Is This The Future Of F1?

It’s that time of the year when Formula 1 teams reveal their new cars for the forthcoming season, and while Ferrari did that a couple of weeks back with a video look at their SF15-T, they’ve now taken things one step further by pulling the (virtual) wraps off an F1 car for the future. It’s the work of Ferrari’s design studio, Centro Stile Ferrari, and Scuderia’s aerodynamics department, and I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s absolutely stunning.


In developing the ‘concept design’, Ferrari asked and answered two questions: “Would it be possible to come up with an F1 car which not only is technologically advanced, but also captivating to the eye and aggressive-looking? And could this be made without having to overturn the current technical rules? At Ferrari, we believe so.”

A special website has been setup where you can comment on the concept, but we’d like to hear from you here too. So, what do you think – is Ferrari on the right track? And for future F1 cars, what other changes and upgrades over the current specification would you like to see as well?

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This car kind of looks like a car from Deathkarz... maybe some of y'all know that game ^^ was 1998


Just immensely beautiful!
It will attract more viewers in F1 than ever.


Not as long as Bernie Ecclestone is at the helm.


would like to see it in real life then it would be cool

Gianluca FairladyZ

Mamma Mia.. This looks like something i could like again about F1...!!!! Very very nice concept!!!!


It looks really cool. But now that i think about it. Anything will look better than the penis type noses they where running last yr. I wonder what King of all tricks uncle bernie thinks about it.


Maybe I'm alone here, but doesn't this look really naive? 

IMO There shouldn't be any romantic 'styling' on an f1 car- just brutal function, downforce and tyres.


aaaaaand Flying shards of carbon fibre everywhere when Pastor Maldonado rear ends it or Kimi picks up a puncture in  5.........4...... 

great design and all and its very visually appealing but I can't see how it would actually work in practice, like that rear wing being melded into the arches, nice touch on a road car, doesn't stand much chance of lasting a season with pay to drive pilots all over grid.


Looks amazing... quite similar to those Red Bull concepts off Gran Turismo. For me there's a bit too much form over function though... especially for F1.


F1 is a modern day circus, make it look good. 
"Are you not entertained?"


Beautiful track/road car but I really don't understand the statement about not having to overturn the current technical rules, it's got four wheels but that's about the only rule it will meet.


@Maximus hahahahaha


Look like the game "Speed Challenge: Jacques Villeneuve's racing vision" wasn't so visionary after all.


Needs fatter tires


Someone always brings out one of these concepts its probably never going to look like this


It has definite "Daniel Simon's Timeless racer" feel

As someone else said it does look a bit naive but I like it. Personally a closed cockpit would set it off but there are bigger issues.

F1 seriously needs to take a look at why the WEC is becoming so popular. 4 Manufactures with totally different approaches to racing. Open up the rules and let the teams/manufactures take there own route. Ferrari for instance probably have no interest in developing a 1.6l V6 engine for road cars so its wasted R&D, where as a turbo V8 would be very usefull to its road car division. Set power and torque caps if you have too so people wont develop 2000+hp turbo v12's but equally a TT V12 will weigh significantly more than a TT V6 and use a lot more fuel so swings and roundabouts.

IMO the WEC is brilliant because every LMP1 car has its own set of pro's and con's and every car is radically different (i'm looking at you Nissan with your FWD/AWD insanity) Why cant F1 be the same?


ill stay optimistic i guess on this one but that wing doesn't look functional to last but style never was my concern for a f1 car for me I'm just wondering what engine will they use this season?


afroguy AMEN!!! Take them fools to church son! lol anyway yes F1=snooze fest how would I fix it you say? 
1 No Kers - whats the point of this anyway??!! 
2 Loose the rules about downforce...
3 More Manufactures 
4 Instead of having to "qualify" put the whole grid on the track for 2 5 min. Heats position determined by Avg. position from both races.
5 Hate to say it but it costs way too much Spending cap. (reasonable of course)


LavarBowers afroguy 
KERS reduces fuel consumption through Hybrid Power. Much like most of the cars in the WEC you're replying to him about.


Stunning! I like the integrated helmet, like that my neck will hurt less after winning the championship.


Delta_s4  I actually rather like looking at it. But- "just brutal function, downforce and tyres." YES! All day sir, all day



"Is This The Remake of Turbo Teen?"


Looks like the new Indy car design. Lol


Cool, but is that a brake light or a jet engine al la batmobile?




more speed


LOVEIT! Looks shorter in length than more recent F1 cars, Ferraris on the right track!


afroguy I think 2000+hp turbo V12's would bring a breath of fresh air to an otherwise stagnant sport...


Wildcardfox Rain light. F1 cars don't have a brake light. I see your point though!


LavarBowers afroguy I have no problem with KERS, but it shouldn't be a forced technology. Main issue is the fuel flow restriction. Don't Mercedes reckon their PU is capable of 1600hp with light strengthening and removal of the fuel flow limit?


Hanma afroguy Closer racing would. The higher the peak output of a PU the greater the variation is likely to be between teams, and the worse the racing will be.


Am I the only person who doesn't like this?


It looks like it's missing a roof.


jacobherman14 What engine? 500cc quad turbo with all sorts of other expensive crap that can't be used all the time!


John Ireland jacobherman14 lolz


Looks cool though


Increased rim size finally. And wait... is the drivers helmet moulded to fit the chassis here!?


Looks great but I still think that F1 needs to start using canopies just to protect the drivers


Nothing is on track as far as F1 is concerned, the only thing that will keep me interested this season is Honda working with McLaren again.


JustinOdijk And rightfully so.


DannyVasquez  Yes and no, for fire safety they can get out quicker from a car without, also then the cars would just be lmp1 cars.


I wonder what the cost of advertising was to be on that rendering. The helmet design is silly, though the rest of the car looks great.

Chris 'Haffy' Hafner

Meeehhh, typical posturing that most F1 teams do from time to time. 'Look! This is what we could have! But we don't really want this to happen because it will send us broke.' Also, Bernie will almost always certainly knock it all on the head.


F1 is a formula racing, LMP1 is not, it is prototype racing, two vastly different categories


JakWhite DannyVasquez I see your point. However, I'm sure with today's tech the engineers could figure out a system so that the canopy doesn't get in the way in the case of an emergency and if not, then maybe a higher windshield just because we all know the stories about drivers being injured and even killed by flying debris.


DannyVasquez JakWhite if your upside down then you are royally screwed regardless of tech unless you have a side door which would require a complete redesign of the chassis. I think a canopy would look cool and could probably help reduce drag even more but in my opinion its not worth the risk. The windshield on the other hand is a pretty good idea as long as its not too big.


MilesHayler Hanma afroguy Which is one of the current problems with F1. The greatest periods of F1(or any style of racing for that matter) were times when teams were the least restricted. That's when we saw truly exciting cars, and exciting races. F1's current regulations are keeping teams from innovating or doing anything remotely exciting. If you're that concerned with making less variation, you should just stick them all in stock Toyota Camry's(which honestly wouldn't change much compared to how it is now IMO).


Hanma MilesHayler afroguy I'm currently enjoying the V8s more than the F1 simply because there's close racing. The cars are heavily restricted (even down to the drag coefficient) but the racing is fantastic!


mrwicksy LavarBowers afroguy Yeah but how heavy is that complicated mess get rid of it turn the wick up on the pinwheel =lighter faster more exciting...just my 2C


I'd like to ask everyone reading this to please reply as i am curious as to what people will say. 
Would you care IF F1 got rid of the KERS system.?


tooslow afroguy Well thank you captain obvious... :D

I know there a different catagories but categorisation is not the reason why F1 is considered by many to be stagnant. My point was the rules governing F1 need a major overhaul to allow for similar levels of technical improvisation found in GT racing, in particular the WEC. I also wasn't talking solely about top tier LMP1/LMP2 either, the racing in the GTpro & GTam classes is just as competitive and IMO more enjoyable to watch.


I'd love to see Formula None - essentially F1 combined with Time Attack and Bonneville.

I mean anything goes. ANYTHING.

Jet turbines, vacuum traction, computerized active aerodynamics, turboelectric plants, all wheel drive, active suspension, aerobraking, secondary rocket boost.

Technologically-unlimited monsters running a track built to effectively contain the spectacular crashes, and of course, the inevitable public-relations backblast.

A racing series where G-suits and ejection seats would be mandatory (well, highly recommended) equipment.

"Safety? You mean that little switch on the side of a gun?"

I'd love to see what unlimited money and technology could make a race car capable of, or conversely, what some inspired lunatic could build in his garage in his off-hours using stuff he bought at the junkyard and Home Depot.

Gets me all tingly and giggly just thinking about it.

Don't tell me that human beings aren't capable of that kind of awesome.


LavarBowers Add the DRS to that. I hate that push to pass nonsense.


Looks amazing, though that front wing could actually be used now, maybe...


Lumpy Idle LavarBowers Agree get rid of the KERS and use the DRS, lighter and more exciting to watch.


apex_DNA Just like NASCAR, F1 is dieing and fast. With all their ridiculous rule changes and boring racing, no wonder viewers are switchig to BTCC, V8 supercars or DTM. They far more exciting to watch.


JakWhite DannyVasquez Disagree, the Leman cars have canopies and they never had an issue, for example there have been devastating crashing in leman for Audi and they all came out with minor bruises. All F1 would need to do is install an onboard fire represent like most race cars have now like in DTM and BTCC.


F1 needs a "BOX" rule book, I would ban front and rear wings, wings destory close racing if a car generates downforce within it's wheelbase it is not effected by fowlling another car anyway near as much as a front wing is and the car is far less pitch sensative and allow "anything" in the area from the back of the front wheel to the front of the back wheel...No Skirts No Fans...but anything else, you could have a BHP limit of say 1000 bhp a minimum weight limit of say 600 kg and a fuel limit...No refuelling pit stops and you would have to use comerciall pump fuel that way you could have a whole range of engines/power units competing aginst aech other and cars of differing designs and concepts, and if the cars got to fast you just decress the amount of fuel, a "BOX" rule book would mean a team with a great concept could out perform a team with a huge budget you also encourage more manufatures to be involved.
Look at Le Mans LMP1 and LMP2 a much less strict rule book and at the moment much more interesting concepts and designs.


RED27 sounds like a bad idea to me


SamuelJohnConnolly RED27 Well the same thing had a different name in the mid 60's to mid 70's Can-Am the racing with a very thin rule book...I know Porsche went and killed it with the 917/30 but like I said if the cars get to fast for the circuts/drivers you just cap the amount of fuel you can use you would encourage effcientcy, I know Gordon Murray also proposed a "BOX" fomula back in the mid 90' the 70's and early 80's F1 hada whole world of different designs and powerplants in '82 there was 11 different winners in a season a feild of V12 and V8 atmo cars V8, V6 and inline 4 Turbos all at the then cutting edge wich produced at times quite unpredictable racing and of course ground effect a lot of cars did not run front wings at some circuts the racing as far as I can remember was alot closer no need for DRS as the cars could follow a lot closer for a lot less penalty in performance
Just an idea


Ice Age now see i'm the crazy idiot who would watch such silliness religiously...but come on bro aint gonna happen =/


RED27 sounds a lot like nascar bro...


RED27 SamuelJohnConnolly 
The 917 may have killed it but therein lies an important point. When 917 blew over  the competition, nobody complained. Well, I wasn't there but I mean, we all love the 917 don't we? F1 & FIA clamor about  F1 being a lab for road cars. How is that possible with so many restrictions. 
I'm all for box rules. It will allow engineers to find the optimum performance within the weight and power cap and a winner will come out who will dominate the competition silly driving automotive progress forward and also indicating the right time to change or tweak the imposed limits for renewed challenge. In this perspective, domination one team is also important for F1 and history proves that that is how automotive technology has been driven forward.

Even before the strict testing limit was imposed, F1 had turned into
brute force engineering instead of creative engineering like it was in
the old days. Box or power/weight cap as I call it seems the right way to me too. Of course one will find a way to dominate. Isn't that what the championship is for, to find the best?

F1 was never about overtaking at each turn, was it? There were even boring races but do we dislike the 70s or 80s for that or do we absolutely love it. We need better quality racing. More overtakes is not an indicator of quality racing. If you put the best drivers in the world to compete with each other, it is only sensible that there won't be a lot of overtakes (and the cars performance will be a factor). Instead, it would turn into a long term cerebral affair. Remember San Marino GP on the two years Alonso was champion and you'll see what I mean. It was fascinating for me, but FIA say it was boring. pfffff...

Problem is the greedy management wants to sell F1 to as many as they can even at the expense of the sport. Things don't work like that. Some people will always prefer cricket (the game) over motorsport and no matter how you feed it to them, they won't change. That's just human nature. We all like something or another because the one or two little thing that really interests us. For me, its the design of cars, the sounds of engines that means more than seeing an incredible goal being scored and for some others, it is exactly the opposite. FIA cannot be ignorant of this aspect of human nature.

IMO, F1 was doing fine and they ruined things by trying too hard.

What amazes me is that the people directly involved in F1 don't realize that.


Ice Age 
YOu're in the wrong planet


In regards to your deleted comment...
"F1 & FIA clamor about F1 being a lab for road cars. How is that possible with so many restrictions."
Honda's VTEC & PGM-FI systems, double-wishbone suspension, etc. down to the valve cover design of their '80/90s cars was a direct result of their experience in F1. And if you're talking about F1 today, well nothing is like how it was, from cars to music to the government, everything changed after the year 2001, we became "safer" and our lives became more boring as a result. This is solely my opinion of course.


A car ingeneer said that you can build a good car, technically advanced, safe, but if design sucks, you won't sell it. F-1 cars have almost the same look for a while. It would be a pleasure to see batmobile kind things flying on the track.


great design and all and its very visually appealing
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When we see this pop off on a track in monaco
Skynet has officially gone liveU0001f610