A Vacation In Disguise:</br> The BMW Launch Experience
On Holiday With A Brute

It’s difficult to write about an experience like an international automotive media launch event without sounding like kind of a boastful jerk.

Here’s what happens; a car manufacturer flies you out to a location (usually scenic with good weather), they put you up in a nice trendy hotel, they feed you fantastic food, and you get to drive their latest and greatest cars. To me, and countless others I’m sure, this sounds like a dream vacation. That’s because it pretty much is.

BMW_X6_M_228i_International_Media_Launch_2015_speedhunters_otis_blank 006

For those uninformed, media launches are a big part of selling cars. Manufacturers put their new models in journalists’ hands so they can get their first-hand impressions published – hopefully combating the monotony of copy-paste stories ripped from press kits. In order to do this they will rent out a space (often a race track) for a long enough amount of time to have waves of journalists and media people come through and drive their brand new cars on designated routes and courses.

BMW_X6_M_228i_International_Media_Launch_2015_speedhunters_otis_blank 005

In this case the manufacturer was BMW, the track was Circuit of The Americas, the routes were around Austin, and the cars were the new 228i Convertible and the monstrous new twin turbocharged V8 X6 M. As you’d imagine I was pretty excited.

BMW_X6_M_228i_International_Media_Launch_2015_speedhunters_otis_blank 025

I don’t have a bucket list, but if I did it was about to get a whole lot shorter after this occasion. I had never been to Austin before, I had never attended an automotive launch before, and the biggest one for me – I had never driven on a real race track before.

BMW_X6_M_228i_International_Media_Launch_2015_speedhunters_otis_blank 017

Circuit of The Americas is the only track in the United States currently being used for a Formula 1 round, and like Texas itself, it’s BIG. There’s 20 turns through 3.4 miles of tarmac here, so plenty of room to effectively exercise the sizeable X6 M.

BMW_X6_M_228i_International_Media_Launch_2015_speedhunters_otis_blank 002

The launch event was broken down into three drives: the X6 M on its designated road course, the 228i on its road course, and the X6 M on track. Before any of that could take place though, it was press conference time.

BMW_X6_M_228i_International_Media_Launch_2015_speedhunters_otis_blank 003

At the conference I sat freezing, not from the cold nature of press dialogue, but from the unusually chilly morning Austin was experiencing. At this point I was hearing a lot of numbers, not ideal for my un-rested and un-caffeinated mind, but fortunately I had a nice notebook and pen provided to me by BMW to jot down notes. Notes about achingly exciting things like developments in thermal management, or the fact that the 2 Series is now about 2 inches larger in all dimensions than the 1 Series it replaces.

BMW_X6_M_228i_International_Media_Launch_2015_speedhunters_otis_blank 012

After the conference we were guided to an adjacent part of the paddock that was heated – a welcome adjustment as I somehow neglected to pack a jacket. This lounge area had necessary amenities and the cars displays were not unlike what you would see at your local dealer.

BMW_X6_M_228i_International_Media_Launch_2015_speedhunters_otis_blank 078

This spot effectively served as home base. It’s where we ate lunch (Texas BBQ, of course), received our track briefings, and where we were handed our car keys. Once there we were split in to three groups – each group doing the three drive in a different order.

First Up: Track Time
BMW_X6_M_228i_International_Media_Launch_2015_speedhunters_otis_blank 020

Getting on the track first thing was a daunting thought considering that my performance driving experience was so far limited to video games and a little karting. We were given an overview and track briefing from one of the lead engineers for BMW’s X vehicles division, but I still didn’t quite know what to expect from 575hp and 553lb-ft all wrapped up in a hulking and admittedly incapable-looking 2.3-tonne body.

BMW_X6_M_228i_International_Media_Launch_2015_speedhunters_otis_blank 069

I was relieved when I found out we would drive in groups of three – two journalists led by a talented driving instructor in a pace car. Each of us had a walkie talkie so the instructor could communicate directly with us as we made our way around the track.

BMW_X6_M_228i_International_Media_Launch_2015_speedhunters_otis_blank 024

For the first few laps, the pace car would more appropriately be titled ‘patience car’. Our designated instructor was very accommodating while we were getting acquainted with the new cars we were driving, but unfortunately for the seasoned journalist behind me, I was also getting familiar with driving on a new track – or any track for that matter.

BMW_X6_M_228i_International_Media_Launch_2015_speedhunters_otis_blank 060

Any time I thought I was really making some good progress, I would check my mirror and see that the driver behind me was in fact still behind me and still very close. It was right after one of these moments that I heard over the radio, “Alright Otis, we’re gonna do a little switch and let him ahead of you here.” Before the instructor even finished the sentence the other X6 M was next to me, and shortly after it was front of me. Fair enough.

BMW_X6_M_228i_International_Media_Launch_2015_speedhunters_otis_blank 063

My driving may have been trash, but the X6 M was excellent. I was surprised at how well it took to the track environment for such a big, high-riding SUV. Even in my relatively incompetent hands, the X6 M managed speeds much higher than I would have thought possible through turns – thanks in part to the 4WD grip and clever torque-vectoring diffs. The most significant point of the X6 M for me though was the brakes. Having not driven in this environment before I wasn’t used to slamming on the brakes so often, but every time I did, the big X6 M scrubbed off speed in a way I’ve rarely felt before.

BMW_X6_M_228i_International_Media_Launch_2015_speedhunters_otis_blank 062

The X6 M does a great job of communicating to the driver – something many modern cars have trouble doing. The feedback through the brake pedal was dynamic and confidence inspiring. It sort of had two stages; the first is the initial lighter braking that has less sensation but a good weight to it. Press harder than that and the pedal starts to communicate more directly the pain that you’re now putting the brakes through in the form of much firmer and slightly shuddery feedback.

BMW_X6_M_228i_International_Media_Launch_2015_speedhunters_otis_blank 067

After six laps that feel way too short, it was back to the pits for cool down. Now properly awake, all I wanted to do was get back on the track to see what improvements I could make. I did eventually get the chance to do another six laps, but it still wasn’t quite enough – I still felt like I could go faster. I imagine I would feel the same way even after 60 laps though.

Scenic Driving
BMW_X6_M_228i_International_Media_Launch_2015_speedhunters_otis_blank 019

With a good amount of sweat expended behind the wheel on track, the next part of the day was sounding just fine. It was now my turn to drive the X6 M on a much more leisurely run through some local scenery.

BMW_X6_M_228i_International_Media_Launch_2015_speedhunters_otis_blank 044

For this part of the experience I was partnered up with another journalist for the ride. While I like a good solo drive, this isn’t such a bad thing, as having someone to help navigate unfamiliar territory is pretty helpful. Guidebooks are left in the cars and feature turn-by-turn directions and photos of the intersections and junctions. But even with the visual assistance, I managed to get us off course pretty much straight away when it was my turn to do the guiding.

BMW_X6_M_228i_International_Media_Launch_2015_speedhunters_otis_blank 043

With my mind off chasing quicker lap times I had the chance to take in the simple beauty of the X6 M’s interior. These press cars were all specced the same and they all looked great to my eyes, though I’m a sucker for rich tan leather.

BMW_X6_M_228i_International_Media_Launch_2015_speedhunters_otis_blank 041

I’ve seen it before in other models from BMW, but I especially like the steering wheel. In addition to feeling right in your hands, it also just looks cool.

BMW_X6_M_228i_International_Media_Launch_2015_speedhunters_otis_blank 042

Just past the wheel are the blade-esque shift paddles that offer immediate control of the 8-speed transmission. Despite that number of forward gears almost becoming the standard these days, it still sounds a little weird to me. But in practice the transmission was fantastic. Shifts are snappy and intuitive, a tremendous improvement over the last paddle-shifted BMW I was lucky enough to drive – an E60 M5.

BMW_X6_M_228i_International_Media_Launch_2015_speedhunters_otis_blank 036

The part of Texas we got to drive through is peppered with old barns and other remnants of bygone days. It was also a lot greener than I had anticipated – probably not what you imagine when you think of the Lone Star state. We stopped at this old gas pump for some photos and to do a quick driver swap.

BMW_X6_M_228i_International_Media_Launch_2015_speedhunters_otis_blank 037

As cool as this spot may have been, I wish we had stopped at more. Regrettably, this was the only time we took a photography break while on the route.

BMW_X6_M_228i_International_Media_Launch_2015_speedhunters_otis_blank 027

Now safely back at Circuit of The Americas, I took the chance to get some more shots of the X6 Ms in the pit area before it was time to drive the 228i. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t hovering just a little bit, hoping for the chance to get on track again, even though it technically wasn’t my turn.

BMW_X6_M_228i_International_Media_Launch_2015_speedhunters_otis_blank 030

It wasn’t to be, however. My driving partner called me over, key in hand for the 228i. Though I’d rather be on track, a top-down drive in a luxury sport convertible on a lovely day sounds okay, I guess.

BMW_X6_M_228i_International_Media_Launch_2015_speedhunters_otis_blank 050

I wouldn’t kick it out of the garage, but I have to be honest and say that I wasn’t really taken by the little 2 Series. In regular driving modes handling and general driver input feel was wholly uninspiring, and it felt little different than cars that might be considered more pedestrian.

BMW_X6_M_228i_International_Media_Launch_2015_speedhunters_otis_blank 048

Deficiencies in driver feedback are somewhat alleviated when you put it in Sport mode, but it just isn’t enough. It may be lighter and lower to the ground, but the 2 felt less connected to the road than the X6 M did. This says more about the bulky SUV than it does the compact convertible if you ask me though.

BMW_X6_M_228i_International_Media_Launch_2015_speedhunters_otis_blank 057

In real world driving the 228i was certainly pleasant – just boring. Even though it has 50/50 weight distribution, rear-wheel drive, and good power, it just sort of adds up to nothing. I don’t think the 228i Convertible was made for someone like me though. I haven’t driven one, but I imagine the M235i would be a better fit.

BMW_X6_M_228i_International_Media_Launch_2015_speedhunters_otis_blank 056

I might have gripes with how it drives, but I do like the way the car looks. Styling-wise I think it’s an overall success, though the rear looks a little weaker to me on this version.

BMW_X6_M_228i_International_Media_Launch_2015_speedhunters_otis_blank 059

I think my time with the Convertible may have been tainted by the excess of the X6 M. The power of the M-car is simply addicting and the weaker 228i just doesn’t scratch the same itch. If I had gone through the day in reverse order, I think my words about it may have been different.

BMW_X6_M_228i_International_Media_Launch_2015_speedhunters_otis_blank 084

As someone who was on the outside looking in for a very long time, I had heard a little and wondered a lot about what it might be like to actually attend one of these launches. With an incredible one now under my belt, I can say my first was every bit as great as I had hoped it would be – and more. May I please do another?

Otis Blank
Instagram: otisblank



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Awesome article Glad you had fun out there! Don't worry about your driving skills either bro trust me they'll improve over time with more experiences like that. Great article Otis!!!


Speedhunters can we PLEASE get a "sound week"? Im sure everyone would love to have a week dedicated to the most beautiful sounding machines around!


CharlesChris15 Speedhunters Go to car throttle on you tube they have Awesome sound complations!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UcEch55qe98


1. Curse SUV's that are style like coupes. And their performance versions.
2. Dat 2-series. Give it to me. My box flares and M6-sourced engine are ready.


I also attended at a few BMW events and I can say that they are superb.
Doing stunts on two wheels with the X5, driving a wet circuit in a 330xD and doing some high speed pursuit in a M6 .... what's not to like?


Nice article Otis, shame about not getting more pics of the X6 when you were out.

I think it's important to remember who these cars are marketed for. It seems like you're comparing the two cars which I think is unfair. The 228i is a sporty convertible aimed for people who want exactly that, top down and a little bit of poke when required, it's tamer than the X6M but that's the point. I'd say the X6 is a more driver focused, performance orientated car even although it does weigh significantly more than the 228i. All I'm saying is I think the two cars require a different mindset when reviewing.


Great story Otis!


So, the 240hp $38k convertible was boring to drive after you spent a bunch of time in a $105k 560hp X6M?
This sounds like some serious #FirstWorldProblems...

good thing you don't get paid enough as a Speedhunters employee to actually afford either car.


Ross Callaghan Thanks! 

It's most definitely unfair, but given my limited experience with cars in either category and the fact that I drove them back to back and in the same area the comparison is sort of inevitable. Going in I actually expected to enjoy the 2 series more, given the points I mentioned (50/50 weight distrubution, good power, convertible) and the fact that I usually gravitate towards smaller cars for driving pleasure. But it just lacked any of the excitement I would expect from what is supposed to be a fun car. For me, it's not a bad car, but its not really a good car. The X6 M, to me, IS a good car, based on the way it drives at least. I agree they require different mind sets and I think I was pretty fair in that regard though this sort of thing is very subjective.


@TheDude Hi TheDude, you are a pleasant person! I addressed the #firstworld nature of this whole story right at the top. I'm a lucky SOB but the 2er was still boring to me, as was the 1series I once drove. A higher price and more HP doesn't make a car better, but in this case that's the truth.



1. They're dumb but fun! I would never buy one but I had a good time behind the wheel.

2. That's a car I would like to see!


When compared to a review one would see in something like road and track you can definitely tell that this was your first such test. And in all honesty I think that perspective made this review a much more interesting read. Looks like a fun day!


I was at this event, I have only been on a few race tracks in my day both in personal vehicles and others... got my butt kicked by the pro driver and another "seasoned" journalist. Nice write up. The X6 impressed the heck out of me. Do I want it? Nah. But is it good? Yes.


Great article! 
PS: shots with 85mm1.8 are out of focus.


LevonZiroyan Thanks! 
Yes I'm aware, though I wish I knew before I put them on the computer! I got a new camera and apparently the AF system needed fine tuning. Some shots with the 35mm are incorrectly focused as well.


X6 is still an ugly car...but i do like that colour!


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