord this is crap.


someone king hit that dude first thing


I see more negative comments then positive so maybe you like low IQ comedy.


Another long time reader and first time poster here, but I feel compelled to point this out...

Guys, this video is satire.

It can't NOT be satire.

Chris 'Haffy' Hafner

147 IQ, your move sad sack


Alright that was hilarious.


As a Honda driving kyusha otaku I laughed at this like I laugh at myself. A great piss take and nearly as good as their Ferarri one...


Chris 'Haffy' Hafner Generally things have to be slightly funny to warrant and/or generate a laugh, this is a pathetic attempt at humor that i would expect from 12 year old kids doing a school project.


Where the f do you think Germany is?! What you call germany is Afrika.....
I like your content, but plz if you post something. Make sure it's True!
Do your Research....!!! Or it's not worth posting!


HerwigComhair It was a satire, much like posting that the US is basically just California. The video was make in jest, to laugh at.


dnrphillips HerwigComhair 
I know but make some facts true....


LOL its like San Francisco with less asians. I just died.


This video cracked me up.  So well done.
If you're getting mad over this video, it either means you are a fanboy, the jokes are way over your head or you just don't have a sense of humor.

Fixthe Fernback


Just because you personally don't find something funny doesn't mean many others also don't find it funny. You don't like it, fine, but don't act like you have the final say on whether something is funny or not.


HerwigComhair dnrphillips This is why your friends say you are not funny.


"Rugged, AWD Offroad capabilities" and the "Hondas still sound terrible" lines where LOL Funny =)


Chris 'Haffy' Hafner I have no problem with comedy and having a laugh, especially around car culture. I just did not think this was funny, the comedy felt forced, and felt to me as if someone had watched Kei to the City, thinking to himself, "I can do exactly that too!". Take it as constructive criticism :)


These guys are real dummies.


Trying too hard


This was just stupid. Misinformation is not funny at all. I liked some of the jokes but for the most part this was dumb. Maybe if I were stoned or drunk this video would be a lot more funnier but as a sober person I didn't like it :)


where is Germany...no school education, well and the wall is build up again in 2016!


This reminds me how awesome JDM Insider was


This was super dumb. The 'humor' was very hit and miss...and MISS and MISS and MISS.


meh it was kinda funny. nothing to get angry at though so idk why there are so many butthurt people commenting...


"The Skyline is basically the Honda Civic of Japan." That one made me laugh!


SH, would this have been featured if it was made by just any youtube punks?
Jobs for the boys?


Are people just being sheep and jumping on the "this is stupid and lame" train because everyone else is? I actually thought the satire in it was quite comical, I was lol at more than one joke. Why all the hate? The video was designed to be a almost comedic look at Japan through the eyes of someone who really doesn't have the slightest clue about Japan. It's not meant to be serious and informative and that's what I like about it because it's a 360 compared to the usual speed hunters article.


hahahaaa this is awesome! Some blonde will probably quote this at a beauty pageant


I recognize the attempt at satire, but I think you missed a good chance to add maybe even correct the mythos of japanese car culture by making what I am guessing someone found hilarious.

Overall did not find that funny. 

Really, that was bad and you should feel bad.


Mike Garrett I miss the days of Auto-Otaku.


Mike Garrett you have created a monster with this one! going by the comments so far, there is going to an angry mob with pitchforks and flaming torches coming after you soon!
BTW: good job, i got a good giggle out of it.


I'm afraid guys like my dad will watch this and believe it all to be true.


Great vid, great satire.  The people who don't get it are as dense as the horny expats looking for Japanese girls in Roppongi.


I was in Roppongi last night looking for a Japanese girl as I was feeling horny, checked my speedhunters feed and saw this vid. I don't recognise satire and therefore didn't get it. Thank you.


I understand that this video is supposed to be entertaining and a troll to the incompetent people who have no clue what Japan is like, but I found it to be a bit racist, arrogant and insulting to the Japanese people.  Especially coming from someone who lived in Japan and understands the automotive culture there; it made me sad to see you in this video Mike, your sense of humor was a bit off in this video.  So much for being an embassador for a country that has been so kind to you.  I'm curious if Dino would ever blast Japan like this.


I know it's satire, but seriously, satire should at least be amusing. This was some film class finals bullshit.


@Keith Mike Garrett 
Auto-Otaku led me to SH


No worries. Not everyone shares the same sense of humor. With that said, my Japanese wife and my English-speaking Japanese friends clearly understood that the uneducated, arrogant foreigners presenting the facts were the butt of the joke not the country of Japan.


"Turns out no matter what country you're in, Hondas sound terrible." Ahhhh that was gold!


This was neither funny, satirical, informative or interesting.. not for me.


racist video.  Not funny at all. Mike when you made the video you also insulted your wife.  Maybe to you its funny but to everyone else its not.


It's a satire folks, even if it's cheesy just enjoy the darn thing. It's OK to laugh at ourselves every once in a while




Lolling :) great work time after time... Taking the crown from the jdm insider crew...Maaaybe.... :p


Are you the guys who made the Street Racing Chronicles series?


holy shit the amount of butthurt and stupidity in the comments is ridiculous..


Where is this hidden place of fabulous car culture you speak of?  I looked at a map of car things, and could only find Europe and America.  There was a foot note about some place called Australia, but apparently you could ignore it and nothing of value was lost...



Some nice jokes there, Evan as a Honda owner, I still laughed at the Honda-sound joke :). Maybe not the best vid in the world, but made me laugh a few times, so I like it :). 

BTW Until reading the comments I didn't know there was any racism in the vid :P. Some people will find it absolutely everywhere and shout. Seems like political over correctness seems worse than actual racism :P.


RCF with 276 hp?

semms legit


Gold. I laughed my ass off.


Mike Garrett I'm glad they think that way.  I hope the viewers have the same thoughts.


It was great. People that did not laugh at this should commit seppuku.


Things I now understand, thanks to this video:

1. Germany isn't ACTUALLY in Europe afterall!
2. I will now plow a field with a "Skyline"

3. Peoples don't understand sarcasm and satire...


this is probably the most education video about japan i have ever seen. thank you


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