GT2 Looks With Performance To Match

Older Porsche 911s come in so many flavours that it’s often difficult to really understand what you’re looking. Take this Auto-Tec demo car that I came across at the Tuning Car Would Showdown for instance. Contrary to what that sought-after GT2 exterior may suggest, this isn’t actually a GT2. In fact, it isn’t even a 993…


Thanks to the interchangeability of components, giving 993 looks to a 964 isn’t that difficult, as most of the exterior parts bolt straight on. But it wasn’t just a simple aesthetic exercise that Auto-Tec from Hamamatsu were attempting with this project – the whole idea revolved around creating a very capable street and track oriented car.


So along with a race-style front bumper that was cut-out and vented along its corners just below the canards, cutting also went on at the rear of the car.


And believe me it’s all functional as there’s a lot of heat being generated behind the bumper!


The 993 GT2 conversion is executed brilliantly and topped off perfectly with a secondary wing – a common modification for race-prepped Porsches in Japan. The Work Meister S1s don’t look at all out of place either and are a fitting choice for 911s running over-fenders.


One peek inside and it’s obvious that looks aren’t the only thing this Porsche has got going for it.


I was so curious to find out what was hiding under the vented engine cover that I asked one of the Auto-Tec staff if it was possible to have a quick peek beneath it.


And here it is – not that you can actually see much on the back of a force-fed 911! Massive custom intercooler aside, the 3.3-litre flat six has been treated to a full dose of bottom end balancing, port work in each of the cylinder heads and the adoption of a 90mm intake manifold from a naturally aspirated version of the engine. There is only one turbocharger in the setup that Auto-Tec have developed, and being an HKS T04Z it’s a pretty big one! With the necessary boost, 600hp and 70kg-m of torque is the result. Not a bad set of numbers, right?


Seeing this is Japan, I wasn’t surprised to learn that an HKS F-Con V PRO piggy-back ECU handling a converted D-Jetro setup is being utilised for engine management. Top that up with a custom exhaust system and you have an impressive 993 – sorry, 964- on your hands.

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino

Tuning Car World Showdown 2015



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Great photos Dino, have this result in that shitty light is great! You inspire me... Grazie!!!


looks like wangun got another beast crawling after midnight


whats that torque figure?
I cant translate it?


@oddmouse 506 lb-ft or 686Nm of torque


@oddmouse I thought exactly the same thing, pretty weird choice of units


JoeWhaler metric version of ft/lbs, not that weird, normally Nm are used buy Japanese are slightly weird, using PS and kg/m


Goddammit Dino - you and your articles.
I never liked Porsches until I started visiting this site, and now I want one real bad.

Like my "strike it rich" car list needs to be any longer...I guess I'll just slot a 964 in between the early Diablo and the Buick GNX.

Seriously, I love these Japanese car culture articles of yours. Especially the ones set at night - Tokyo's a beautiful place after dark. 
Keep it up.


So it's AWD?


Ice Age Thanks for the great feedback! You bet I'll keep it up :)


hypodermic JoeWhaler Yeah it's PS and kgm in Japan, but most manufacturers started expressing torque in Nm. Imperial units are nothing short of gibberish in Japan lol


steelyknives lol indeed!


superpern Yeah the lighting in that place was utter rubbish lol


Love this car. Makes the rwb porsche's look so overdone by comparison.


Love this car. Makes the rwb porsche's look so overdone by comparison.


Mook Genius  Thanks. Nm is the more usable figure for torque.


It is very much RWD. Only Porches built within the last decade or so have had the option of AWD.


AndrewCinch Don't forget about the 959 and all 993, 996, and 997.1; C4S, Turbo, and Turbo S


NikkSquidBonnett Interesting perspective. I am a huge fan of the RWB movement that Nakai-San has graced the world with. With that being said I feel that this actually car accentuates the beauty of an RWB build. This particular example is a fantastically tasteful interpretation of a 911 performance build. RWB Porsches looks relatively overdone? This car looks relatively underdone. Its is beautiful, don't get me wrong. I just can't help but feel that this build aspires to be an RWB. Just look at the related story link from Dino's "The Last Few Nights in Tokyo...". RWB's have infinite more soul and swagger, not to mention originality.

turbo BEAMS ae86

T rav  NikkSquidBonnett 
same wheel = aspire to be RWB?  

btw, rwb have "infinite more" stock engines to


@turbo BEAMS ae86 T rav  NikkSquidBonnett 
I have to agree with T rav, the look of this car seriously emulates an RWB car. Flares, massive second wing, Work S1's, even the look of the sticker on the windshield. RWB is a body shop, not a performance shop. There are also many RWB cars have plenty of power to back up their looks, many of which blow this build out of the water.

However I do think I like the understated look of this car, and to me this car is more relatable/something I could actually see myself owning.


NikkSquidBonnett  Wheels, fenders, exposed rivets, canards, black splitter, stacked wing, fitment, window stickers, (good looks turbo BEAMS), front end 964 conversion. I don't know, isn't that a lot? And just because Nakai's 911s leave the shop with minor performance upgrades, does not mean that they are forever condemned to that engine spec.


the car was very good 
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