Toyota Sedan Racing: <br />Where Old Corollas Battle For Glory
The New People’s Car

The Toyota Corolla is one the most important automobiles of all time. For decades it’s sat atop sales charts in countries across the world, and in the late 1990s it surpassed the Volkswagen Beetle as the best selling car of all time, with over 40 million sold since the model’s debut in the late ’60s.

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Unlike some of the world’s iconic vehicles though, the Corolla isn’t one that you’ll find on the average person’s list of dream cars.

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Instead, the Corolla has sealed its reputation as being a car of the people – a form of reliable and economical transportation that helped make Toyota the industry juggernaut it is today. The vast majority of Corolla drivers are not car enthusiasts, and that’s fine.

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Because we car nuts know that mixed amongst the millions of Corollas sold over the years, there are some truly exciting cars. Ones that have been built on rear-wheel drive chassis, featured twin cam engines and close ratio gearboxes and the other kinds of things that enthusiasts dig.

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There were the classic TE27s of the early ’70s, the cult favorite AE86 of the ’80s, and even the newer front-drive models which hid superchargers or individual throttle bodies beneath their economy car packaging. Like the Beetle that came before it, there was genuine potential hidden in this humble little car.

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From classic car restoration to drag racing and drifting, enthusiasts and racers have been doing cool stuff with Corollas for years. But did you know that in Central California the Corolla is also the car of choice for grassroots, low-budget circle track racing? Welcome to the world of the Madera Speedway Toyota Sedans.

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During my recent visit to the Saturday night races at Madera Speedway, it was the Toyota Sedan class I was most interested in, and I think you’re about to see why.

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The Toyota Sedan series is a unique form of racing that’s been happening at Madera for decades – long before Toyota themselves decided to jump into NASCAR. Even as a kid I heard stories of local mechanics and other amateur drivers who built and raced these little cars on weekends, so I knew it was long overdue to share this homegrown racing series with the world.

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A little Corolla might be the one of the last vehicles you’d associate with the stock car scene, but the truth is, these are actually perfect platforms for low-budget Saturday night racing.

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They are cheap, reliable, incredibly simple, and replacement parts are easy to find – or at least they were when the series first started. Today, the newest car eligible for the series is over 35 years old, but that fact doesn’t seem to have dulled the enthusiasm one bit.

Back To The Basics
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The entire concept behind the Toyota Sedan series is to give racers an affordable way of taking part in circle track competition, and it’s helped attract a wide range of local drivers to the track over the years.

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In order to keep running costs down and the competition as close as possible, Toyota Sedan racers must adhere to a strict set of rules, which essentially make the class a spec series with nearly identically prepared vehicles.

Madera-Speedway-Sat-Night-60 copy

Base cars for must be pre-1979 Corollas, with most drivers opting for the third generation E30 model sold from ’75 to ’79. While there were a number of Corolla body styles offered during the ’70s, these ones must be built out of two-door sedan models. No four doors, station wagons, or lift-backs are allowed.

Madera-Speedway-Sat-Night copy

As for the bodywork, fabricated sheet metal replacement panels are allowed, but all cars must remain stock in appearance.

Madera-Speedway-Sat-Night-26 copy

Of course, most of the cars had nary a straight body panel on them, and that’s a result of the ultra-competitive racing that comes with this series. But I’ll get to that in a moment…

Madera-Speedway-Sat-Night-6 copy

The chassis on a Toyota Sedan racer is almost pure production spec, with stock leaf spring rear suspension in place and limited changes allowed by the rulebook.

Madera-Speedway-Sat-Night-54 copy

Among the modifications that are allowed are extended lower control arms, adjustable shocks and struts, and additional reinforcement between the front strut towers. Weight must not dip below 2,000lbs (907kgs) with the driver on board, and every car is put on the scale prior to each session.

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As for engine rules, well it’s pretty simple. Every car must be powered by an essentially stock 2T-C four cylinder with factory-type internals, a stock head, stock intake manifold, stock-style carb, and a stock exhaust manifold. Not only does this ensure parity in competition, it means blown motors and high-strung engine components are not really an issue.

Madera-Speedway-Sat-Night-24 copy

Gearboxes must be factory Toyota manuals – either a T40 4-speed or a T50 5-speed – and the rear ends must be stock with a 4.10 gear ratio. No limited slips or lockers are allowed.

Racing On The Cheap
Madera-Speedway-Sat-Night-66 copy

The rules on wheel and tire setups are also strict, with racers limited to factory 4-spoke, 13-inch Toyota steel wheels, or any 13-inch aftermarket steel wheel not exceeding seven inches in width. Rubber for all cars are identical Hoosier race tires purchased at the track.

Madera-Speedway-Sat-Night-68 copy

All of the cars I saw seemed to be running a staggered setup – narrow stock wheels on the left side and wider aftermarket wheels on the right side, which is where most of the cornering force is.

Madera-Speedway-Sat-Night-50 copy

The place where the Toyota Sedans most diverge from their factory counterparts are the interiors. All factory glass is removed and each car is of course packing a full rollcage to protect the driver when the inevitable contact occurs.

Madera-Speedway-Sat-Night-61 copy

Each interior is completely stripped out, with a basic dash and instrument setup, a required quick-release steering wheel setup and an approved racing seat with padded headrest.

Madera-Speedway-Sat-Night-115 copy

And how about the racing? Well, it’s downright excellent. These little Toyotas certainly aren’t the fastest cars to hit the track, but that’s not the important thing. What is important is the competition itself and the way these drivers push their little sedans to the absolute limit.

Madera-Speedway-Sat-Night-118 copy

The field is drivers is extremely diverse, with both young and old, and male and female, competing for a taste of glory. You can race Toyota Sedans when you are just 14 years old – a full two years before the state of California will give you a driver’s license.

Madera-Speedway-Sat-Night-83 copy

And while the whole series was designed to be as affordable as possible, that doesn’t mean a Toyota Sedan race is full of beginners trying circle track competition for the first time.

Madera-Speedway-Sat-Night-107 copy

Many of these cars are driven by seasoned veterans and the closeness of the racing speaks to this. You’ll see cars running side-by-side down the straights, going three-wide into corners and charging for gaps that larger race cars wouldn’t dare go for.

Madera-Speedway-Sat-Night-19 copy

Rubbin’ is racin’ as they say, and that’s why you’ll never see a Toyota Sedan with straight body panels. Because these cars are so cheap to operate, drivers can race in ways those in more expensive machines wouldn’t, and the experience is all the better for it.

Madera-Speedway-Sat-Night-33 copy

Naturally, I started looking around a bit to see what kind of monetary outlay would be needed to get started in Toyota Sedans, and it appears you can get a used track-ready car for just a few thousand bucks. Talk about cheap thrills!

Madera-Speedway-Sat-Night-40 copy

Whether you see it as unique form of low-cost racing, a relatively unknown side of Japanese car culture in America, or just a kick-ass way to have some fun on a Saturday night, the Madera Speedway Toyota Sedan series really is grassroots Speedhunting at its purest.

Now, where can I get a license?

Mike Garrett
Instagram: speedhunters_mike

Cutting Room Floor
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Great article Mike. So much want here.


This is true Speedhuntin' 
No stone left unturned to provide car aficionados around the world with insights in genres we have never heard of before. Chapeau!


Parts relatively easy to find? LOL, own a KE70 in England and then try saying that with a straight face. :P


There's a similar series in QLD, Australia. The cars we use are Hyundai Excels with very similar rules and restrictions. It makes for outstanding racing at very low cost.


He is writing this article in U.S.


Mine`s way too clean for that nonsense.
but may have to look for another one to tear up.


Really loving the short track racing posts, keep them coming! Visit Kern County Speedway, maybe? Whats the story on the Kia Spectra that's pictured twice? Any insight? Great Work!


So awesome! Man, these grassroots racing classes are the absolute best. Just racing, rubbing and more racing. Great write up!


Those are our cars...the 05 is mine, the 06 is my hubby's, the 23 is our buddy Jason, the 10 is Lucy's....loved the article...


@Matt Melchiori I was there this last weekend with my Sedan. Kern Raceway was amazing. We are trying to plan a trip for June 13th. It's in the air now, but if you wanna help, call Kern and tell them you want us there!!!! We would love to come play on your track.


I work at LoanMart Madera Speedway. I love the Toyota Sedan. They some of the best racing also some of the cleanest( most night). Matt the Kia you see is a 4 banger class totaly stock. They were the only 4 banger that showed that night. The track let me run with the T.S. his first on the track he did a great job of staying out of the way


AWSOME  pictures.. GO TEAM CURTIS.....


Way better idea, as who the hell would want to restore a Hyundai Excel


Seems like a massive waste to me. As the corolla te31 2 door sedan is kinda rare when compared to the te31 4 door all around the world. In Australia you don't offen see ke30 2 door sedans but the 4 door models ate still somewhat common.
If the racing/speedway organization really wanted cheap racing they would open up the rules to allow the 4 door models as well. All the cars have cages anyway so it can't be a chassis strength issue.
If I lived in California/USA I would quickly get a te31 2 door before there gone forever!! Similar situation with ae86 and drifting there hard on cars.


blake83 As a KE30 owner this article did make me cringe a bit, but it's great to see that the cars are at least being used and not forgotten.

tommy wreckless

natsirt4130 PARTS are Getting Very Hard to find here In USA . and the inner parts of motor not Stock .

tommy wreckless

@_Lightning_ No Parts are not Getting harder to find , big carbs & 10 bolt rear ends , Post them if you have any fore sale , especially the Big Base Carburetor cheers


Awesome! Though they will probably someday have to change the base car. Those Corollas agre getting rarer.


Cool article of a completely unknown grassroots motorsport to me. I totally dig this kind of stuff.
I have a corolla in my fleet; not one of these old beauties (a 98 e110 g6) but I must say I still felt a small sense of fraternity with these racers.
The vast majority of Corolla drivers are not car enthusiasts - true, but this one is. The best £400 I ever spent.


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