Frozen Sideways:</br> A Pre-Season Drift Climb
How To Warm Up For The Drifting Season In Norway

When our friend Henrik Oulie recently got in touch with us about a cool hill climb stunt taking place at a ski resort in the middle of Norway, naturally we were intrigued. Then, when he sent through some epic behind-the-scenes photos, we knew we had to share them with you here on Speedhunters! You see, while drivers from all over Europe have been busy warming up for the 2015 drift season, Norwegian drifter Ismail Salih has been doing the exact opposite…

In this short film by Daniel Hovdahl, we see Ismail thrashing his BMW V8-powered E46 M3 up the slippery slopes of a closed mountain road, throwing ice and dirt in all directions while the rapid-fire bangs and cracks from the rev limiter sound like they’re about to trigger an avalanche. Once you’ve watched the video, make sure to check out Henrik’s fantastic behind-the-scenes images below!

Henrik tells us the back story behind the film: I’ve watched Ismail evolve very quickly over the years with his furious driving style and ruthless determination to win. He currently competes in the Drift Allstars Championship and plans to drive in all of the Gatebil events in Scandinavia this year. But before these events took place he had the idea to do a bit of a ‘pre-season warm up’ in the form of a crazy drift climb.


Ismail’s always been an active snowboarder during the winter months here in Norway, and he’s been coming to Hemsedal Ski Resort for many years now. Every time he’s driven up and down the road through the resort, he’s thought of how cool would it be to go bat-shit crazy sideways up the winding mountain. So one day not so long ago, he picked up the phone and talked to the management at the resort and got permission to go forth with the project.


The initial plan was to drive up the slopes, but this got canceled at the last minute, so he decided to just drive on the road instead. Considering this mainly consisted of ice and dirt, it would still do the trick. When he contacted Daniel Hovdahl to grab some video footage and myself to capture some kick-ass imagery of it all going down, of course we didn’t hesitate to jump aboard this crazy idea!


We’ve previously worked together with Norwegian drifter Fredrik Sørlie on his Bring Back The Touge and Scandinavian Flickfest films, so we knew what we were getting into.


Ismail’s BMW E46 M3 had just been given a full refresh and it was looking extremely clean – but that wasn’t going to last for very long.


It’s powered by a 4.0-litre BMW M60B40 V8 with a single turbo, pushing 870hp and a whopping 1240Nm of torque. Power is sent through a 4-speed dogbox and for security, an FIA-approved FD-spec rollcage.


We kicked things off with Ismail rolling up to the start line, and putting his credit card into the toll machine…


As he planted his foot flat on the throttle, the force of the sonic boom that came out of his exhaust felt strong enough to move the mountains around us.


Luckily there weren’t too many neighbours around.


The high banks on either side of the road weren’t the least bit forgiving and within a few seconds both bumpers were shredded to pieces. The front bumper met a particularly grizzly fate as it was dragged underneath the car and brutally murdered!


At one point we attempted to zip-tie them back on, but we soon realised that wasn’t going to work so we all agreed on just not caring about appearances.


By this stage Ismail had gone into full attack mode, and the further we got to the top, the more brighter our ideas became. This pretty much set the mood for the day and we spent a lot of the time laughing our asses off. Standing in the middle of the road filming on the outside of the corner was a big favourite, getting sprayed by sand, ice and big rocks…


Which was fun, until a rock smashed one of our camera lenses. This sort of thing is to be expected though.


Halfway up the mountain we changed to studded rally tires just to make things a bit more interesting, which as you can see in the video took its toll on the driveline when he set off again.


The rally tires gave more grip than anything Ismail had ever driven and the speed picked up dramatically.


For the grand finale, we decided to have some fun and do something a bit different…


The original plan was to have a few snowboarders jump over the sideways BMW at speed, but it became too dangerous when a strong wind began to pick up. So instead, Ismail’s friend Eirik ‘Tønna’ Rud, (nickname for ‘barrel’ in English!) brought along his Ski-Doo to wreak some havoc at the end of the film.


After a tough day’s work, eventually the BMW’s driveline gave up from the abuse of the rally tires and both rear drive shafts snapped, putting an end to the day. But we still had one more scene left, so we trailed the car over to the jump site and filmed the final scene as planned. What a finish!


We’d like to thank Hemsedal Ski Resort, the landowners and all the fans we gained as we got higher and higher up to the top of the mountain. And last but not least, all the guys from High Five Community who helped out, as well as the snowboarders who took time out of their day to help us.

Henrik Oulie 
Henrik Oulie Media

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Nice story again! Would love to see a picture of the car with the snowmobile jumping over without a person in the shot :(

The average guy

why do you need 800 horsepower to drift on iced roads?


The average guy He needs 800hp to end up at 1st in Drift allstars... Not for iceroad drifting


Who said anything about needing the 800 for the ice? It's a top level comp car. It wasn't built for the ice lol.

The average guy

i was trolling, but it does look a bit like that


I can't tolerate slow motion anymore, it's all over instagram and it consisted of half of this film, it makes it super boring. If you like it that's fine its just my opinion of this slow motion fais.


What kind of wheels are those green wheels?


Twitch_6 +1


His fear sensor must be broken lol. Some big drop offs on that road and he's just killing it.


Nice ski-doo tho, lol it is a polaris.


It would have been an amazing film, if it wasn't made like 70% slo-mo. It makes the film feel like a lazy attempt to fill spaces.


Those backfires remind me so much of going to the rallying in the UK every year with my Dad in the 90s!


the car was very good 
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