Wekfest Japan In 3 Minutes

Over the past couple of weeks Mike has brought us some great coverage from this year’s Wekfest Japan event, including a look at the Port Messe show floor and a wander around the facility’s expansive carpark.

Following on from the drift-spec Mazda minitruck and Type R themed Odyssey spotlight features we’ve just seen, let’s wrap things up from Nagoya with the official event video, as produced by Japland TV/SC Films Production.

What does Wekfest Japan 2015 look like in three minutes? Click play above to find out…

The Speedhunters



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Swift. But don't worry, you can make it shorter by fast-forwarding through that skinny kids weak shape-throwing!


The amount of skinny people dancing and people shopping or bored at line, is too dam high! 
Could've seen a lil more car time without the dance moves. Hope to see more :)


It looks like it's been edited by a kit with ADHD, I'd love to see some more of the cars rather than lots of chopping and changing


It looks like it's been edited by a kid with ADHD, I'd love to see some more of the cars rather than lots of chopping and changing


ummmmmm, I've never had it before, but I feel like this video gave me motion sickness......... Next time, focus on the cars, not the guy who can't break dance. I only made it to 2:30, I doubt it got any better after that


I spotted a Saab at 2:32 !


Telgas I'll take your word for it lol


Tried to watch it again... failed.


putspacersonit He doesn't look too well does he?


Telgas It's a Saabaru, a Subaru Impreza with a Saab front conversion.


Oyvind Sabo Telgas It´s actually a SAAB!! Its no conversion, its the real deal. SAAB used platform form diferent companies to build their cars.


To the people who are hating on the video.. Go try and make a better one.


I don't hate it but I do dislike its lack of technique and style as well as the lack of depth of subject. 180 seconds to précis a static car show and the producer chooses to showcase a skinny teen dancing - out of time - and then deliver the same repeat framing of rims and high speed panning shots. Amateur.


Please - show more car interiors, show more engine close-ups, show some under-carriages - and please, slow the camera down a bit so I can really enjoy the vehicles. I like the attempt at keeping it fresh, but unless this guy's break dancing is on par w/the quality of modified vehicles ... less dancing, more cars!


I normaly dont like 370z but the green/blue one is dope

Dimitry Mochkin

Loved it! Been following the guy who is making these videos on youtube for almost 2 years now, he keeps delivering some really good stuff out of Japan.


great editing!


romanrobbert Oyvind Sabo Telgas Ahh... The Saab 9-2X. One sure does learn something new every day :)


Are you guys fucking high? This video is Amazing. Music, dancing, cars are all top notch. I think you 80 year old men should stick to mopar shit and get the fuck out if our turf. Bitches


You're a fucking moron. He only had 3 minutes so he couldn't stop and zoom in on every car. Keep your moronic comments off this site please old man


Oyvind Sabo romanrobbert Telgas Actually I tihink its a Subaru, 'cos If I'm not wrong, the 9-2X it's only for the US market and it never exist a RHD production version. (correct me If it's the biggest mistake this year xD)


Now THAT is a sound system!


You're easily satisfied.


You're an angry little boy aren't you. There's no need to act the dickhead, Dickhead.


What rims are those at :48-:49?


Lol like I said old man. GTFO


Good Troll For Oral... you're being hard on yourself there junior.


I love Japanese cars they hurt when i eat them but dey stil drive faster den my bawn can function


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