Scale Down, Kit Up: <br/>Skyline QuickStart Kit And RC Stickers

You’ve worked through the winter on your car. All the big jobs are done. Maybe it’s time to leave the garage alone for a while? Scale down your activities. From one-to-one scale to, say, 1/24th? Swap spanners and oil for paint and glue? Try your hand at assembling a model kit? Build something new for the shelf? Finish off that old radio control project with a sweet new livery maybe?

Well, we’re here to please, and we’re leaving you with no excuses. We’ve bundled together a high quality Tamiya Skyline kit with everything you need to get started at a special price, plus we’ve assembled a new sticker sheet of scaled down logos which are crying out to be slapped onto your RC cars and models.


The 1/24th Nissan Skyline 2000GT-R KPGC10 kit from Tamiya is insanely detailed and contains approximately one zillion parts, from looking inside the box. This is one serious kit, representing a customised Hakosuka from the early ’70s stacked up with tuning parts of the era. It features a front lip spoiler and RS Watanabe 8-spokes that were all the rage; the DOHC six cylinder S20 equipped engine bay comes with a strut tower brace and metal air funnels; even the oil cooler is intricately represented.

We love that the driver figure comes with a choice of left arms, so you can depict your pilot either mid-corner or hammering on the upshifts, and an optional helmet. A sheet of photo-etched parts recreate seatbelt parts, brake discs, license plate, pedals and more. There are seatbelt stickers, and the model badges are depicted with authentic-looking metal transfers. The completed kit measures 183mm by 73mm (7.2 by 2.9 inches), so get measuring your shelf space.


What’s that you say? Paints have dried up? Glue run out? Brush tips all fallen out? Haven’t got the tools and the local model shop is too far away? Well, that’s no obstacle: each kit comes complete with a set of premium art brushes, modelling poly cement and the base Tamiya acrylic paints you’ll need to get up and running straight away. As soon as the box is dropped off at your door you can get building.


We’ve also put together a brand new sticker sheet packed full of scaled-down decals targeted at RC cars, ready to slap on windshields, roofs, bumpers and everywhere else you can find a space. Make a #MaximumAttack-themed racer, go for a full-on set of JDM decals or add them to your existing models. In fact, they’re also great for phones, GoPros and more besides! Small stickers, you can’t beat ’em.

Head over to the Speedhunters store and reach for the Skyline.

Speedhunters store (EU)

Speedhunters store (US)



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This one's next on my workbench. 
It's too bad that Tamiya stopped including complete engines in their kits, but no problem - I bought a 1/24 R32 to make a mold master of its engine and engine bay.


Please more scale stuff from speedhunters, love seeing these one here


I since my credit card calling XD


Ice Age Imagine building a lightweight R32 with S20 power!


Speedhunters_Bryn Ice Age Oh, I think I could scratchbuild that. Thanks for the idea!


YES I need some stickers for my truck and drift car


AE86 plz


Ice Age You seen this ? Hobby Design Full RB26 engine & bay with firewall, strut-brace, designed for Tamiya R34, adaptable for R33 and R32 I am sure. Product code HD03-0331 , available from HLJ , HobbyEasy in Hong Kong, for example


@Malc Ice Age THANK YOU! 

That is a really nicely done set, too! That should make an awesome mold master, cause I've got about half a dozen kits I'd like to stuff RBs into, including a third-gen Pontiac Trans Am. It's 1/25, but close enough.

I've also got the old 1/24 Tamiya Mk IV Supra in the stack. 

Now I can do Smokey Nagata's "don't ever bring that thing back to England" car!


i think speedhunters should start making bodyshells for 1/10 rc car..especially for drifting..your frs car looks really cool..


Truly Addictive after a while :)


@Lou There should be two different AE86 kits available:


I've back to modeling after 8 year break :) so much fun, better worshop, but most of old japanese kits is hard to get :/
Mazda with handmade 3 Rotor
Bonus: 90% scratchBuilt Trabaru


wow, this kit has PE parts and a driver figure?  nice!  though honestly, PE freak me out hahaha.


MuhammadFitriRumaini Yeah, great idea. Like I need another expensive hobby blowing holes in my bank account!


Working on this right now. Stock Tamiya BRZ, combined with a Tamiya WRX bugeye rally car, and the engine from a Tamiya Supra. Part of my series of "Cars with 6-pots that originally came with 4"


fender0122  2JZ engine, no shit!


Track day for the grown up Takumi.


Red Rocket. 2JZ Rocket Bunny.


Track day for grown up Takumi.


Where do I find wheels/body parts for these, do they even make any or do you have to make them?!?!


I´m working on this, never ending project :D


@508boricua Models often have slightly different proportions than their real-life subject matter, but the proportions on that hachi make it look awesome. 

What kit is that?


@Electrofit I'm about halfway through making it, but I've always wanted a scaled down 2-post to put a model on. Love it!


Hi, SpeedHunters inspired many of us to build car projects in 1/24 scale. Check out our Facebook page where you can find some of them:

Our friend 300ZX is one of them...


@piotrmarek1982 Nice 300ZX, here´s mine.


The new Skyline C10 kit is awesome, got too many kits on the go. Need more time...


Thanks for these lovely posts SpeedHunters, very inspiring and Tamiya's KPGC10 is such a great kit! Here are my 1/24 JDMs


Those stickers look awesome! The yellow ones are really rad.