New York Winter Meet:</br> Don’t Let The Cold Stop You
Beautiful Day, Cold Night

When you think of car meets, you’re almost guaranteed to be picturing highly-polished machines baking under the hot mid-summer sun, whilst dudes in t-shirts and shorts meander around in small groups arguing about wheel fitment and drinking ice cold cans of their favorite sugar and caffeine-laced carbonated poison. It’s a scene played out all over the world. But what about winter? While it may be true that many of the more hardcore builds are likely to be in a million pieces over the colder months, the majority of street cars and their owners are spending their time tucked up at home, sipping hot chocolate and trying to teach their cat to play the piano in an effort to while the long, icy nights away.

Why doesn’t anyone rug-up in five layers of thermal underwear and brave the potential rain, snow and less-than-hospitable temperatures for a chance to meet up with friends and talk nonsense about cars?


Well, there are a few brave souls out there who do, as it turns out. I recently met up with Wayne Vivola in New York. Wayne is the owner of this aired-out Hyundai Genesis running big Vossen VSF1s, and one of the main names behind Dynamic Redline Society, a New York based group of like-minded friends who share a passion for all makes and models of cars, and enjoy hold a good old street meet – even in the deep, dark depths of winter.


I caught up with a few members before the meet started, just as everyone was rushing to get their cars clean. The Honda CR-Z is a great looking car, but after an initial surge of modified examples hit the scene straight after it went on sale, they’ve since gone pretty quiet. So it was nice to see Fred’s example looking pristine in Crystal Black Pearl.


Down at the venue temperatures were steadily dropping, but the tough locals were already arriving, including Alyssa and her pearl white Subaru STI on Work XD9s.


Wayne’s turbo Genesis can be seen here flanked by the CR-Z and a very tidy BMW 335i. The rear-drive Hyundai coupe is a striking machine – one that seems to be growing in popularity as the price of second hand examples begin to come down.


This crisp and simple R35 GT-R on Advan Racing RS-Ds was also one of the first to arrive, followed soon after by its much older and much less common brother…

A Rare Sighting

Those afterburner rear tail lights are instantly recognizable… Until very recently, seeing a right-hand drive Skyline on the road anywhere in the States was extremely rare – even more so somewhere like Staten Island, where this meet was held.


Of all the Nissan Skyline GT-Rs, the R32 will always hold a place in my heart. There’s just something about that early ’90s Japanese styling that will never look outdated or ancient – especially when matched to a choice few aero upgrades like the carbon diffuser on this particular car.


The Skyline was coated in a fresh layer of the 32’s signature gunmetal grey, and sat on perfectly fitted BBS LMs hiding big Rotora BBK brakes. I could only imagine the sheer joy of driving this car around a city where you’re pretty much guaranteed to never see another one.


Althought readers from more import-friendly countries might not react the same, as expected, the RB26DETT-powered machine is something of a mythical beast in this part of the world, and it drew curious people all evening. I would love for this to become a more common site out here on the East Coast. With the 25-year exemption rule, I can only hope to see more of these machines soon.


Seeing the R32 come and go was a pleasure. When the owner left it reminded me of being a teenager again, playing racing games on the original PlayStation and first seeing a Skyline. I needed it then, and 17 years later I still need one just as badly.

Welcome To NYC

Once I’d managed to pull myself away from the R32 the meet was halfway through and cars were coming and going – apparently New Yorkers aren’t too bothered by what had quickly become 30 degree (-1 degree celsius) weather.


The cars tended to arrive in groups, and one of the coolest was this quartet of angry MINI Coopers. It’s good to see enthusiasts getting involved in cars that regular modifiers might not even think twice about.


I’ve got to say, the new C7 Corvette just looks devious – even in factory form. I think Chevy did a great job restyling the Corvette, and there’s little out there that can look as good for the same money. Looks are subjective though, of course.


Staten Island is home to a great little car community, and with that comes a thriving industry, with local stalwarts like Espo’s quickly becoming the go-to guys for powder-coating wheels and other parts.


Espo’s appear to be the smart ones too. Big gas heaters are a fairly effective way of attracting and keeping people at a booth when you’re dealing with below-freezing temperatures.


Even the NYPD showed up. Everyone was well behaved and the officers were just there to check out the scene and admire the cars.


While most cars were of the later-model variety, a few classics, like this ratty Chev, made an appearance too.


Somehow, this S15 Nissan Silvia snuck in without me noticing it – another extremely rare car in this part of the world. I’d really like to see what becomes of this example in the future, I can only hope it gets much more modified from this point on. The car sitting behind, a Hyundai Genesis, was an eye catcher too, though that was more thanks to the acres of carbon fibre splashed across its front end.


The parking lot was full for most of the night with a good mix of Euros, Japanese imports and domestics. It showed that there are some seriously tidy street cars in the New York area, and some seriously dedicated enthusiasts too.


Do you – like DRS and all the rugged-up New Yorkers that attended this sub-zero get-together – hold meets in the depths of winter in your part of the world? If not, why not? We all like the idea of hot summer days spent hanging around cars and the people that own them, but why can’t we do it all year round?

Chaz Boyd



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The image set poorly represents the best cars in the Tristate.


Awesome article and awesome cars. I'm a 100% Japanese car fan. Always have been and I think I always will be. Plain and simple... but that C7 Corvette man. Even parked, it looks like it's going 105mph. Very good story man. Keep this type of thing rolling on this site.

Oh... and one more thing.

"but why can’t we do it all year round?"

Because of a little thing that happens from time to time during certain months of the year in places where these kinds of temperatures cause water to freeze and fall from the sky. I dare not even type the word for fear "it" may start happening. On behalf of ALL my fellow northern United States car enthusiasts above the 45th parallel... F#%k Winter!!!


"It’s good to see enthusiasts getting involved in cars that regular modifiers might not even think twice about."
Whaaaaaat? There's almost always a Mini Cooper at a decent autocross.


Pravan The best cars aren't always likely to show up to every single winter meet...


Loving that R32


eejjkk I dream for snow....I guess you always want what you can't have. People here sook about it being too cold to go out in winter and it barely ever reaches single digits(celsius) on the coldest winters night....they really have no idea what cold is.


Option13 yup. And there's a pretty good size tuning community around these things. They punch way above their weight on twisty mountain roads.


'Why doesn’t anyone rug-up in five layers of thermal underwear and brave the potential rain'
'Well, there are a few brave souls out there who do'  

..yeah, the whole of the UK during summer show season


LAB1440 Was going to post something similar about this, yeah basically the whole UK scene lol.


Chaz! Good to see you shooting for SH pimp chalice. 


I cannot wait to get my hands on a R32 GTR soon. Sooooooooo pretty and clean.


Spaghetti eejjkk Its been -30 Celsius (-40 with wind chill many mornings) for weeks now and we have plenty of snow. Live in Canada for a winter and you'll quickly change your mind about wishing for snow haha. On the other hand maybe not, some do enjoy it I guess. They put so much road salt down to melt the ice, you need to wait several weeks even after the snow is gone just so some of the rain can wash the salt off the road. Having your car locked up in storage for nearly half of the year is sad and frustrating. Can you tell I'm bitter at this point into the season? haha.


Nice shots! That R32 is very very clean, I would have loved to see under the hood! I'm a massive import lover, but man those new Vettes look wonderful. There are a few that show up to local shows in my city and they look so aggressive.


Meets are fun and all, but there's more fun to be had when it's winter...
Snow cross is cheap and pretty safe without being hard on the cars.


Is the header image supposed to just say "Guest Author"?
Some nice shots - and that S15 looks so high as standard!
And as a UKer, I'm jealous of the cool plates you guys all have (assuming they're not just show plates?)


Can't believe you think 30degree weather is cold for a car meet. Out here in Chicago, we have some small meets in 10degree weather or lower. Of course, there are no slammed cars due to the fact of snow, but that just means more subis and evos ^_^


Lensburn they are vanity plates that the NYS DMV allows us to get instead of traditional plates, for a price of course lol


wvivz  We get the vanity plates here but they're never that cool and cost a lot. I just tried a quick search on one site for "RB26" but the nearest I could get was "RB17" and that cost over £20,000 ($30,500 USD)


Lensburn  thats insane lmao! we pay like an extra 100 bucks on top of our registration fees.


I love the variety here.  I know they're "legal" now but I bet that R32 is still a real cop magnet, lol.


there ture car enthusiasts


nice coverage, but there is much better in New York....coming from someone who lives in New York


Fast and furious: New York stance


Psshh, it's not even snowing. The last meet I went to (last weekend) we had cars that don't hook up on summer tires in 100 degree weather showing up in mid snow storm.


BigNickel While I can see your point, and locking your car up for half the year would suck, I suppose it's like how people wish for warm summers if they live somewhere that it doesn't happen for more than a couple of months. Try 30+ degrees for 6 months of the year and closer to 35(even 40) for 2-3 of those months and you soon get sick of that too as driving an old school car is not pleasant on those days. I far prefer the cold, not Canada cold I must say where you're snowed in, but 0 to -teens with a nice covering of snow and I'd be more than happy!


We do winter meets in the UK! Keep an eye out on social media and you may pick up on a few ;)


Lol NYPD is always there....!? Ive never been to a meet that didnt get broken up.


I'm glad I made it out for this meet to have my car called ratty... Thanks.


that opening picture....!


RalphScarabaggio  it definitely has a bit of a rat rod vibe to it.


Jagdroach RalphScarabaggio How so?


Up in Canada its all fun in the snow, brings out the drifters to have some fun too, it really is just another reason to hang out with like minded people and enjoy the time. Snow rarely stops us!


RalphScarabaggio Jagdroach  Matt paint, crusty and patina'd grille and bumper.


R32 king... Its stories and pic's like these that stop me from selling mine.. long live Godzilla (Original)


We do, me and a couple of friends usually meet up every other week in the parking lot of a local McDonalds. Regardless of the weather, there is always room for banter :)


RalphScarabaggio Jagdroach The red scallops over matt black paint, the chrome is definitely aged. Not hating at all though, just saying I don't think the author really meant it as an insult.


Nobody brings outs their toys here until it hits at least 50 degrees here in Ohio...  that being said I drive my 300C SRT8 through whatever, whenever!


Come on now. Save these types of articles for the forums. When I come on speed hunters I am expecting class, engineering, and automotive passion. This article and many others are a waste of speed hunters time. I think I can speak for other speed hunter veterans when I say that speed hunters is going in the wrong direction. Speed hunters used to be the place to come when looking for some automotive entertainment and motivation. Come on guys you are cheaping out. Do something great.


Jagdroach RalphScarabaggio Yeah I guess I just read too much into it, but flat paint doesn't necessarily make a car a rat rod. Just like not every tuned import is a ricer.


RalphScarabaggio Jagdroach  No arguments here man! Just do you!


Whitmer some people do want to see what the car culture Is like in different counties dude. See what people are into and styles and so forth. I like this sort of stuff, and I bet a lot more people do as well. Speedhunters have always done little things like this, showing other car enthusiasts what other car enthusiasts are doing across the world. I live in New Zealand and I love reading these articles and seeing stuff like this. It's cool in my opinion. So I think they should still keep them in the main page. But that's my opinion


AidanShine Whitmer I will speak broadly. You can go to any "meet" in the U.S. and this is what you will find. Of course there are make specific, euro, japan, and every other category of meets but the vast majority of get togethers' look exactly like this. The name of the website isn't Speedhunters for nothing. You could simply google search for images like this and put some slightly sarcastic and awe inspiring words to it and you will get a Speedhunters article. There is some good content every once in a while but it is rare. I realize that every article or post cant be the most amazing piece of work, but organizations like Speedhunters are judged by the average of their content. That is to say, you take their best work and worst work, their value and quality is found in the middle. If Speedhunters wants to be "Speedhunters" and keep their name valuable they need to push to cover the boys and girls who are building and pushing the automotive scene. Not just participating but actually coming out with new and exciting things. Technology and cars are changing so fast that I don't see Speedhunters keeping up at this rate.


@ralphscarabaggio Ratty is a synonym for overflowing with character, the man meant no offense


Whitmer AidanShine It is off season for a lot of people that don't want to show their builds till next season. I'd love to see that stuff, also there's not many big events till later this year so there's also that. I mean I can't wait for that stuff, but like I said. A lot of people aren't going to show off builds and so forth till seasons start


Dat r32 tho :/
Such an incredible car wouldn't even change anything but the wheels to a standard one
And a big turbo ofcourse


SRT FTW Ohio lifestyle for the win man! Hyundai Genesis Coupe does somewhat well up here


I'd love to get my hands on an R32 as well. One day!


dam if i knew speedhunters would have been shooting at a local meet i would have went -_-


Whitmer you're mistaken. its about grass roots too.


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