The Art Of Speed Reloaded

As I write this I’m sitting in the Speedhunters booth at the Art of Speed show in Kuala Lumpur for day two of a weekend of fun with all the guys and gals that make Malaysia’s custom car culture what it is.

I was really impressed with the whole atmosphere of this event last year – it was a small, up and coming show that had the close-knit family feel of a car gathering, spiced up with special guests, displays and some very cool machines.


This year however, Art of Speed has grown exponentially, and is now a true celebration of the car scene that’s quickly developing in this corner of Asia. The single biggest change is that the show is now totally housed in an indoor exhibition hall complete with bright lights and air conditioning. More importantly though, it’s provided a superb ambience for people to gather and celebrate their love of cars.


If there’s one thing that’s still obvious from last year’s Art of Speed, it’s that the Malaysians are continuing to look to countries with established and respected car scenes for their inspiration.


They do this yet still manage to add their own distinct style – something that’s often harder to achieve than it sounds.


So that’s what I’ve been doing for the entire day yesterday and what I’ll be doing for the rest of today – observing the cars and the styles, and selecting the vehicles I know you will want to see in upcoming spotlights and full features.


And the best thing of all, just like the Mooneyes events that I cover in Japan, the underlying theme of it all is variety.


I mean, if you had told me a few days ago that on my trip to KL I would be seeing a superb little Fiat 850 coupe at the show, I wouldn’t have believed you. On top of that, I had a few Alfisti come up to me and ask me about the Alfa Romeo scene in Japan after seeing my recent post on the T-site meet. It’s at places like Art of Speed that you quickly realise that it doesn’t matter who you are, where you are from, or what sort of car style you are into. Once you meet in an environment like this you just end up talking and enjoying cars.


This little girl was doing just that in her own cute way, interpreting what onikyan is really for. Take note people!


It’s also cool to see that power and overall engine mods are becoming more important parts of the builds over here.


But the most humbling thing is always seeing the support that Speedhunters has, regardless of the scene. I’m truly blown away, as I’ve never had so many people come up to me to say hi, get a pic or an autograph. Because at the end of the day I’m just a guy like everyone else – enjoying cars, taking pictures of them and mingling. So to receive this kind of treatment, well, I can only say – thank you. Thank you all so much!


It’s time for me to select the best JDM car of the show for the prizegiving – something that’s going to be one hell of a hard job as there are so many awesome entries this year. I’ll sign off now, but stay tuned for all the coverage I have coming from this year’s Art of Speed!

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino

Art of Speed 2015 on Speedhunters
Art of Speed Official Website



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Bwahaha Suck Pussy on the flames!!!


Spied the mk2 escort harrier straight away in front of the fiat 850,sorry must take my ford anorak off.
Lovin the look of the red datsun...


there's an escort mk1 with v8 engine, hope dino covers it. hehe :)


Now I know a practical use of extreme negative camber: a place for your small child to sit


Woah ! That red little Fiat is from my town !


Too bad i cant visit AOS.


But i live in Indonesia, okay then sometimes in the future.


curiosityx  I will send you my anorak too. Please lets see a pic of the mk1...


Finally a functional onikyan! :)


That is the best flame-job ever in the last pic. :)


it's available at speedhunter's instagram, the car is blue in colour. sorry, i can't upload pics from mobile.. -_-'


@AUTONERD No it sucks pussy


I think if you are really needing to find something different about msia car scene, you should check out proton produa modifying scene. Wiralution, vivavy and all sorts of conversion from stance to drag strip.


Thx Dino for the great coverage.. of all the nonsense Malaysia road law.. lots of these not road legal....our soul never give up.. bringing the best of custom..


I was looking forward to attending this event, but then things came up and I have to give it a miss. :(


That Harrier Mk2 Escort U0001f60d


I hope you got a feature coming on that Toyota truck we can see the rear quarter of in the first pic. I loved the feature on the last mini truck speedhunters posted and I hope to see more of them in the future!


Aren't you a professional? Wtf is this crap. Worst pictures I've seen in months. Why would anyone want your autograph? Hey look guys I got that shitty speedhunters photographers signature lol wow. Cool quarter panels and engine bays of cars we have no idea what fucking cars they are. Prick


@Grayfoxxd1 The rage is strong with this one


@Grayfoxxd1 You obviously don't know shit about how hard it is to take pictures at a crowded event. Also these are some high quality pictures. 

Also if you treat people like this, you will die somewhere alone, not a signle friend will remember you because you didn't have any. No one at your side. you'll die unsatisfied.


LukeEVOVIII Drove both an mk1 and an mk2 for the first time a few days ago... I didn't expect them to be this fast. crazy much fun too these cars!


@Grayfoxxd1  You feel better now ? Seems like you needed to release some hate. But understand that covering shows is way harder than you think when its about taking photos, and people can't be at 100% all the time. Not appreciate that he went there and covered the show to share it with us instead of saying shit about his work. If you are not happy about that, next time go there by yourself and do better, if only you can.


@Grayfoxxd1 Yikes! There might not have been press day, but how many shows have you shot? I've shot heaps, and others note its not an easy process. 

That fake Japanese plate in the opening shot looks stoopid, but other than that, there's nothing else to really dislike. Neko.


Cool little story on a scene that seems to really be taking off and enjoying the true spirit of car culture!




@Grayfoxxd1 Perhaps as you're so intent on dissing someone else's good work, you can show your own? Clck my name for mine.


glad to been there and had a nice view


Would love to see a story on the Volkswagen Type 3 FastbackU0001f60d

Gianluca FairladyZ

Yeah cute little fiat :D


GREATT!!! love it bro..


@Kuroneko think he meant Looks Awesome Mighty Excellent


thanks shoot my blue datsun


It's good to have you back here in Malaysia!


asuramaru kereta depan iprom yang ada gigi tu hari2 buat freeshow


madnaem aah. menang best rat rod punya kategori. kete kawan aku tu


asuramaru padu'


asuramaru thumbs up for Malaysia Car Scene! #aos2015


mikekongphei hey mikey! long time no see you man. how are you?


asuramaru I'm surviving and living! Haha Still couldn't part myself from cars so I am trying to be back in it soon!


mikekongphei aha, still going for gymkhana or what?


asuramaru maybe something else for a change, AOS culture has inspired me in a way or another


mikekongphei aha. nice. will looking foward to see you in automotive scene in the future then