Hakosuka Gone Wild

So you got your Hakosuka, it’s not a rare 2000GT-R KPGC10 model, which means you can go pretty wild on it in an effort to create your perfect old school Japanese performance car. What would you do?

Well, just in case you are looking for inspiration, I hunted down a couple of superb examples at the recent Nostalgic 2days in Yokohama, and today I’m going to show you the first one. The shop behind this stunning build is Osaka-based TeaValley – the same company that wowed us at this event last year with their interpretation of the ultimate resto-modded S31 Z.


The theme is very much the same as the Fairlady: an old chassis injected with a bunch of modern touches to make it fun drive and equally special to look at. While this sounds like an easy enough prospect, it can sometimes be hard to limit yourself, and if you aren’t careful you can create something that just doesn’t look quite right. There’s no such worry with this car though. I love the subtle exterior – a fresh, bumper-less body with a simple few coats of white paint, highlighted by carbon fiber fender flares and a raked GT-R spoiler.


It’s the engine bay, however, that really impresses. With the bonnet removed for the show, it’s not hard to see why there was a constant group of people gathered around, admiring the work that’s gone into it.


Built specifically for Nostalgic 2days, this is a ground-up restoration with many custom touches. The chassis, for example, has strengthened suspension turrets, and the engine itself is an L28 that’s been bored and stroked to 3.2L and is running pretty much the best components you could throw at it.


It breathes through a trio of Solex 50mm carbs finished off with some rather sexy looking velocity stacks. Power output is well over 100hp-per-liter, and to put all of that performance to the road the driveline comprises of a beefed-up 71C transmission and an R200 rear end. Impressed yet?


The level of detail is absolutely mind-blowing. Just look at the bonded carbon treatment in the engine bay!


To keep the built motor happy on hot days of spirited driving there’s a custom radiator with a baffled section so the crank-mounted fan can work to its maximum efficiency.


RAYS Volk Racing TE37Vs are a great choice for the car I thought – they have all the benefits of a modern lightweight forged wheel, yet the right sort of deep-dish look that an older car like this needs. Behind them is TeaValley’s own 4-pot braking system, making sure the car stops as well as it accelerates.


The dampers and suspension links have all been upgraded too – one of the areas where the Hakosuka really suffers, simply due to its age.

I’ll be dedicating a full feature to this car soon, but I just couldn’t wait to share a few images of it with you first. But stay tuned as I’ll soon be taking a look at OS Giken’s interpretation of the ultimate old school Skyline. If you’re loving TeaValley’s build, you’ll definitely want to see that…

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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Best looking hako ever!


Dino, I remember hearing people say car culture is shrinking in Japan. Would you agree or disagree?


It is for the younger generation, they are more interested in smart phones and their hair lol

Tasos Papazachariou

I've been trying to type something for 5 mins or so but can't come to a conclusion.I'm speechless :D


speedhunters_dino so stink if that really is the case.


Is that the stock tail lights ?


This car is just perfect, love it even more with the L28 under the hood. 
No rear bumper?


speedhunters_dino I disagree.... I care about cars more than my hair (sometimes both need equal care) haha


I'm surprised on the wheel stretch. It's not the worst I've seen, but it definitely looks like it could have a little more sidewall given the fender flares.


If i won the lotto i would buy a Hakosuka cause i find them really nice


Interesting to see them run the fuel lines into the cf inner fender and not down under the firewall.  Also, running a Kameari twin idler gear kit which alone runs $800.00 usd.


has anyone did an RB swap on these?


Like a restomod japanese classic but still using the original type motor. I'd be curious to know the output too, over 320 hp is impressive. Love it!

then I saw the fake AN dress up on the rad hose..................


im so stoked to see the OS giken one!!!! 420 naturally aspirated ponies


would look way better with bumpers on in my opinion


AdamBezzegh Yes. Many people have.




that engine bay is nice


widen those rear tires


Another l28 I'd be interested in seeing is that Air Breathing Research twin turbo. I wonder if Dino could feature any midnight club cars. If they're still around that is

turbo BEAMS ae86

Brad_S yes,, show them! top speed running


I would kill for sure only to drive this car.


dino, are examples of this quality common in japan?? 
who are tea valley and is this car for sale??


Urghhh this is so perfect and I NEED it in my life!!!


WTF is going on with that rear wheel gap?


CadeJohnson Function > Form


Its pretty sweet...but id fill those holes smooth and shave it...


oldschoolcat  This car is great and all, but recoil is in a different universe.  Can someone explain "bonded c.f. treatment", surely it's not just carbon-look vinyl?  And the fake radiator hose braid really disappoints.


If only these cars were less expensive!!! I believe that if i owned one somehow a rb30 would find a snug home in it! Love the coverage as always Dino!!!


What would you choose between this and your Z?


speedhunters_dino Good. That means they can ship all their unwanted R32/3/4's, S-chassis, Type R's, Supra's, and other greats to America, where the younger generation truly appreciates them haha


RDS They are 69' sedan tail lights with the bezels removed.


RDS I think they're "frenched", which means they're mounted behind the body, giving it a flush look. I personally haven't seen any Hakosukas with that type of mod. (This is why you can still see the mounting holes around the perimeter of the lights.)


BenFreifeld CadeJohnson Except those stretched tyres suggest otherwise....


KeatonBelliston RDS The lenses always mount behind the body and the bezels sit on the outside.  Works cars didn't run bezels so it's a common look.  The only difference here is that they are sedan tail lights that have the reverse light in them as opposed to having them in the bumper.


otsukimi exactly what I was thinking. How is it cool to go bumperless? It looks terrible and unfinished


jonceballos That is right. It's the middle photo of bumper replacement . I changed the rear bumper to veilside.


Then I changed the front to bnr34 face .


CadeJohnson the rear trailing arm can only go so low before theres zero suspension travel. its extremely difficult to get really low in the back and still function well. even though some halos still go stupid low out back..


teeson i think its super hard to get the giant -an hoses in japan, I've seen a lot of vintage cars run these rad hose dress up kits to try to mimic the fuel lines lol