Balls To The Wall:</br> Aasbø Wins At FD New Jersey

After qualifying in a close second spot behind Ken Gushi at New Jersey’s Wall Speedway yesterday, Speedhunters driver Fredric Aasbø battled through the ranks and the rain today to take his second top podium spot for the 2015 Formula Drift season.


The win came after an epic battle on the bank with Dean Kearney at the round dubbed ‘The Gauntlet’. And we suspect Kearney, who hails from Ireland, was at a distinct advantage in the wet conditions thanks to his home country’s lovely climate. The Irishman started his climb to the final behind the wheel of his Oracle Lighting Dodge Viper by beating Vaughn Gittin Jr. in the Air Force Top 32 – and things only got better from there. But in the end, Kearney couldn’t quite match the precise, consistent Aasbø and his Rockstar Energy Drink/Hankook Tires Scion tC in the GoPro Final Battle.


The struggle for third and fourth positions was fought out between Japan’s Masashi Yokoi in his D-Max Nissan Silvia S15…


And Ryan Tuerck in his Retaks Scion FR-S, seen here battling Scandinavia’s Kenny Moen. Tuerck would take the win for third after some tense moments.


Aasbø’s win at the same place he took his very first Formula Drift round victory last year, and another solid performance from Tuerck has really tightened up the 2015 FD Pro Championship. In fact, right now just 8 points separate the top three drivers! Ryan Tuerck leads on 275.00, closely followed by Odi Bakchis in second with 274.00, and Fredric Aasbø sits in third on 268.00. The pressure will definitely be on for this trio at the fifth round ‘Throwdown’ at Evergreen Speedway in Seattle, Washington, next month.

We’ll be back soon for a closer look at how the New Jersey event played out, so keep an eye on for the full story in the coming days. In the meantime you can check out all the battles from ‘The Gauntlet’ via Formula Drift’s On Demand video service.

The Speedhunters



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For those of us who follow speedhunters closer than FD, these posts are a major spoiler. Could the winner at least not be put in the title?


New Jersey?

Heeeeyyyy! How ya fuckin' doin'?!


It's Yokoi not Yosoi


spacetimecology It's not a spoiler, it's just the last news of the sport, it's normal.


It's not Kenny Mohen either. Kenny Moen*


spacetimecology It's news, not the latest episode of Game of Thrones.


Hanma spacetimecology Jon Snow dies


iProGam3r Hanma spacetimecology whos he?


Thanks for the awesome wallpapers as usual Larry.


"The struggle for third and fourth positions"
"Tuerck would take the win for third after some tense moments." 
Quality article, third and fourth places are awarded by qualifying position, there is no battle anymore and hadn't been for a season.

"was at a distinct advantage in the wet conditions"
And it's not like Aasbo, from Sweden, would have any experience driving in low grip conditions, say ice or snow, definitely at a disadvantage there.

Points for effort though




teeson It means Aasbo has or Bakchis need to get to at least 276 to take the lead.


FD should introduce a battle for 3rd.


777 I'm thinking this was done with no sleep lol


Hey I was wondering, how do you guys manage for a Silvia to enter the U.S.? Just curious


clarkblake43  They can be brought in temporarily for races. The D-Max team will be sending it back to Japan after the season is over.


GTR_GARAGE clarkblake43 thanks guys, sucks that they can't be brought in forever though, my favorite car to be honest


you can bring them in as a race car, it cannot be used on the road and only can be run at the track. you'll have to trailer the car there and back home. but you can keep it here.


you guys going to be at evergreen speedway this year?


ZacharyJamesOgdahl sounds pretty reasonable


"And it's not like Aasbo, from Sweden"
Pretty sure he is from Norway. Norwegian Hammer is his nickname after all.


Its not Kenny Moen either. Kenneth Moen*


I'm a massive D-Max fanboy so to see Yokio doing so well is extremely exciting, hopefully he'll score a place on the podium this year.


4 banga pride!


ZacharyJamesOgdahl unless it's 25 years old or older, then you can bring in any car you want, for any reason you want.


His words:

"In fact, right now just 8 points separate the top three drivers!"

The top 3 have a spread of 7 points. Not 'Aasbo can take it in 8 points'. Its just a minor typo, it really doesn't matter at all. I was just pointing that out, I knew what he meant. thanks tho


"And we suspect Kearney, who hails from Ireland, was at a distinct advantage in the wet conditions thanks to his home country’s lovely climate." This was definitely the most stupid thing I've read in a while. A guy from Norway whos used to basically any condition, even snow, is at a disadvantage? Ive heard it coming from that idiotic fool Jarrod on stream but to see it in an article is quite suprising.


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