A New Beginning For Rocket Bunny?

If you follow car-related social feeds, there’s a good chance you’d have seen a couple of images of a new Kei Miura creation pop up. The man behind Rocket Bunny and 6666 Customs loves to tease his fans with CG images of soon-to-be-released aero kits months before cars are actually created in the real world, and this is the one that has been dividing opinions.

We’ll be seeing the actual car as soon as the kit is released, but before that I thought I’d take a closer look at one of the most radical conversions to have ever been applied on an S14 with some exclusive new images.


The Rocket Bunny brand is a mere fraction of the work that Miura churns out for other companies, which means he actually has very little time to dedicate to it. But it will always serve as the most obvious example of what he’s capable of doing. That said though, prior to last year’s SEMA Show I had to ask him a question that I’m sure has been on a lot of people’s minds: after slapping overfenders on every cool car to have hit the market in recent years, what’s next?


His answer lies in this very car. Despite many people believing that the over-fender look is well and truly played out now, super-wide wheels and ultra-low stances aren’t going anywhere, so as far as Miura was concerned it had to stay. At the same time though, there was a need for more aggression and more radical modifications to change a car’s base appearance, and what better platform to do that with than a Nissan Silvia S14! Despite its age, the mid-to-late-90s model is still very popular – not to mention widely available and affordable. It also lends itself rather well to a transformation like this. So along with new works-style fender flares for both the front and back, Miura designed a complete front end conversion. The one-piece cowl gives the Silvia a face that’s not too dissimilar to that of a Dodge Challenger, topped off with a retracted grille section and round headlights. Without a bumper there’s space for an oil cooler – as you can see in these CG images – or an intercooler, like some of the other renderings suggest.


The rear stays more in tune with the Rocket Bunny look we’re accustomed to: the bumper removed and the addition of a riveted-on ducktail trunk spoiler. On these particular renderings Miura did for us, he opted for a set of wide, low offset Watanabe wheels to perfectly fill out the massive fender flares.


Finally, a multi-piece rear diffuser cleans up the rear end. Miura has envisioned the car running both Advan slicks or old school race rubber, like the tyres that Liberty Walk has recently released. I quite like the yellow tint he’s worked into the rear taillight section too, but these are of course details that people will be playing with on their own cars.


Miura is currently piecing together the demo car and along with the wild aero conversion and that Dodge-inspired front end he’ll also be running something rather cool under the bonnet. I guess we’ll just have to wait a little longer to see what he’s got planned… But for those interested in the kit itself, prices will be released this month once it all starts shipping. Can we consider this the beginning of a new chapter for Rocket Bunny?

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino

Images courtesy of Kei Miura 



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seriously it needs a rear bumper


OMG love this as a fellow challenger owner this looks like pure awesomeness CANT WAIT!!!!!!!


zemanski no it doesn't

turbo BEAMS ae86

wildly villanous


wow. love it. kindA lancia looking headlights or dodge challengr. retro though look


Nice to see RB thinking outside fender flares again but why no rear bumper? Looks unfinished..


Out of the corner of your eye (if you're squinting), I see some Giulia.


A Datsun Sunny front end might be another cool experiment


milkplus  Exactly what I saw when the image first popped up!


Anything with tucked in single or double round headlights is a win in my book.


I look at it and see a '70 Plymouth 'Cuda front end.


At first I thought it was Italian ! Lancia Montecarlo


"Overfenders" being "played out" is only a relative thing.  There are
many clueless ejits out there like me for instance that have always and
will always like that look.  Most car enthusiasts I speak to aren't
particularly "scene" so it comes down to personal taste rather than any
particular trends but I appreciate that doesn't necessarily reflect the
speedhunters demographic or whatever you wanna call it.  I do like Kei
Miura's doodles and if there is a trend toward something new I think
there will always be a market for that certain look because it will
always suit certain cars.  There will always be practical requirement
for many road and race cars to have the fenders cover the tyre, so when
folks want to run wider set ups, then good old bolt-ons will often be
the go-to option, even if there is a trend towards blended extensions
again, or perhaps big boxed arches.  Who knows?  I think the bolt-on
"works" look is timeless :)I done typed too much.


zemanski  I'm picturing it with a reverse-sloped rear end, probably with round taillights.  Probably pretty flat, with a blacked-out taillight panel to continue the retro theme.


Thats the first thing that popped into my head "Lancia"


The grille gives off the Sunny Excellent GX (B210) vibe, granted the Silvia evolved from the Sunny line.


Nico Leone I thought it was a Lancia 037, this thing looks stunning


'..cleans up the rear end'. Are you quite sure?


Looks great but with a more classic look on the taillights and it would be perfect, it kinda throws it off to have an old school look in the front and newer lights in the back


It's definitely a refreshing change from their usual routine, but I can't help but think this car would look worlds better with a rear bumper and no diffuser.


I dont care for the front end because its very boxy and the s14 body is more rounded off. I could see this front working for the s13 coupé but overall I like it. I wish it had a rear bumper though.


I quite like this, verry well sculpted I don't feel like the lights match the rest of the car so well. but I think they sould do more cars like this.


still no kit for the zenki i see.......


Round headlights dont go good with round tailights so I disagree

Chris 'Haffy' Hafner

I thought a little more locally, Holden HB Torana


Looks so retarded without a rear bumper

Your mothers lover

@MoneyCantBuyTaste It's the rocket bunny style, don't hate.


I love it!


Front 3/4 is awesome. It's amazing how he completely sculpts the S14 into something else entirely while still not ending up looking like a cheap kit car or overdone Civic circa 2000. The taillights though, the more I see them the more I think he was staring at them and said "fuck it" and gave up.


That looks amazing, I really love the American muscle style front! Totally didn't recognise it at first


the only thing I like is the rear diffuser


Nico Leone I was thinking Alfa GTV or Lancia Fulvia!


Front reminds me of a Camaro, overall diggin the style here.


taillights and rear bumper... wtf


So stupid


Ohhh well isn't this perfect for all those LS swaps going on! Hah! x)


Coolers on the outside of the car shouldnt be a thing.


I like it, but if you want an American muscle car, wouldn't you just buy one of those instead?


I'm surprised that no one has pointed out that the front end is a 510 minus 2 headlights... Look at a 510 without a front bumper. This is missing the dip in the leading edge of the hood, but the front fascia and the rest of the grill/headlight area is a 510 stretched onto a silvia... I dig it. It's different. I like different. The rear bumper delete looks better on the S13 than the S14 in my opinion.


gimme quad headlights like the datsun 510 , that would look sweeeeeeet


ClaytonPayton Agreed.

Chris 'Haffy' Hafner

Have a look at the old footage of KPGC10's racing back in the early seventies, it'll change your mind.


Absolutely love it. Agree with those saying it's Italian as much as Challenger - I'm getting Alfa GTA, Lancia Fulvia coupe, Lancia 2000 HF.

It just goes to show what a timeless design the s14 is.

Speaking of time, i'm gonna need some to decide what i think of the rear treatment… but when an artist is working at the peak of his abilities, who am i to question it?


April Fool's!

I Have No Name

DeadSerious And yet they are.


I like this, but I think retro headlights would look even better if they were skyline style, not american muscle style. Boxy japanese headlights that are old, not round. With that said, It somehow just works here. Even if it may be an april fools joke.


oh, nevermind I am reading those are datsun 510 style headlights. I still think the skyline headlights, maybe tilted like those boso machines have, would look really rad here.


NYporkdept I think they look cool. At first I was thinking what you typed, but if you squint it looks kinda interesting.


mario67 same


I believe TristinGrind did this lil photoshop with quad rounds and a Supersonic grill...


The front kinda looks like an old alpha Romeo which I actually like it just doesn't match the back.


That's epic! All I saw at first was an Datsun 510 or Hakosuka racecar, I can kind of see the American muscle now that people have pointed it out,still it looks awesome and I'd love to have it.


New chapter indeed. Kudos to Miura-san for stepping up the game. This works on many levels.


I love it! Hoonicorns for all.


Tiiiiiight! I think it would look better with single rounded taillights and perhaps a cut off rear bumper as opposed to no rear bumper at all. Keen to see if the design translates nicely in real life!!



That has to be classic Datsun influence and not solely a Mopar inspired front clip.


This is just right!  can the rear be reworked to match the retro front? I love old school JDM


@Jake Laird On the S13 it looks tough, but on this, it looks.....like it needs to be finished.


I first thought this was a Dodge Challenger... man was I wrong
Pretty radical, love it!


I was getting 70's Opel vibes :D absolutely love the new direction.


love it.. mos def needs some fender mounted sideviews tho! I feel like this sort of modification has been largely a miata niche. Always wondered why more tuners haven't gone that route, glad someone is doing it for another platform.


imponts Looks like a Datsun Sunny :D


Perhaps Miura should start working on muscle cars instead!


That would be 100% better if it was actually a dodge challenger. I was disappointed to find out its just another S14


Not sure where everyone keeps getting Dodge Challenger out of this. A Challenger has always had 4 round headlights and a wide-open grille like so. The 1970 'Cuda had the two round headlights and the split grille


Jason Hardy just another s14? hahahaha and a new challenger is a better car? you gotta be kidding me


NicholasDixon Seriously? You "don't know where everyone keeps getting Dodge Challenger out of this"? Those two cars were basically the exact same car except for the grille and headlights, correct? And it's more than just the lights and grille, it's also the roofline and front fenders, and those would be the same on the Challenger. Anyway, I think most of us who said "Challenger" probably meant "Cuda." Easy mistake for us non-Mopar guys to make, since they're virtually identical.


BloodAnGasoline NicholasDixon  I think it may have been a reference to the overall shape of the modern Challenger too. Especially the second picture down.


Lovely everywhere on it... except the front.


SkanderFekir Jason Hardy I wouldn't say better, it would be quite different though!


Reminds me of this  S13 with a Datsun 610 front clip years ago, it needed some finish work but the same idea


How is this new?
It's the same old "slammed car with over-fenders and drift-culture allusions" look that you guys have worshipped for the past 2 years. A vaguely 60s-inspired front end isn't new, unless he plans on doing it to all his project cars.
But whatever, I get that you're fans and this is your #schtick.


NicholasDixon I'll just leave these here 1971 and a 2015...


Jagdroach BloodAnGasoline NicholasDixon Also to me it looks This Silvia kit looks more like a JDM over fendered version of this Classic!


SkanderFekir Jason Hardy You're joking right? I mean there's fanboyism and then there's just straight disillusion. 

No matter how you put it, a Modern Challenger is far superior a car vs a S13-15 Silvia in nearly every way except looks (subjective) and most definitely weight.

Don't let 20+ years of aftermarkets support (fixing all the factory ills mind you) and Enthusiest over proliferation fool you. 

Thats like saying a 69 Camaro is a better car than a 2015  Camaro! lol Not even!


@MyLifeAsLouis That would be interesting...


Do you have an s chassis? If not then you don't know what these cars are capable of. Handling wise a challenger can not even stay close to any s chassis. Only good it has is straight away speed. Yes I'm including the hellcat or whatever its called. How many more s chassis than any year challenger are still being used in just about every single motorsport? Sorry dude your argument is invalid with me. No "fanboy" shit over here. I'm not saying challengers suck but I'm saying s14's are a hell of a lot more fun :)


dadecode NicholasDixon  Still the wrong number of headlights. Might be closer to a '72 Demon even, than a Challenger


@DatsunViolet  Not working. The RB car works but its getting close to the edge.


LukeEVOVIII Lol. The front end is the whole point.


RichieTipsyKariuki Agreed. Love the front, love the flares, love the ducktail, but the rear end just doesn't fit with the rest.


SwedishCadillac yes!


i think that the fact that his design has provoked a lot of love/hate and arguments over the inspiration for the design is proof that it is in fact fresh,bold and "outside of the box". yes it has over fenders and is slammed but there is a reason for that. i think this is brilliant and you know haters gonna hate ;)


love it! never wanted a s14 till now.


Lol, Mayne, everything you just said is the ESSENCE of fanboyism! I have driven and played with a few S chassis. Real talk, they're ok. The magic of The S chassis is that they are CHEAP and have a large aftermarket PERIOD. they are similar to the old Fox body mustang. A decent performance car with a ok engine. Both cars are psuedo legends purely because of their Affordability and the aftermarket.
I only say the LX Challenger is better because its newer and has a more sophisticated chassis. Again its achilles heel is it's a fat ass.


What's up with all the comparing to Challenger? What I see in this is the '68 Camaro SS more than anything. 

Anyhow, is this April Fools' or not? ;-)


BloodAnGasoline NicholasDixon Actually the Challenger and 'Cuda (1970-1974) shared no sheet-metal, or glass, not a single piece, not even the chassis were the same the Challenger had a 110 inch wheelbase, the 'Cuda was shorter at 108 inches. Both chassis's were derived from the larger B-body (Charger/Roadrunner) platform if that's what you mean by "basically the exact same car". Other than steering wheels and seats and some mechanisms the 2 cars shared no interior pieces either. Drive train and suspension setups were identical, as they were for the larger B-body cars.
The Challenger and 'Cuda were as distinct from each other as they could be for 2 cars from the same parent company in the same market segment. Far from being the "exact same car".


NicholasMaher BloodAnGasoline NicholasDixon Very interesting! Sorta like the Mustang/Cougar, where they shared some components, but had different wheelbases, etc... I'm surprised they didn't even share glass: that'd seem like a good way to cut some costs.


It's been a "fad" for more than 2 years.


You rang?


It's giving more of a lancia 037 vibe... I like it


dadecode Jagdroach BloodAnGasoline NicholasDixon Exactly what I was thinking.


He should do a Hellcat.


i don't like the front end conversion.. the rest is nuts.. anyway i appreciate the passion and hard work behind this creation!

This fad needs to end

They couldnt finish the rear bumper...?


he didn't even merge s14 round shoulder to the front fenders with angular shoulder of the retro front end, they don't match up!


@HeyLookAGinger front profile yes, side profile is still challenger-esque


after some google research, i think kei miura wants to convert S14 to be look like a Skyline C110 judging from the grille.


I always say to non-import guys that the S-chassis is like the Japanese Mustang. They're cheap to buy/mod/fix, they're front engined, rear wheel drive, and if you don't like the stock powerplant, the engine bay can accomodate a variety of other engine options.
Only difference is the mustang's still around...


777 Okay, I see your point there ;-)


I really like everything except for the rear on this car. Everything about the design is retro except for the rear end which is bang up to date. For my money I'd like to ditch the diffuser and see a fibreglass rear clip replacing the silvia tail lights and bumper and incorporating some old school tail lights like the rear on a hakosuka.... Just my opinion of course :)


That's the style, not that they didn't finish it.


В какой проге было сделано 3Д?


dadecode whatever you say buddy....im a fanboy and you are the drift king. im sorry


dadecode and just because a car is newer it does not make it better. neither is straight line speed, which is the only thing challengers are capable of doing. smh


Looks like a 'Cuda. lol


ZenkiEdgar thats no excuse.......nor does it make it right  ;-)


dadecode Jagdroach BloodAnGasoline NicholasDixon Fukn NAILED IT.... Charger my ass lol......... 3 points and the win.

well played sir.


Any information on this kits release, I know they built a proto type, also price ?


ca18detsilvia yea I was thinking that too. I think it would have worked a hell of a lot better on the s13 cause its generally a more boxy car


I'm hoping to see this kit and the s14 in the new Need for speed!


They should have made this kit for the GT-R!!


They should have made this kit for the GT-R!!


love the look mate if / when it comes out ill be making sure to grab it i love the look so much, but i do agree with all the other does need a rear bumper man