Production Ready At Last:</br> Honda’s 306hp Civic Type R

The 2015 Geneva Motor Show is upon us, and while Jonathan will be reporting live from the event floor in Switzerland over the course of the coming week, we just have to share with you the production-ready version of the highly anticipated new-gen Honda Civic Type R ahead of the press day.

There’s been no shortage of rumours, teaser images and videos since a replacement to the FD2 and FN2 variants was first talked about five long years ago, but now we are just a few short months away from an all-new Civic Type R hitting the streets – in Europe at least anyway.


Apart from the car’s opinion-dividing, yet aerodynamic-focussed styling – the byproduct of countless hours of computer-based CFD modelling and wind tunnel testing at Honda’s automotive motorsports facility in Sakura, Japan – the big news is the hot hatch’s turbocharged engine. A factory-boosted Honda DOHC VTEC engine has been a long time coming, but, on paper at least, the specs of the Civic Type R’s 2.0L direct-injected turbo mill make it seems like time well spent: 306hp at 6,500rpm and 400Nm at 2,500rpm.


A proper look at the VTEC TURBO engine would have been nice, but so far it’s just numbers that Honda are throwing around. And here’s some more: 0-100km/h (62mph) in 5.7 seconds and a top speed of 270km/h (167mph). There’s only one transmission choice and it’s a proper 6-speed manual.


Given its front-wheel drive layout, putting all the performance to the ground in an effective manner was one of the biggest challenges for Honda’s engineers. According to the carmaker though, they achieved what they set out to do through an advanced new suspension arrangement. On top of a four-point Adaptive Damper System, which enables continuous independent control of each wheel, there’s a Dual Axis Strut Front Suspension design that helps to reduce torque steer while enhancing high speed stability and hard cornering, along with an H-shaped torsion beam constructed with a bespoke ‘crushed pipe’ to improve rear roll rigidity. The brakes are by Brembo with 4-pot callipers clamping 350mm rotors at the front end, and the wheels are lightweight 19-inch numbers.


Although some of the Type R’s original raw character will undoubtedly have been lost in the transition to forced induction, it’s good to see some of the familiar traits carried over into the new car, including red Recaro seats, a titanium shift knob and alloy-faced pedals, plus the option of Championship White paint for the exterior. A new addition is the ‘+R’ button that Honda says increases the response of various chassis and drivetrain systems. When it’s activated the engine’s torque mapping is altered, the steering tightens and the suspension’s damping force increases by 30 per cent.


Five years in the making, has the wait been worth it? That remains to be truly understood, but if the 2015 Civic Type R’s performance credentials are anything to go by, then it’s highly likely. But let’s hear what you think in the comments section below…

Brad Lord



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turbo kicked in yoo!!


I hate to be one of these people but the turbo ruins it for me, I understand why they chose the turbo but I would rather have a high revving naturally aspirated engine and lighter chassis.


Despite popular hopes and beliefs, we'll probably get a more comfortable, less powerful Sedan version.


who is charge of honda in europe and why cant he be in charge of north america. this is what honda needs to boost the company forward again after the crz screw up. thank you for no hybrid and a third pedal.


Will this fit on moog's driveway?


Still like the car. It really wish they kept the taillights being integrated into the wing section though.


god its ugly


YES PLEASE.... this is what we need from japan after not so exciting new subbie...


Finally Honda after the civics and integras of the 90's and early 2000 make something that is not boring and dreadfull to look, drive and have. I've been looking forward for it to buy one after a test drive. I need a hothatch in my collection.


What would be awesome is probably none of you know is that Japanese car manufactures make stock 4WD cars. I bet there will be a 4WD civic made by a Japanese guy swapping parts around. Its been done before many times.


The 306hp, the suspension and the brakes were needed. The ugliness, the 5d and the loud design were not.


@Angelo 5D was definitely made so they can run it in certain races


KhaledDulli Won't happen. If you want NA power now is the time to get it. Safety regulations drive up weight, and fuel economy regulations are driving everyone to turbo engines. That's just the way it's going to be.
They didn't so much choose a turbo engine as much as it was chosen for them.


Spoon version please!


This much power on FWD.. The new AWD Focus won this round.

16 bad...the concept was soooo nice and then, after many many months they come up with this...


VTEC... turbo spool... both in one car... my Golly, Doc Brown, we have ourselves a time machine!


wow its so ugly ! and with that ridiculous plastic landscape in the interior ! amazing how wrong can go a simple concept ! this car will never get closer to the value of GTI performance or R version of the golf.


hideous. honda doesn't understand design.


Looks very heavy. Turbo's, intercoolers and all the associated ancillaries add lots of weight. Why not make it a hybrid and chuck in some AWD as well to really screw up the weight distribution. If honda really try to reduce weight it might, just might weight the same as a Bentley...

Not a fan.

Give me an EK9 anyday of the week


Haters can suck it. I'd take one in a heartbeat if they offer it to the US (please!)

Gianluca FairladyZ

I don't know guys... i just miss the old designs of the EK civics, S2000 and ITR's... this is what made me become a fan of the brand, and not a spaceship-design civic like that ride...   we'll see what future brings...


I really like the overall look of this Civic.. the only thing I dislike is the ride height which is a bit too high for such a sporty car. Other than that, it looks great, both exterior and interior.


Torsion beam...again?

Gonzalo Uruguay

Type R = Natural Aspirated, thats all i have to say.


too far from the concept look for me....


Yes please - this is very nice.


CharlesLau1 Let me remind you Megane trophy R has torsion beam too and I don´t think it´s a bad car lol. Also, 7:50 around the ring for pre production car seems good to me.


Really miss that integrated rear light / spoiler they had.... Looks really boring now knowing what they could've had :(


I'm seriously glad they dropped the dreadful concept car spoiler tail lights. Made it look like a ricer.


finally a worthy opponent for hot hatches from japan. Too bad the new Focus RS is now 4wd


and the concept spoiler was beautiful in comparison too... oh well. this is more user friendly.


AdamBezzegh BLASPHEMY!!!!


That's quite a horsepower jump from the last gen's 200

35 is this? *facepalm*


Gianluca FairladyZ So you want to see what the future brings, but you're not open to the newest creation from Honda? Makes sense...


@jay8393 yep it looks like a ricer not jdm but all new civics these days looks like ricers.


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So? A fast car isnt always fun :)


Ugliest thing Honda has ever made, those side vents, that cheap plastic look of the rear arches... May have a good engine, but if I had the money, I would go for a Focus RS instead.


Gonzalo Uruguay


Gonzalo Uruguay Never going to happen anymore with Euro 6 and CAFE 2020 in the states.


6A13TTFelipe you mean too bad the new civic isn't and?

Gianluca FairladyZ

cgpexcoupe Gianluca FairladyZ  well you can can see it how you want... what exactly makes you think i'm not open to this honda?


Gianluca FairladyZ cgpexcoupe Your wording, I suppose. "not a spaceship-design civic like that ride...   we'll see what future brings..." No harm done.

turbo BEAMS ae86

look fully Strange to me


AdamBezzegh Ill take the Type R in a roll race vs the RS lol


Thats the euro version, JDM's one us badass


Really why would anyone think Ford RS is awesome? I guess Ford knows how to market to the people who lack proper knowledge of cars and just want something that Ken Block drives...


KennedyCao Itsa cheat with semi's


meh looks alright but they should've gone awd to compete with ford.


This is the best a Chevy Volt will ever look. Ahhhm my apologies.. Honda.


@JimBeaf Ford invented the family sports car in the 60's. The Lotus Cortinas and Escorts of the 60s were legends when they were born and the various RS models have been carrying the torch for affordable fun cars ever since.


Once upon a time, I hated hatchbacks. Thought of them as ridiculous little shoe-shaped cars, not to be taken seriously.
But ultimately, my opinion changed and now, I like cars such as the City Turbo II and EP3 Civic. Yes, I actually like the EP3 Si. But I can't like this.

It's overstyled. The aforementioned hatches were clean and straightforward in their appearance. 

This, on the other hand, is totally radical to the extreme. 

It's the four-wheeled equivalent of a "tacticool" AR-15 - a gun that a guy outfits with a vertical foregrip, an EOTech holosight and a quad rail to go plinking soup cans at the range.

Thanks Honda, but I'll pass.


CharlesLau1 Keep in mind that the new Corvette Z06 pulls at least 1.1g on transverse leaf springs, the previous-generation Boss Mustang was outrunning the M3 around road courses on a solid rear axle and the new Hellcat Charger has a higher top speed than the high-tech GT-R.

It's not what you've got, it's how you use it.


ryukyustriker Here you go. 

It's mostly CR-V parts, since a CR-V's really nothing more than a Civic on stilts to begin with.


@JimBeaf what?
Maybe you don't know exactly why AWD is so important then.

Pete the perfect pilot

God that's ugly! Nicely specked though.


Although I dislike Honda for not bringing any exciting cars to the US since the S2000, and most people seem to hate this design, I quite like it.


I get what you're saying, but the AR you described would be quite conservative and functional.


EVO9 all day every day, instead of this.. factory-made boyracer-looking thing.


IbanezRG7 Yeah, you're right - for a lot of guys, that would be just about right, but for me that's a lot of extra stuff.

If Honda just went full "EP3 Microvan" with the shape and toned the styling down a few notches, this'd be fine.


Haters will hate... Otherwise why even bother read and post here...


Too early to judge :/


The last good-looking civic was the EG, so I wasn't expecting much from this.
Well, considering the designs from the last 10 years, one can't expect nothing from any brand.

So, considering only the mechanical part, it has everything to be a new main-stream success.



I just had really bad experience with the FN2R rear suspension setup.

Sometimes I wonder if it's a true type R

Chris 'Haffy' Hafner

Like Renault would've run the RS with crap street tyres :-D


Mindblown with the numbers, but don't like the styling.


It's good that it came out but it is a decade too late and still not available for North America.


Very nice, factory turbo will have no problems with reliability.


Rumours of 7m50s floating around already... Wow, I wonder if you get to keep all your teeth after that lap?


Chris 'Haffy' Hafner AsenTodorov AdamBezzegh KennedyCao Still a rumour, check to see when it is official.

Gianluca FairladyZ

cgpexcoupe Gianluca FairladyZ  only because i don't like the design, i didn't say i don't apreciate the effort and engineering that honda put into this little ride isn't it? so i'm very open to anything that the brand with the type R Logo brings.. If i like it or not, should probably not be your problem. but it's nice that i could get your attention :)


The design is competitive with whats out there, I don't see whats so different with this compared to other new cars out there. The RS is a boring looking car with a turbo and awd slapped on with no concern to new tech, Honda on the other hand is creating a 2.0L turbo with NA characteristics with the high revving nature known for hondas engines. I don't know, people want new cars with 70's tech?


Late to the game with the NSX, and now late to the game with this Type R...


RacingPast This rumors are bullshit ! :D Did on Semi's or i dont know how, but in real racing porsche's GT3 did it for 8:30- 8:50 :D :D :D


SRT FTW Thats right !  In that segment VW,Ford,Renault,Seat,BMW 1st,Audi S3, all has adjustable dampers that give you great comfort in everyday and all of them have great developed chassis. They all have advanced extremely fast gearboxes, very much custom options from the factory, 4WD and so on and so on.... ON THE SAME PRICE AS THIS CRAPY RIDE ! :D :D :D with cheap and ugly plastic interior with a few leather decorations. SO this will follow the destiny of CRZ :D


Welcome to the plastic universe ! :D


@john william Nah the EC/ED ones were the coolest. And the EK looked nice too. Things started going downhill afterwards.


I got nothing against the car going turbo. People have been boosting their Honda engines for decades. This is the same. Albeit safer and legal because OEM.

The styling though, is hard to defend. It looks like an Insight that is trying too hard to look buff.



Racing includes the gp portion of the track, so you can't compare.


SRT FTW still gonna be killing the game tho

Nicholas J OGara

The styling is very specific. Many people might dislike it's style but, the engineering is universal. I think we can all appreciate that as a whole. Honda spent a lot of time to develope this car and turned out an impressive product.
If you have the time, it's worth watching this thing move on "The Ring". It moves effortlessly, it looks like a rwd track car...not a "Honda".

Nicholas J OGara

-Funny story about this car-
I'm reading through the article yesterday on my break and the welder walks up. The welder, as in the guy...not the machine. This guy is old school, he drives a truck and rides his Harley on the weekends. He still believes in carbs over EFI -very strictly. This list goes on and on. We all know one of these guys if it isn't ourself. They are stuck on what they know and love. Good for them.
When he stands by my side and looks over the comments im reading, I scroll up and say "Look at the new Honda Civic (type r)".
Welder- Ohhhh god, another one of those things...
Me- Yeah, ha.... guess it's top speed
Welder- hmmm...140
Me- Keep going
Welder- uhhh. 160?...
Me- Ha! Keep going
Welder- no. NO....nah noo no!
Me- 167!.. as he is huffing and puffing his way back to his welder booth.
I began laughing and yelling for him to come back! I wanted to enlighten him a bit on this new Civic and try to bring him up to date with automotive technology. That wasn't going to happen.
Of all the time I've worked with him, I've never seen him so pissy. Thanks Honda. Thanks Speedhunters.


Wow they took away this awesome concept rear spoiler lights, and gave us side vents out of tesco. awesome honda.


I love it. I would totally purchase one!


You can really see the touring car lineage. Its so damn cool.


I don't get majority of the people that has left comments here. If the car is to Sober you complain cause you want something more flashy. If the car is flashy then you bitch about it that the car is ugly and bla bla bla.....But I don't read any of you complaining when ever Speedhunters feature a Car with a Varis Body Kit or so many other companys available witch is pretty often here. All I read is Praise to the Owner for the build of it how cool it llins and so on. So when a manufacture gave us a Car that you can buy and drive it happily cause it looks Sportier and Racing and does not need body kit or adding fender flares or anything else and that is fully functional to aid the car in the aerodynamics department wich = better overall performance handling, efficiency etc.. You complain and bitch about it.?? Really?!
So basically you all telling me that you like boring, hideous and plain styles so that you can buy them & spend a few $£€¥¥₤ thousands on paint and body kits to change the style and then after spending stupid amount of money you are happy with the car that looks lest hideous.
Have the world gone Mad???


Dual Axis Strut Front Suspension? WTF is that? Honda's version of Toyota's Super Strut? Why can't Honda go back to double-wishbones all around, lightweight chassis, low hood lines, the works.


wujaszyna I knew that was gonna happen.


Nicholas J OGara " It moves effortlessly, it looks like a rwd track car...not a Honda."
That's because it IS a Honda, and it moves accordingly.


ThelamusCeasar More like 2 decades late. First Civic Type R came out in 1997.


RSAnthony EK is just a facelift, albeit a major one, of the EG.


AdamBezzegh How's Evo 9 not a "factory-made boyracer-looking thing"?


DanielOliva No reason to go with AWD if it's Honda, but for any other car manufacturer who attempted to make a proper FWD and failed? Sure, by all means.


CharlesSangollo There is no JDM one.


Emptypie 6A13TTFelipe And why is that?


cgpexcoupe Gianluca FairladyZ Spaceship-design = Future?

How do you explain the FR-S then? Why can't Honda release a similar-sized, low roof, low and longer hoodline FWD car and call it an Integra?


AdamBezzegh But it's a Ford.


aw318i If they will sell them in Japan.


ryukyustriker Civic is not sold in Japan anymore, but they will probably import the Type R model like they did with previous generation and called it Civic Type R Euro. We'll see.


EhruMejil Get yourself a Ford then.


apex_DNA ryukyustriker You are correct. I haven't lived in Japan for four years now. Since then Japan's economy has totally tanked. The car scene in japan is really just a skeleton now. You should have seen it in its prime. We had soo much fun. I think they are making it only in Europe of alot of reasons. First 300+HP honda or any other car has no place in Japan due to huge taxes. They are ridiculous on that one for sure. Did you know before you could even buy the car you have to have a place to park it? You actually have to measure out the parking place and submit it to a Police station. The check it to see if your BSing. Then here comes the ridiculuos taxes. First of all 300 HP means the most expensive bracket of yearly taxes called Road Tax. No to mention every two years a stringent Car inspeciton another tax. After you lived in japan and went through all that headache you start to wonder is it really worth it .



ryukyustriker apex_DNA I've heard all about it, my buddy has moved to Japan last August and has yet to buy a car. On the contrary, with weaker yen Japanese car parts have become affordable again, for those of us with stronger currencies at least.


you're welcome


honda is back :D


AdamBezzegh And the Evo with it's wing is not boy-racer? smh


AsenTodorov It'll never get close because you don't look how it looks? That makes no sense.


Don't bring this to America - give us an RT-AWD Honda Fit/Jazz with the 1.6 turboed.  200hp awd and a 6spd at an Impreza price.  Then we'll finally have something other countries want.  Wagonvan/Shuttle baby - please bring it back.  It's hard to be a Honda enthusiast when cheaper Subies win on AWD, HP, performance...  I love you Honda.


Well when FD2 came out, many people didn't like the design because it's a 4-door sedan. But they love it eventually.


apex_DNA Nicholas J OGara lolz


TheDude69 SRT FTW i forsee it flopping....just my opinion.


@j_kouki hee hee

Tasos Papazachariou

Not sure how I feel about a turbo v-tech but it looks like a great car!


I thought phones were illegal to use when driving...


It's most likely a variation of the dual ball joint setup found on the 97-01 Prelude Type-SH.


Prelude Type SH or not, all Hondas made between the year 1990 and 2000 had unequal length double-wishbone suspension design at all four corners (at least those that were sold in US).


Some of you are saying such off the wall shit that Honda should of done....It's Honda, we know they will not build an AWD platform...stfu with that. I honestly love Honda's for what they are and would be happy to own one of these. I'm in love with it honestly. You know what...I own a Wrx and a Rsx and most would be upset to know which one I enjoy driving the most. It's like Tsuchiya says about 86's! That guy drives some of the sickest and fastest cars out there and at the end of the day his most favorable cars are not the high powered ones. He chooses the 86 and the S2000 for one reason. They're FUN cars not because the shit is fast as all hell. Honda knows how to build cars and knows how to satisfy their Enthusiasts (They just hate Americans) No matter what kind of car I own I will always be a die hard H fan, they just make some of the BEST cars. Get over yourselves!


What's a WRX? A Corolla with boxer engine and a fancy AWD system? An RSX is a technological wonder compared to a WRX.


Bah, i really can't stand what Honda has put out the last few years, design wise. Such ugly things..the last somewhat good looking civic was the ep3


just gald to see honda  still can put out a performance car regardless if i like it or not. when honda starts dropin type R's it makes other car companies pick it up. Its a win win for car guys


The 2015 Geneva Motor Show is upon us. Yesss. i like this
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Its ok my 13 year old mustang is still faster on the 0-60


Yeah, but it's still a Mustang, and just like there are people that look down on Civics, there are as many if not more people that put down Mustangs or anything American for that matter. Nothing against pony cars, but you're comparing grapefruits to oranges.


solid rear. really? guess thats were they cut costs


@Dom fd2r might well have a say about that

Cristian Armenteros

7:50 on Nurburgring Nordshleife. End of my post.


@Ice Age Know what this car is.


My dad has a corvette and a Mercedes


@Ice Age @Townes A TypeR.


Cristian Armenteros

7'50" on Nurburgring Nordshleife. Shut up!