The Journey To 5 Seconds

Back in March this year, the drag racing world was set alight when a Toyota Supra became the first ever 5-second import. Given the number of sport compact teams with PBs in the low 6-second zone, it was a case of when, not if, the almost unfathomable feat would be achieved, but through their absolute dedication to accomplishing the milestone, EKanooRacing’s name is forever etched in import racing’s history books.

With multiple cars running in multiple classes, Ebrahim Kanoo’s team had a busy 2014/2015 season. There were both highs and lows, and this recently-released film, titled The Journey To Five Seconds, gives an inside look at what EKanooRacing went through in the quest for sport compact supremacy.

If you’ve got an hour to spare, check it out by hitting the play button above.

The Speedhunters



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How is that a Supra?

Peter Kellys Hack Victim

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#MaximumAttack level: EKanoo Racing!


18:05 my heart sank. then seeing the flashback vids....very well played out... good plot twist.....scary shit!!!!! 
btw beautiful cars, fabulous racing. cheers!


Thommo Yeah, this is like one step better than a Funny Car. It's cool that it looks like they achieved this with the Supra's factory-equipped engine, but once I saw that it's a completely custom frame and a guy mentioned engine placement... most of the original car is gone, so to me it doesn't count.


Bryan... i know your in that supra somewhere dude.


What can i say!


Cool to see a few guys that I know in the vid. I could only skin the vid, but I'll definitely have to sit down and watch the whole thing. Breaking into the 5s is a monumental accomplishment.


That's racing. In pro-mod classes or similarly fast type of classes all of the cars would be tube chassis with carbon fiber bodies. It is however a real supra. It has just been modified to compete and be safe at 5 second passes.


SpeedHunters should try and get on this. These guys were the first to do it but there's a trail of teams building cars to beat the record over on the east coast and the Caribbean. Mech-Tech Institue has two cars running consistently in the really low 6's, Titan Motorsports has one as well, along with two teams called Major League and El Jerry. The sport compact world is about to be invaded by 5 second cars, thanks in part to Ekanoo racing for paving the way.


He is... THE TURBO


To me it does. It started of life as a Supra and still retains a kind of Supra body and still has the 2JZ inside


first * different then the first*red car    your making up accomplishments. I guess i'm the first, right side AK, lefthanded, grey eyed. with a tab in the 14's! When do I get my thread? Oh yea, I'm not selling anything.....$ rules here!


as a fellow Bahraini, am very proud of EKanoo!


CyborgGT Thommo  I totally appreciate the build quality, its amazing, but I agree, its like the funny cars they call  Camaro's.. there is nothing Camaro about them! other than it has 4 wheels and a V8.


LukeEVOVIII  Its a Carbon Fibre or fibre glass moulded body.. made to look like a Supra.. Underneath it is completely tube framed. It does not have one thing on it that left the factory on a Supra, not even the block. So how is it a Supra?
Sorry mate, it is a tube framed, compact drag car.


Wildcardfox   The Toyota Supra was built by Toyota. That is a Supra. There is not one thing on that car that left the Toyota factory. How is it a Supra?
Sorry champ, its a custom built drag car.


That crash! Jeeeez! Epic work by marshals, fire and medic, and of course great job by the team!


I'm sorry, I didn't watch the video, but did they learn from their mistakes and even out the downforce front:back? That rear spoiler on the high-powered, RWD IS350 only helped the massive front lift.


But the reason behind it still being a Supra is the 2JZ. They didn't swap out to a big ol' V8 like the majority do. They kept the 2JZ which for me defines it as being a Supra


Import drag racing 4 life!!!

Id like to see these guys get into the rotary game.


Great vid!  I really enjoyed it.


Sorry to burst fanboy bubbles but I don't know of any factory pieces capable of 5 second passes. Also all funny cars run engines based on a MOPAR 426 hemi design regardless of body shell.


This car is amazing and all, (I love supras) but it isn't something you make a video of or brag about. This car has no braging rights, especially in the class it races, outlaw class have V8's running 4 seconds I beleive, and even though this is just a v6 its not competitive at all for the big boys, so really, stop making this such a big deal start making it under 5 and then you can brag all you want.


cucumberslice *It's just an I-6* You're completely missing the point here. It's not about the fastest car ever built, or something that no other car can compete with. Sure you can go faster with the already proven formula others have arrived at, but what these guys did was what no one else has done before. Break the 5-second mark in an import powered by the original Japanese power-plant. The fact that now 22-years after the introduction of this platform, someone has finally been able to break that barrier in it is impressive.


Lol whoops I just realized I said a 2jz was a V6
im retarded xD lol , anyways I guess I see your point but in my opinion I don't think its impressive and im sure this could be done way sooner than this, not to mention these cars are massively upgraded and tuned up to the point were I don't think its important to even name the type of engine, go big or go home in this sport is what im trying to get at I think, I applaud them for acheieving this but I think this is kinda pointless for the class its running, unless they're against other I6, V6 , flat 6 whichever , or if they built the car just for the heck of saying "we did it" which I can't tell if this is the case or not.
Thanks for your opinion and correcting me though, hope i replied fast enough


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Camels to cars..... good progress Arabs


the car was very good 
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