DTM Aspirations:</br> The Clever 190E 2.3-16
The ’80s: A Pivotal Decade

When it comes to cool, can any other decade possibly come close to the ’80s? I don’t think so… I may have only been a young kid at the time, but if you asked me to think back to those days, I would have a flurry of images rushing through my head: vivid colors, big hair, Miami Vice, Queen, stone-washed jeans, Cosby sweaters, Back To The Future – and extreme cheesiness. But all in a good way, of course.

Yep, the ’80s were an awesome time – especially when it came to interesting cars. This is the era when Japanese manufacturers embraced turbocharging with open arms, giving birth to an evolution of cheap and fantastic Japanese sportscars – not to mention an aftermarket tuning scene that trailed not too far behind it. But more specific to the story I have for you today, it marked the beginning of the great German horsepower race.


It was around the middle of the decade that Mercedes-Benz decided to take its best-selling sedan and breathe some more performance into it. Thanks to a great collaboration with Cosworth, the W201 was the first of its breed to receive a 16V motor. Little did Benz know at the time, but the cylinder head upgrade made to 2.3L M102 four-banger would be the catalyst for big things to come.


It was this car – the 190E 2.3-16 that sent shockwaves through the M-department at BMW, and they quickly fought back with the now-legendary 1986 E30 M3, one year after the E28 M5 hit dealerships. It was the beginning of something great – powerful performance versions of the smaller cars that each of the two German giants produced; a battle that continues to this day.


But enough with the history lesson, because I want to get to this rather special and unique interpretation of the original hot version of the W201. When I first laid eyes on this 2.3-16 at the recent Battle Evome event, it was parked up at the bottom end of the Tsukuba Circuit paddock with its carbon bonnet propped open.


While this model isn’t as hard to find in Japan as they might be in other countries – the same with anything else automotive that is rare, limited edition or highly sought after – there was something different about this particular car. A few steps closer and I knew I had stumbled across something very special. No, it wasn’t down-to-the-last-detail factory perfect – it was almost the complete opposite. This was a 190E 2.3-16 built for time attack, and that my friends had me salivating like a teenage boy at an ’80s Madonna concert!


I took one look at the interior and merely glanced in the engine bay, and had seen enough to ask the owner if he’d mind setting some time aside for me at the end of the day for a shoot. It’s cars like these that I dream about finding for you in Japan, so I couldn’t believe my luck on that freezing Sunday morning.


Everything inside this car hints at its repurposing. Once a relatively fast, hot version of a compact family saloon – now a stripped-out hunter of speed. The oversized ’80s Benz steering wheel has been thrown out – in its place a chunky SARD suede-wrapped unit offering the grip a dedicated track car requires.


There is little left in the interior – well, nothing at all really, except for a Recaro SPG bucket seat flanked by a 6-point Sabelt harness.


Matsumoto-san, the owner and driver of this W201, no longer stares at the original big stock gauges with yellow-needles; in their place is a Stack dash unit sunken into a carbon fiber shroud that’s simple and to the point. The portion of the centre console that housed the headunit as well as the water temperature gauge, clock and volt meter has been gutted out and closed off with a sheet of dry carbon. On top is a Lap Shot lap timer to record lap times as the 190E passes over the start/finish line at Tsukuba. And then there’s the HKS F-CON V Pro sub-computer, which hints that things may not be too stock in the engine department either…


While the stock cards have been retained for the front doors, the rears have been stripped off and sealed away with some carbon sheeting. The glass too has been removed and replaced with appropriately cut Lexan equivalents. And that’s a good thing, because we all know how sturdy and over-engineered every component of these ’80s Benzes are. The glass was probably bulletproof, you know, just in case.


When I say the interior is gutted, I’m not using the word lightly! And just because Matsumoto-san likes things to be done properly he didn’t just leave a mess of half scraped away sound deadening, padding, foam and other miscellaneous crap. Oh no, he cleaned it all up before applying a fresh few coats of gloss black paint. This is refreshing to see in Japan, as presentation – especially in cars where function reigns over form – is something that’s often overlooked.

DTM As Inspiration

Most of the upgrade work was carried out at Motor Racing Clever – a small shop that specialises in custom work and racecar preparation. And stay with me, as this gets even better once we look at the exterior of the car…


It’s all about subtlety here. Take the beautifully fitted carbon bonnet for example – it’s been left unpainted as from a distance it sort of looks like the same colour as the rest of the almost black, dark silver metallic exterior. Of course, it shaves off precious weight too – the stock item having probably been made out of cast iron from an old German bank vault.


The body kit additions are from an Evo I – a subsequent version of the model that received the slightly larger and more powerful engine. It’s a tasteful addition, which while not as in your face as the overfender-equipped Evo II variant, sets the whole stance of the car off very well. Matsumoto built an under panel which extends well under the engine bay, and in true DTM fashion it protrudes out at the front with a carbon lip held in place by a couple of support rods.


While the wheel diameter of 17 inches has remained the same as factory spec, the style couldn’t be any more different – or more to the point, spot on! A 190E 2.3-16 on RAYS Volk Racing CE28Ns? Seriously, I was sold on the look as soon as I caught my first glance of the rim combo! Spacers help them sit just right under the pumped arches, and seeing the car is built only for time attack, the forged monoblock wheels are fitted with super sticky Advan A050 semi slicks front and rear.


The Benz rides on a set of custom-built coilovers – TRD dampers with Swift springs at the front and Konis at the rear mated to Eibach springs. Pillow ball type bushings get rid of any possible slack, while a set of adjustable front upper mounts allows Matsumoto to run the sort of negative camber necessary to extract the very best out of the Yokohama rubber. Considering the extreme diet the car has been put on, hitting the scales at just a whisker over a ton – 1,020kg to be precise – stopping was never going to be that much of an issue.


But seeing as brake performance can seriously impact your time on track, calipers and discs from an E500 were fitted in place of the stock setup front and rear. Oh, and there’s no ABS to speak of, as the above image hints at.


More weight was shaved off at the rear thanks to the use of a dry carbon trunk lid painted to match the rest of the body panels.

A New Breath Of Life

Okay, okay – I won’t beat around the bush any longer, here’s the bit that I know everyone will want a closer look at…


As expected, presentation in the engine bay is superb. Time has been taken to simplify things, including the horrible factory plastic radiator overflow tank which has been replaced by a smaller aluminium item that’s hidden behind the primary bulkhead. The engine looks fresh thanks to the modern crackle finish on the cam and pulley covers, but the real interesting bits are beneath it. You seen, after blowing the original motor Matsumoto had Motor Racing Clever do – pardon the cheesy pun – clever things with the engine. They started by sourcing a 2.5L bottom end from the Evo I version, and then rebuilt it with a one-off set of Carillo H-section connecting rods and Nissan VQ35DE pistons – the latter a perfect fit for the bore.


The Cosworth twin cam head that made these engines so special was ported and polished to increase flow and then mated to quad throttle bodies borrowed from a Toyota AE101-spec 4A-GE. Hey, whatever works, right? On the exhaust side the stock exhaust manifold has been retained, but a one-off exhaust system has been fabricated to get the best balance between intake and exhaust pressure. Fuel injection was revised too with a more modern rail and line layout, while cooling was taken care of with a thin, vertically-mounted oil cooler positioned right alongside the stock radiator.


You can see the braided oil lines that run to and from it, as well as the wooden aero under-tray beneath the engine.


It was when the engine was out for the rebuild that the chassis was treated to the refresh, and that extended to a clean up and a new coat of paint inside the engine bay too.


The larger capacity engine delivers quite a lot more power, not to mention response. And oh yeah – the sound is pretty damn special too!


Matsumoto-san wasn’t about to let his freshly-built motor breathe hot air through a set of velocity stacks without any sort of filtering, so he built his own carbon fiber intake plenum. The chamber covers the four throttle bodies and connects down to a little grille-mounted air cleaner element, again housed in a carbon fiber box. I’d consider this a ram-air type system, and it helps greatly in supplying the engine with a constant stream of cool air. The driveline hasn’t been forgotten either and received an E30 M3 clutch – the two cars shared the same 5-speed Getrag transmission with dog-leg first – as well as a Toyota 7.5-inch rear diff running a Cusco 2-way LSD with a 3.5:1 final to bring the gear ratios closer together.


In stock configuration the 2.3-litre motor made 185hp. which for 1986 wasn’t too shabby. Now, with its 2.5-litre bottom end, plus a host of custom touches and modern fixes, it’s able to deliver 250hp thanks to the custom-mapped ECU that Motor Racing Clever cleverly programmed. Okay, I’ll stop it!


In all of its entirety, this 190E makes for one of the freshest cars I’ve come across in Japan, in a very long time.


It’s not built to impress, and it’s not built to get likes on Facebook and Instagram. It’s simply all been put together to cut quick lap times.


Currently Matsumoto has been able to extract a 1’03″007 at Tsukuba – which he did that morning at Battle Evome. He’s still not entirely come to grips with the new setup, but he has plenty of time to get used to the car and will no doubt have a ton of fun while doing so.

I hope you enjoyed checking his car out with me, but now it’s time to go off on an internet search to see just how much these 190Es go for these days… Long live the ’80s!

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino

Clever Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.3-16

Max Power: 250hp, Weight: 1,020kg, Tsukuba Best Lap: 1’03″007

Mercedes-Benz 2.5-litre block, Carillo one-off H-section connecting rods, Nissan VQ35DE pistons, modified oil jets, custom-ported Cosworth DOHC 16V head, Toyota AE0101 4A-GE throttle bodies, one-off carbon fiber intake plenum, one-off carbon fiber ram-air airbox, stock exhaust manifold, one-off custom exhaust system, HKS F-CON V Pro ECU

Factory 5-speed Getrag transmission, E30 M3 Evolution clutch, Toyota 7.5-inch diff housing, Cusco 2-way LSD, 3.5:1 final

One-off coilover front dampers using TRD 5-step adjustable dampers & 10kg/mm Swift springs, front adjustable pillow upper mounts, Koni Racing Formula rear dampers mounted on pillow balls, Eibach 1300lb rear springs, E500 calipers/rotors

RAYS Volk Racing CE28N 17×8.5-inch +30 (front), 17×9-inch +22 (rear), Yokohama Advan A050 225/45R17 (front), 245/40R17 (rear)

190E Evo I aero kit, Craft Square carbon mirrors, carbon bonnet, dry carbon trunk lid, Lexan windows

Fully stripped out & repainted interior, Recaro SPG bucket seat, Sabelt 6-point harness, SARD steering wheel, Stack dash unit, stripped center console & transmission panel, Odyssey battery mounted diagonally across from driver for weight balance

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Dimitry Mochkin

Thank you Dino for an amazing article about an amazing car. Something about 190E's always appealed to me. It's just the pure aggression together with incredibly simple look. It's awesome! And this car is the embodiment of awesome!


More cars like this, please. Clean, well executed, and stylish without being over the top. Anyone would be proud to own a car like this.


Dangerous seatbelt setup with the angle of mount too low. Spine compression.


Amazing article and amazing car. I love the 190E and hope it doesn't go up in value like the e30 any time soon because I've always wanted to get one soon. Although it'll be the more tamer non-Cozzy version and possibly do a complete rebuild so that it can match the performance of modern cars. I agree though the Evo I bodykit is less in your face than the Evo II, But if he had the Evo II spoiler it'd be completely bad-ass. And it's not rice. I don't think.


This article make me feel bad for allowing my 2.3-16 to sit in the weeds with a busted rear window and filled with salt. Damn hurricane.


A good mix of EuDM and JDM tech. Nice article, as always.


great harness anchor placement


This car desperately needs a cage, a splitter that isn't merely pretending, and a driver who knows how to release brake pressure.


@Meh So critical...


Miketejero Thanks!


@Daniel Fix it up!!


John Key NZ Just spotted an Evo II on the street a few days ago. Instant IG upload lol


Dimitry Mochkin My pleasure :)


Sickest Mercedes Ever, Love it <3


Jesus id like to se your race car buddy. Learn to appreciate other peoples work


I'd have to say this is my new favorite feature. right after that white datsun 610 wagon a ways back. looks like a proper monster


Top Gear did a great feature on this car. Check it out.


This is what something a good car builder is. He does not really care whether the parts are from other automotive brands which some people do not like (everything must be Merc or tuning companies built parts bolt on).

They are just aftermarket parts selected by other car manufacturers and adapted onto the car to improve its performance.

Thank you so much Dino for the article.


speedhunters_dino Don't get me wrong, it's moving in the right direction, but you have to agree that a car "put together to cut quick lap times" absolutely needs proper safety provisions, especially in the hands of someone who'd lock the fronts long enough to produce that much smoke.  I fear for this guy.


SH is on a winning streak.  The NSX, Supra, and this 190E are spectacular!  Keep it comin!


Anyone have video of this Benz ? I'd love to hear it runs !


speedhunters_dino That requires money. Worse than that, it's sitting with two other cars on a friend's property. All three need to make the 20 mile journey to my house on a trailer.


F20crolla I appreciate at least 90% of the car.  That wasn't apparent in my comment because my comment had nothing to do with the things I appreciate about it.  Please don't assume so much.  And I'm sure you'd like to see my race car.  It's a work in progress, but I knew where to begin.  It has a lovely 8-point cage.  E-mail?  Facebook?


hmariano987 a cursory glance at the interior tells me the idea of crashing the car at high speeds hasn't even crossed the owner's mind
he won't be worrying about spinal compression from the improper belt anchoring when the roof is crushing him in his super sick Recaro


waste of a legendary car..


1'03" around Tsukuba is nothing to scoff at!


@Meh F20crolla
"Please don't assume so much"? You looked at a picture of some smoking
tires and assumed that the driver didn't just didn't know, rather than
that he might have been doing it for dramatic effect. Almost as though,
for example, he were participating in a photo shoot.When
you're out there setting lap times, like the owner of this car, I'm sure
Dino will come find you. Until then, you don't need to be talking shit about anyone else's ability on Speedhunters.


speedhunters_dino You say it wasnt built to impress. but damn is it impressive. Another great read.


That's quite a lot of Toyota parts in this car. LOL!
I'd say this is the best-looking and most unique 190E 2.3-16 that I've seen so far.


Great article and great shots for a great car!
Well done Dino, as usual!
P.S.: i agree with @Meh that he needs a roll cage... 1'03"00 is not a bad time at all.

Muhammad Haqy Aunoora

even though it wasn't built to get likes on facebook, i think it will get millions of likes if you posted some photos on

the benz master

AdamBezzegh this is not a real evo1. it's just a modified 2.3-16. The inner fender in the engine bay were much larger on evo's.. while this one has regular 190e inner fenders.

Nothing wasted here, just made it better

Tasos Papazachariou

Those puns lol!Such a brilliant car,and it has a lot of potential too.

Unrelated,Dino what lenses do you usually bring with you and what is your most used one,if I may ask?


Now there's a smart 190E build, tip of the cap to the builder for that engine work.


Muhammad Haqy Aunoora on?


superpern Thanks! We have seen time and time again that ages aren't the Japanese's strength...


jay8393 Yep!


willis85 speedhunters_dino Thanks! Hard not to walk away impressed from a build like this :)


Slackinfux Yep! I can't get that with my GTR!


the benz master AdamBezzegh That's what I said in the story. Did you read it at all? ;)


zephoto That's what we strive to do :)


Supornsak Well said and thanks!m :)


johnbezt I'm afraid Clarkson is going to come out of the TV and punch me in the face lol


Hun'er MANtz Thanks man!


superb baby! we need more benz dino...


@Meh speedhunters_dino We all know the Japanese don't really care about safety so much. There are no rules in place to get them to think about safety in a more serious way. Also the owner is a damn good driver, and that lock up was a split second in one of the trickiest corner entries at Tsukuba. The smoke may look excessive but soft semi-slicks do that.  Again, you are being far too critical with way too many assumptions.


wisnu ray More Benz? Uhm...I think I may be able to do something about that...


speedhunters_dino wisnu ray thanks, can't wait..


Cool story, nice photos, and a great legendary car.
Quite recently I did a photoshoot of an Evolution version.

Full album here: http://pskrzypczynski.blogspot.com/2014/12/mercedes-benz-190-e-25-16-evolution.html


speedhunters_dino wisnu ray Please do. I need to find a way to convince SH to hire me on as a Mercedes article writer.


i just love 190s


I love this! How rare is this! Awesome build and that intake manifold over the throttle bodies is pure car porn.


speedhunters_dino jay8393  I guess Mercedes and Toyota were similar in the 80' - over engineered cars, built to last, massive production, strong sports cars.


speedhunters_dino  IG handle?


Now that looks like fun!


Good car...but for why no chuu chuu??


Awesome car and story! That induction setup is very impressive. Love everything about that car!


Ok,that is 4 wheels po*n! I swear to god,this is gorgeous!


The anchor placement is fine in this instance, because of the seat design.


A merc done right for sure!!! Awesome article Dino!!!


I do somewhat agree that this car could use a rollcage. Not taking shots at the owner...just saying a cage would be a great addition.
As far as assessing the owner's driving skills from one picture...FOH lol.


was waiting for this article for a month, thanks.


asuramaru hahahaha tauuu


Stunning car. I'm an M3 guy, but the look the Benz is great.

But here's what I don't get...all that work and no roll cage? A fixed seat and 6pt is debatable not safe without a half cage at the least. Why skimp there?


Molkhan bila nak bawak aku naik 190e ni mol? U0001f61d


asuramaru dah jual.hahaha


Molkhan la seriuslah? alahai tak sempat gak nak merasa. dah kau amek apa pulak weh?


asuramaru haha.viva U0001f64a


Molkhan peh geng kcar la pasni. asal tak amek kelisa mol? lawo sikit weh


asuramaru hahaha.ko caye ke aku beli viva


Molkhan siot mol. caya dengan tak caya sama banyak gak la. hahahahahaha. dah kau amek apa senanya ni? hahahahaha


asuramaru haha.kereta lama.coupe.


Molkhan oh alfa tu eh? damn mol damn. lawo la natang


That is seriously nice!


Was the Evo 1 block perhaps a slip up and instead meant the earlier 2.5 liter block? Evo 1 block has larger bore (97,3 mm) than earlier 2.3-16 and 2.5-16 engines. Only the earlier blocks share the same 95,5 mm bore as vq35de.

Wish I had my 2.3-16 in my car instead of looking pretty on a stand.


I cannot tell you how much im loving this car! I absolutely love the Evo 2 190E, but I never really thought about the Evo 1, and I'm glad you featured this Dino because it has lit up my day!


@Doug I've noticed a lot of Japanese built cars on here have no cage or cages with major design flaws. It's a strange trend.


buzzboy that's a good point now that I think of it. It seems like a lot of the very built Japanese cars that are on here don't have a cage or have a questionable looking cage.

It makes some of these otherwise very well done cars look a little half @ssed and it's kinda sad.


Sure id love to meh. Email me at dj_sj@hotmail.com and i can link a pic or two of mine. But unlike you i wont be so quick to judge from three pictures and assume so much without even talking to the owner of the car in question. The principle of my message was to stop being so critical mate


asuramaru bukann


Man Dino, you always come with the best features! This car got me all giddy like a school girl at work today. I found myself scouring Craigslist and eBay for examples half way through. My step-father had a 500SEC and much like my love for the 190E and even scarcer Evo I - I've been tempted to hunt down a 560 SEC AMG. It's that more edgy 80 Benz styling man. They looked aggressive, and with a modern twist as far as wheels and suspension these cars look amazing even today. Likewise these 80s Mercs are solid machines as you mentioned throughout...they feel solid and heavy...ready to clear out their carbon deposits at a moments notice on z autobahn


@Doug buzzboy Every car culture has it's plus's and minus's.


What a beauty!


ShifterKart aka_beefy I'm just assuming some sage mechanic pulled the engine, saw the bore and made a mental guess it would fit

Muhammad Haqy Aunoora

speedhunters_dino Muhammad Haqy Aunoora Facebook


HEY! Speedhunters! The next time you're in Sweden you need to look at this car: http://rejsa.nu/forum/viewtopic.php?t=33212&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=0&sid=8b349ca7a1f2735edca65a3b534c3da2

It's a 190e 16v that the owner is going full on nerd-spec DTM with. It's a thing of beauty. Even if you can't read swedish, it's well worth taking a look at the pictures and all the beautiful details of the car.

It NEEDS a feature. The car in this article is cool, but the one in the thread I linked is miles and miles above!


Gorgeous! Not a fan of the wheels though...
The only thing that would make this better is a whole bunch of these, together with some E30 M3's, perhaps the odd Sierra Cosworth thrown in for good measure, going at it round Hockenheim :)


johnbezt bring back Clarkson


Did I miss something here, all that work and no roll cage? Ultimate poser racecar!


speedhunters_dino So are you defending the fact that if there's no safety culture and the it's a great driver, who cares about safety? Piss poor attitude if you ask me. Cages also add a lot of stiffness to the chassis, while adding weight yes, but with rigidity and safety, it's a win-win. This car is a typical Japanese over the top racing wanna be. Still cool, but NOT a real race car.


KootenayDub WAT? Pictures of the car on the track and a 1:03 at Tsukuba with 250bhp. Approximately 0% poser detected.


Wouldnt mind some pics when youre ready :)


@Daniel speedhunters_dino wisnu ray LOL


@tractari olt We provide the best kind of porn lol


jacobherman14 Thanks!


MOU89 Worth the wait I hope


D1RGE buzzboy Yeah the Japanese don't really do safety....


RMutt LOL I did the same once I got home from shooting the car. Way too pricey these days though, true collector's car


@Niek I think the wheels tie in the car superbly myself


milkplus KootenayDub Yeah, might not be up to par with the roll cages we see around the world but this car is as far from "poser racecar" status as it can possibly be!


KootenayDub frankly with it being an old mercedes the chassis is probably quite rigged from the factory


KootenayDub sounds like you're the one with the piss poor attitude.  The car is obvoiusly purpose-built, and well put to use.  Welding a cage to a Kia does not instantly qualify it as a racecar, as this merc not having one does not instantly disqualify it.
Have some respect for the car, the build, the mods....


speedhunters_dino D1RGE buzzboy That's interesting. I didn't know that.

30th anni Cosi dreamer

Holy crap I'm a little late in here, just googled 'camber 2.3 16v'. I have dreamed of this kind of build, my mechanic won't let me modify my smoke silver 86 2.3 16, but there is a black one I know I could get for a song here in New Zealand (though everyone is on borrowed time to get in, only around 150 registered in the UK right now), I just need a slice of luck. My mechanic has shoehorned a 5.5 litre V8 in his race stock version, he got tired of the v8s taking him out on the straights at our local race track, though he would always catch them up in the corners. I believe the EVO I is a way more subtle look compared to the II, check out this version here, best mags I reckon.


Love it! What kind of craft square carbon mirrors is it? Want som for my merc..

Closed course films

Love it. Clever use of what is available to make a badass build


Nice article. Late about a year reading it but very nicely done. I just got a 87 24-16v yesterday and reading about articles about then. This car I bought yesterday I Drove from 89-92 period. Was a friend's car and finally our paths crossed again.


I like the build but why all the faff with custom components in the block when a stock 2.5-16v would handle 250bhp? I assume its because the 2.5's are a lot harder to find, and admittedly they don't have h-beam rods...

Wonder what it revs to also.


the car was very good 
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im looking for the same craftsquare sidemirrors for my w124. i really appreciate if anyone can help me get a pair for my car.

James Prasser

I still come back and re-read this article often, absoultly love the car, writting style and photography. Perfect!