The Lexus RC F Means Business
Japanese Muscle

You know what the toughest thing is when it comes to evaluating a new car? Time. It’s a crucial element when you are trying to assess a car, for the simple fact that these days they’re rather complex machines. While this is somewhat unavoidable as technology advances, it does make figuring a car out a rather lengthy process – far lengthier than the 20 minutes you get behind the wheel at a race track during a manufacturer press launch. That’s a lot of fun, of course, but the limited time behind the wheel is barely enough to get a handle on the basics. To understand a car completely, you need to spend as long as you can with it.


So when Larry came over in January for the Tokyo Auto Salon I though it would be the perfect time to borrow the much anticipated RC F from the cool folks at Lexus and spend some proper time with it. With Larry and I needing to do a lot of driving, this would allow me to fully explore the new sportscar.


It turned out to be a good thing too, as spending well over a week with the RC F was a necessity. That’s because this is one of the most confusing cars I’ve ever driven. From the moment I hopped in I couldn’t help but wonder what sort of car Lexus set out to create here…


Every single media outlet has been pitching it against its most obvious and natural contender, the BMW M4. That makes sense too, as the M4 has set the benchmark in this rather lucrative sports coupe market. But I feel this assumption isn’t quite on point. We all know the type of cars that Lexus manufactures, and even the LFA – which was quickly crowned a pinnacle of engineering – never traded in refinement and comfort for outright performance. This is something I learned last year while doing a 1,000km road trip in one – quality-wise it was a Lexus through and through.


The RC F is the same, but it does it all in a frustrating way. I’ll get to that later on, but for now let’s take a look at the car in a little more detail, starting with the design.


Say what you will but I personally commend Lexus – they’ve had the balls to sculpt a fine-cut identity for themselves, and every one of their cars is instantly recognisable. The RC F is a beautiful car. It feels and looks modern and just gets your juices flowing the moment you lay eyes on it. To me, that’s the sign of a proper sportscar – one that generates an emotional response.


The first thing that confused me, however, was why Lexus had built a ‘F’ car based on an IS, but made it a coupe. Surely the IS F crowd are patently waiting for their 5.0L V8 powered sedan? Or maybe it’s coming? We know the GS F is, but what about the M3-rivalling IS F? We’ll have to wait and see I guess… This aside, all the right touches are there, including the vents cut into the wide front fenders…


And a subtle bulge on the bonnet topped with a compact outlet that flows hot air out of the engine bay.


Then there’s that front end.


In my eyes at least, it works very well – the big spindle grille, the complex creases, the large side vents and those curiously recessed headlights with swoosh-style DLRs. It all makes for a front end that will scare small children and unsuspecting grannies out of your way, and give other road users a little jolt of surprise when they see the RC F approaching in their rear view mirror.


Of course, being a Lexus it’s packed with technology, but not in the way the German manufacturers give it to you – as a pricey option! Lexus packs everything into their cars and on this RC F that included full LED lights, which take nighttime illumination to another level. On a BMW you’d pay dearly for it, so only a few select people would be actually experiencing it.


The profile? Again, beautifully flowing and boasting a great proportion between the glass and the actual bodywork, resulting in sleek coupe line.


The rear end, however, is a bit of let down. There are lots of complex lines and creases, but it just doesn’t come together well when you observe it from afar.


The taillights mimic the recessed look that the fronts have, and of course are all LED.


The stacked exhausts are an instant throwback to the car that came before it, the IS F, but are still a tad gimmicky in my eyes – especially if you look at the size of the pipes that hide behind those sleek oval finishers.


The rear also hides the neat little pop-up trunk spoiler that rises automatically at speed or at a touch of a button.


It’s pretty subtle, but that’s all that was needed to cut down on lift and generate a touch of downforce at high speed.


The 19-inch optional wheels hide a rather yummy looking set of anchors, and rightly so with the amount of performance this car packs. But come on Lexus, where’s the carbon ceramic option?


Then again, that’s not what this car is about. It takes time to realise, but the RC F is not exactly a manic sportscar that you take to the track on the weekend – something that became obvious the more I drove it.

Creamy Smooth V8 Goodness

We took the car on a long drive up to Nikko as well as around the twisty sections of the C1 that snakes five stories up through Tokyo’s high-rises, and to say it performed well would be an understatement.


The 2UR-GSE that powers the RC F is a mild evolution of the same 5.0L naturally aspirated V8 that powered the IS F, except now its pumping out 471hp. Wow, more than an M4 I hear you say. Yes, true – 40hp more to be precise – but while it’s a more powerful motor it falls a little short in the torque stakes. The M4 develops 550Nm between 1,850 and 5,500rpm – the RC F 530Nm between 4,800 and 5,500rpm. Of course, the BMW is turbocharged so such torque delivery is to be expected, but if you drive the M4 prior to piloting the RC F it’s something that will weigh heavily in the back of your mind.


The V8 is a sweet unit – it’s fast revving and really gets into its stride once the hotter cam profiles come into play and the whole tone of the motor changes. From then on it pulls in a very linear fashion all the way to its 7,500rpm redline when the 8-speed torque converter based transmission shifts cogs. Like the engine the ‘box too is an evolution of the IS F unit – slightly faster in its shifts, yet smoother and more efficient. But this is pretty much one of the RC F’s biggest drawbacks. The 8-speed is fast, yes, but only when you are driving the car hard. When compared to a modern twin-clutch transmission it feels old school, sluggish and seems to disagree with every demand you throw at it – be it an aggressive downshift or a low-RPM upshift.


Then there are the drive settings: Eco, Normal, Sport and Sport +. I tried them all but found it extremely difficult and confusing to select the one suited for what I was doing with the car. For example, I was cruising along in Eco mode when I decided I wanted some extra performance to have some fun up a highway on-ramp. This required me to turn the drive mode knob to Sport # and then once I was done with it – with the RPM needle pinned at 6,000rpm and the computers still thinking I wanted to drive like a maniac – move it back to Eco and let the revs settle. This really took away from the experience. It frustrated me too, because a pair of user-programmable ‘F’ buttons on the steering wheel – like BMW does with its M cars – would have solved the problem. One press you are in ‘let me burn rubber mode’, hit the other button and you are in ‘save my fuel mode’. Too hard?


Then of course there’s the weight. The RC F is a huge car that’s laden with toys, and as a result it shows its mass from the first time that you take a corner enthusiastically. It’s close to 2 tons, almost 200kg over an M4, and boy do you feel it. I spent the first couple of days trying to drive too hard – the engine was to blame here, it’s a fun motor to put through its paces – but it was obvious this was not the way Lexus intended this car to be driven. This is a ride for a gentleman, not the sort of guy that keeps his pair of well-worn racing gloves in the glovebox. That said, I’m not too sure why the suspension is so damn hard – it’s fidgety at best and just doesn’t have the composure you’d expect a car like this to have. Maybe a ‘soften suspension’ button on the steering wheel, like Ferraris have, would be a nice idea, too.


That all said, it’s a fast, comfortable and fun to drive, ‘everyday’ sort of performance car – and one that stays true to the Lexus way of doing things.

Slightly Confusing

You really get a sense of this after spending time in the cabin. Despite being far too devoid of color for my tastes, you just can’t fault the presentation. The LFA-style dash and center console layout is rather pleasing to use with everything neatly laid out.


While some manufacturers are trying hard to simplify interiors, Lexus have gone in the opposite direction with the RC F and there are still far too many buttons in the cabin. Not in a confusing manner, but more in a overly cluttered way – if that makes any sense. And I still can’t digest the old school, backlit, gear-pattern indicator. Surely, there’s a more modern looking way to illustrate this? At least something that matches in with the rest of the interior.


Then there is the track pad to navigate through the navigation and infotainment system. They’ve improved it, but I still don’t like it. Yes, you get used to it, but I just can’t help think that they implemented this system just to be different from BMW.


Apologies if I sound overly critical, but I just feel Lexus could have done a much better job at keeping things more simple and intuitive.


So while some of the controls feel a bit dated, the dash display is not. I quite like it – there is a lot happening and a ton of sub-menus to flick through, but it all works well and displays the sort of stuff you want to see. The other cool thing is that the RPM gauge changes design for each of the four selectable drive modes.


The test car came with the optional carbon pack. It was silver, and while it brightened up the black-on-black cabin with black stitching – a proper black hole for color – I just don’t think it belongs in a car of this stature.


There’s nothing bad to say about the seats, as they offer a great mix of comfort and support with a decent level of adjustability.


Tilt the backs forward and you have access to the two rear seats which are okay for short trips, but maybe a little too cramped for longer journeys. It’s a drawback of the nice coupe roofline.


It took some time to figure out and then appreciate the RC F for the car it’s trying to be. I ended up not bothering with the frustrating drive modes, just leaving it in normal most of the time and enjoying its true nature as a fast and comfortable road car. Still, I can’t help but think that Lexus could have done a lot more with this car: a more modern feeling engine – turbocharged perhaps, a more modern-feeling transmission, and more carbon fiber where it counts the most. I mean, where did all that investment into the LFA project go? Where is that trickle-down effect?


For a company that prides itself in offering hybrid options across its entire lineup, having a 5.0L V8 guzzler that doesn’t even have a start/stop function for town use (trust me it makes a difference in Tokyo!) further confuses me too.

I’m hoping we’ll be seeing a stripped-out, more focused version of the RC F in the future – one that will get those that really enjoy a tantalising drive and the occasional track day to jump over to Lexus. Until that happens, the Germans still have the upper hand.

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino

Images: Larry Chen
Instagram: larry_chen_foto



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Having watched Top Gear's review, I must say I'm a little disappointed with its performance, though, I do like its looks!


it looks cool and all but i have to say I'm a little disappointed in all the old stuff they kept and the drive modes... Looks like the ISF is here to stay as the number one daily driven Lexus. Good article Larry and Dino! Almost forgot Dino are you still gonna feature the german saloons from evome?


That rear is still bloody weird to me.. Still, looks comfy as all hell!


RichieTipsyKariuki If the suspension were a tad more compliant...


jacobherman14 It's coming ;)


great article. only problem i have (stupid personal complaint) is the larger paragraphs. I see them compared to smaller snips of info, and feel like its too much to read :/ but that's just me being lazy.

Tasos Papazachariou

Look at all these bokehballs!

Nicholas J OGara

Larry, nothing personal but, these pictures don't do this car justice. I like a lot of your work, I just don't know a better way to say it. The RC looks so good in person. I've seen a few RC350's and an F sport. The car is a beauty. I can't wait to see a RC-F and that won't be long where I live. New car's are on the road as soon as they roll off the production line. I just found out Mercedes made an S class coupe?! wtf. I usually read about those things before they hit the road.


That grille still bothers me.


Agree, poor location. Makes a good advert for the winter illuminations though >^_^<


Disagree. The shots portray the mood and character of the car perfectly. The ideal everday around town sports GT coupe is ideally situated in an urban setting. Its design lends itself well to the midnight cruise feel these shots give.
The nighttime lights also give great bokeh! I love me some foreground bokeh!
This makes me regret not getting my RCF in Infrared!


Miura San has already had his way with it lol.


You can argue all day long on which one is the best, but the truth is every new sportcoupe is damn fkin good. Lexus, BMW, Mercedes, etc, all nice.


The mood and setting is all fine; goes well with the article. What we were highlighting was that those who haven't seen the car in person may not be able to gauge the lines and curves the car has. Because it is one striking car - I just love the look of it.


Lexus and all the Japs are usually pretty good with their interiors in relation to the intuitiveness of the controls but this one seems to go towards European complexity, tiny fonts and lack of logic. Aside from that, I love it. Another thorn in the side of the Merc/BMW.


AdamBezzegh Absolutely, all great cars but we need to nitpick through everything to try to come a conclusion. We all have different tastes, requirements and driving styles after all


@FlushPoke Yep and it looks hot as hell!


Tasos Papazachariou lol


CharlesChris15 You lazy %^(^#@!^&* !!! lol ;)


@Mike I find Japanese car interiors to be as unintuitive as they get, lacking continuity and overly complex to some of the manufactures that really get it right out there (BMW is one of them).


Fair enough Dino, I have not driven a new BMW for a while. Current work car is a Merc ML500. Once you get it moving it is a beautiful car to drive but it is far from intuitive. Check how you select gears in that Merc if you get a chance. Induction at the dealer was over an hour when I picked it up. It took half an hour for me to explain it to a work colleague how to drive it. No wonder elderly people are driving the Mercs into carpark walls 'coz they're not sure what gear they are in. Previous work cars were Lexus and I found them easy to figure out with "normal" looking gear shift, park brake etc. I think it's stupid that some car makers change things like the fundamental controls such as gear shift, park brake just for the sake of being different. Imagine you went from a BMW with the idrive "big volume dial knob" into a new Jag that has a big knob to change gears....Stupid stupid stooopid. End of rant. :-)

Gianluca FairladyZ

Maybe it sounds funny, but i would wish myself a "superleggera" version with manual transmission for more track oriented drivers. Anyway, good text and great pictures! Love the one in front of the Tokyo Square Garden!


Is this a sponsored feature seeing that you trying to rip BMW like that? Either way, review after review, the BMW M3/4 comes out tops as the better car, but having said that, i do like the standard features that "use" to come with the Lexus, especially the 07 ISF and IS SE models. Now their products are going the same way as most manufactures by making things optional.

I think what should be celebrated about this car is that it's different. It might not be better than it's German rivals, but it's different in a good way and hey, variety is the spice of life


so big ugly slow and terrible...this is sad coulda spent the R&D on that new dime concept... =(


I think this car is fine to me. It's not as quick as a M4 but I find it beautiful inside and out, the engine is great and the sound is awesome. It may be heavy but it's a nice cruiser and more reliable than is german competitor. Lexus wanted to make a car like this for the everyday driver. you can't compare those two they are great but different.


Dino stated facts - both favorable and unfavorable to BMW. He could have actually said more negative things about BMW because there are many more things that can be said. Pricey options are the least of the carmakers' faults.
Anyway, did you read the article? Do you think Lexus will like what is written here? Dude, to the perfectionist bunch of people who invested a lot of time and money on this car, i think this article would be far from satisfactory. All the more if these people paid for a write up.
Finally, what is the deal with readers compaining about promotions in this website that doesn't charge a cent for its content? Don't these readers understand tha people who work needs to get paid? I'd like to hire these generous people who don't think pay is needed for real work.

turbo BEAMS ae86

big toyota/lexus user here..seem all review say this car suck..i cry real tears
Wonder how will be GSF?


More time should have been spent on smoothing out the lines and making the interior more cohesive. There are some great features but it just feels as if most elements to the car were not thought out completely.


Gorgeous car and awesome shots!


chesing No i'm illiterate and cannot read, sucked everything out of my thumb. 
My opinion is well, my opinion. If you don't agree, then lets have a constructive conversation.

In some cases, paid articles can lead to biased reviews (which i don't think is the case here) and to answer your other question about promotions. Give Chris Harris your car and a nice set of tyres and he will gladly do a review for you :))))))


@turbo BEAMS ae86 I think this sort of drivetrain will suit a big sedan better than a car trying to take one ze Germans lol


MattGermain How can you say it's more reliable than the M4?


Ujean chesing Paid promotion? Trust me, there are no manufactures that have ever paid us to feature their cars, all you read is our opinions after days behind the wheel. If Lexus paid us for this I'm not too sure they would have been too happy with the conclusion lol


Gianluca FairladyZ Thx! But manual in a Lexus isn't happening any time soon. A bloody dual clutch would suffice! Or they could just use the ZF 8-speed that BMW uses and call it a day haha


@Mike speedhunters_dino Oh I agree, Mercedes has sucked for many years when it comes to cabin layout. But it's changing, check out the new C-class and S-Class/S-Class coupe...a huge leap forward. Still hate the seat adjustment buttons on the doors

Gianluca FairladyZ

speedhunters_dino MattGermain  Maybe he owns a M4 by himself :D


Sorry about that Dino. Good article either way. When I look at the RC F it looks more like a infinity G37 competitor or that its a car aimed at the American market


My favorite comment of 2015


speedhunters_dino By reliability I include the cost to maintain the car. Gianluca FairladyZ No I don't have a M4 but one of my good friend own a euro garage where I see merc, bmws and audis all the time being repaired for all sort of problems (mostly electrical).  So I assume that Lexus is very reliable because it's made by Toyota. I love the M4 by the way but it's just different (I take the M4 before the RCF). The bmw is more sport oriented than the Lexus as I can see.


first time i saw RC F on SuperGT and it looks awesome but when it come to road version. wondering this car on "F" family i can't help but wish this car could be so much better this car should be a kind of Honda's Type R that going all out and all about performance. i miss LFA alot... :(


Is it just me, or does it seem like the proportion of the rear of this car is a little off? The front end wasn't my favorite when it came out, but it is growing on me - but the rear window area has me thinking of Accord coupes - not exactly the pinnacle of performance Luxury. Then again, coming up with something truly original at this point can be difficult - without taking too many chances from a business perspective.


Can't please everyone I guess. Thanks for the support as always.


Thanks for the support!


Anybody know how much a car per year does cost in japan ? With a Fairlady 240 Z?

turbo BEAMS ae86

JoshuaDantz well spoke,,men


Judau C63 Coupe looks more like an Accord Coupe


This car seems to have an identity crisis! What is it trying to be? Many reviewers say that it didn't perform as well as they perceived it would. Barely a shadow of the LFA. It has sport features... but is also heavy and tries to compensate with all these electric assists but falls short. The design choices are confusing, the way the transmission and electrics work. We've seen what Lexus is capable of, with the LFA!
It doesn't sound like enthusiasts built this car, or they were trying to cater to something else halfway.
I think people not into driving cars hard will like this car, just as a 2-door cruiser that can impress those who don't know better. To me... it is a gimmick car. A trick only to attract attention. An upper class Hyundai Tiburon (lol).
And I really do feel bad for saying that because I'm team Lexus/Toyota </3
I'm disappointed, and now worried what the FT-1 may turn out to be :(


Dino, don't you agree that European cars are generally less reliable than Japanese cars? I don't have official statistics but my opinion was formed by experiences of many friends (BMW m3 owners included), family members (who still keep buying Euro anyway) and online strangers' experiences with European cars. Here in Manila where cars spend a lot of time being driven in low gears because of traffic, idling with AC on full blast, and falling into potholes, broken Euro cars parked roadside because of some sort of failure are more common than broken Camrys or Accords on shoulders.


Dont like the car, but the shots are awesome.


Its good this came out before the would-be-Supra. So that everything everybody didn't like in the RC F, Toyota can make up on the upcoming Supra(if there is one).




yuu__jp 日本の記事だからいつも通りカルボナーラさんかと思って読んでたら、あまりにも写真のクオリティーが高すぎて誰かと思えばラリー。プロの写真の凄さを垣間見れました(笑)「アットドリフトフォト」っちゅーふざけたアカウント名・・・


I agree with you Dino.
I have driven both the M4 and the RCF. And the M4 is better even do I did not buy any of the two for several reasons. But I still like them both from afar.
When I heard about lexus coming out with a 2 door coupe I was super excited as I was in the market looking for a elegant 2 door coupe to avoid going to 4 doors or getting a cadillac coupe. And I remember saying to myself Lexus is going to kill the competition this will be a savage animal like Jag F type...a M3 Killer from Japan. Even lexus even dare to praise themselves and said that they have build a car that will bring back excitement to the drivers. So I finally got that call from the lexus dealership that the RCF was there for me to test drive it. I spend 2 days with the demo car. What a disappointment it was. I like the style I really do. But the weight, the way it behaves around corners the stupid underster, the useless VSC and TVD electronics trying so hard to compensate for the lack of agility and worst of all fighting with You over what the car should do. Also how my friend absolutely beat the living crap out of me in his M4 was a No No for me. Even when you have it on sport + with the tvd supposedly OFF...the electronics will not be off at all and fight with you. I was very Sad cause I really like the car. Is like that Girl that You really like she is beautiful, but she is a total bi@#$ and a really horrible person and will never change but you still deep down like her but will Not Date her.
I honestly does not understand what when wrong with lexus with this car. Its like is a sport coupe with a identity crisis that is trying and convince itself that is not and instead wants to be a 4 door saloon.
I would bought the car if
A) becomes lighter
B) get rid of half the electronics, eco, normal and Sport will do. With just more or less agressive fuel mapping, throttle aggressiveness settings and simple traction control settings On/Off.
C) better exhaust sound.
After that My Choice was very Obvious.
I did not buy a M4 either nor a I bough and Audi.


speedhunters_dino Agreed


That side silhouette is pure MKIV Supra.


Wow, a long and tactfully written article full of compliments and accolades but with a distinct prose of "THIS CAR REALLY SUCKS".

I'm impressed; that that takes skill. 

P.S. the pics as usual look awesome. To bad the RC F preforms in a manner 180 degrees opposite of it's looks.


I do not agree with your review. You are à BMW guy and one can feel it. I tried this car in Switzwerland and drove it in german Autobahn and honestly loved the car.
It''s a safer car to drive very fast on Autobahn than the M4. And you say that the intetior is old or dated and you think that M4 interior is modern? Having driven this car very very fast on Autobahn i'm very surprised with your review
This car is not like an M4 but in an excellent way.
It's a great car to live with und to be driven everyday and be taken time to time to a race track and having fun. That's the purpose of this Lexus and That's what a normal person loving to drive who works full time everyday looks for.


Greddy gets my vote. That is full race. Nice job.


I too have driven the M4 and the RC-F back to back at a local track and i enjoyed both coupes but for different reasons. For the average driver nannies are a good idea and the artificial intelligence built into the RC-F's transmission was spot on. A lot of American muscle cars suffer from excess weight which does not want to quickly change direction on a road course. The RC-F is guilty of that. On the other hand RC-F is approachable and smooth at slightly less than extremes and is a reliable daily driver. It costs a lot less than the M4 optioned out and is a bargain in comparison. The Bimmer relies on its turbo but the V-8 has a visceral satisfaction in its normally aspirated form. The torque vectoring diff is an option for those that want its advantages in track or slalom modes. Can you imagine this engine with a supercharger or turbo kit?


The RC350 is the G37 competitor. The RC-F races against the GTR in the Nissan stable. Both of these have held their own against BMW and Porsche BTW.


wowwwww, great, i like it


Larry, your pics are really beautiful. I've seen countless pictures of this car. I've seen an RC350 in flesh (or metal rather). I certainly do not need another straightforward take on the car attempted by countless photographers. These pics offer something else in my opinion - emotion. The images feel like the glimpses and memories I had of the cars (countless beautiful cars) that zoomed past me in Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto (and Hong Kong actually).
To the guys who thought the images are average - I salute you for at least being polite (unlike a lot of d**ch** here). I am glad you guys give the Speedhunters their due respect.
These guys can't hit homeruns everytime but these guys' batting average are amazing. That's why you are here.


At least they got the clock right!!  Go analog!
Nice shots - helped offset all that negative writing.  I'm just glad it doesn't have red wheels.


still rather have this over an M4...!


Greats shots Larry, seriously you should offer lessons. I admire the direction Lexus is taking as far as catering to enthusiasts goes. Design wise though I feel the front end ruins the aesthetics a bit, maybe a honeycomb pattern instead of the chicken wire look would help? The awkward analog clock belongs on a non F series car perhaps but here it looks tacked it hard to expect a better looking interior than a Golf GTi on everything that exceeds it's price?


nice pics, I was looking at M4 or RCF, then i decided the RCF is for me. for the following reasons, and i can understand why some people won't agree. 

1. RCF looks better than the M4, it has the looks that people know this is a special car. 

2. RCF sounds better than the M4, and I use it everyday going through 2 fairly long tunnels.

3. Its not as crazy as M4 on normal roads, especially when in wet. So I feel more confident on the road, and hence more comfortable.

4. I have the new X5, and the interior of the M4 is the same as that. Boring 

5. Lexus is built with reliability, this is my 3rd lexus.I have had the X5 for less than a year, and the key is falling apart. tell this 
to BMW, they don't even give a shit.

6. Similar to #5. Lexus is a lifestyle choice, I don't have to worry about the car falling apart, and with pick up and delivery on all services, I can get on with my life, instead of wasting my time with service. 

7. The RCF is all optioned out, with BMW, everything is an option. 

I have had the RCF for 1 week now, and i love it.


nice pics, I was looking at M4 or RCF, then i decided the RCF is for me. for the following reasons, and i can understand why some people won't agree. 

1. RCF looks better than the M4, it has the looks that people know this is a special car. 

2. RCF sounds better than the M4, and I use it everyday going through 2 fairly long tunnels.

3. Its not as crazy as M4 on normal roads, especially when in wet. So I feel more confident on the road, and hence more comfortable.

4. I have the new X5, and the interior of the M4 is the same as that. Boring 

5. Lexus is built with reliability, this is my 3rd lexus.I have had the X5 for less than a year, and the key is falling apart. tell this 
to BMW, they don't even give a shit.

6. Similar to #5. Lexus is a lifestyle choice, I don't have to worry about the car falling apart, and with pick up and delivery on all services, I can get on with my life, instead of wasting my time with service. 

7. The RCF is all optioned out, with BMW, everything is an option. 

I have had the RCF for 1 week now, and i love it.


speedhunters_dino MattGermain  Several reasons: German, turbocharged, BMW, history of vehicles falling apart around 40k miles, engineering philosophy, take your pick. Furthermore, turbocharged cars (no matter what people say), will not be as reliable as naturally aspirated cars. The cylinder temperatures and pressures of turbocharged cars greatly exceed those of naturally aspirated engines. Additionally, tuning of turbo vehicles is also more difficult because there are more parameters to tune. Any slight differences in AFRs (which are affected by temperature, elevations, etc) and engines can go "boom" (look at the EJ257 motors in STIs that were blowing up stock). Moreover, BMW is not nearly as concerned with build quality as Lexus. Most German manufacturers generally do not care if a car lasts past 50,000 miles (or at least that's what their engineering philosophy tends to demonstrate). I unfortunately do not have the money to buy $70,000 cars every 3-5 years. I want something that lasts. Therefore, I will choose the Lexus every time. Oh, and an atmospheric V8 has WAY more character than a turbo V6. Who cares about piddley things like "oh the transmission isn't as good as a BMW M. It's off by a .01 of a second from the DCT with its shift speed." And lastly, the greatest demonstration of crappy German reliability is the absolutely TERRIBLE depreciation. For example, you can buy an E60 M5 in the US for $20,000 or so. It was a sub $100,000 car 7 years ago.


the car was very good 
really really like to see the car that shiny new car fits like made ​​for walking trailsthe car was very good" rel="dofollow" target="_blank"> and very fast" rel="dofollow" target="_blank"> mix of colors" rel="dofollow" target="_blank"> from which to" rel="dofollow" target="_blank"> make want pobud see hatnya" rel="dofollow" target="_blank"> kecepatanya" rel="dofollow" target="_blank"> was very nice ," rel="dofollow" target="_blank">  suitable for a "" rel="dofollow" target="_blank"> sharp bend or not sharp I guess motorists like this is" very skilled in the speed I hope I can membilinya someday will whether there are new cars are better I" rel="dofollow" target="_blank"> 'll wait for it , with a stylish car classic" rel="dofollow" target="_blank"> style I" rel="dofollow" target="_blank"> also like" rel="dofollow" target="_blank"> to see would be whether there is a" rel="dofollow" target="_blank"> car that is as fast and forius like in the " movie , the car very good car designed a way apparently hopefully there will be new cars more good and the price is quite pantastis then chances are I can membilinya the same as you have at this time

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