Better Than A 911?</br> Enter The Cayman GT4

Ever since Porsche introduced the Cayman to its lineup, one of its primary competitors hasn’t been a car from another brand, but its larger, more expensive sibling – the 911. Over the years the Cayman has continued to evolve, getting better and closer to the 911 with each iteration. And the latest version of the car might be the best yet.

It’s called the Cayman GT4 and it borrows a number of components from its 911 cousins. The engine is the 3.8-liter flat six from the Carrera S which makes 385 horsepower and will propel the GT4 to 60 miles per hour in 4.2 seconds. A 6-speed manual gearbox will be the only choice. It also gets a number of chassis tweaks, along with brakes from a 911 GT3 and unique, functional bodywork. MSRP is set to come in at around $85,000 in the US.

To commemorate the launch of the new model, Porsche has also released a short film which can be seen above. Once again, it appears this brand knows how to do sibling rivalry the right way.

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So glad to see another step in the right direction for
this chassis. It's a shame Porsche force themselves to keep it a rung
under the 911.. it has so much potential...


Nice video ! :)


The narrator kinda ruined it for me

Chris 'Haffy' Hafner

Sweeeeeeet a proper manual!


I am sure it is very very good but Porsche must make a huge profit out of each Cayman sold. Is it worth 25K over the new corvette? Any comment? I plan to retire in a few years and am looking to buy the new Vette but after seing this, I can't make up my mind.


There is one feature NOT available on the GT4 that would make the current GT3 redundant. Im not worried about the PDK box, but this car needs 4-wheel steer. If the GT4 had 4-wheel steer, it would really make the dynamics of the car different (better) to a regular Cayman or GTS. I would also bet that it would easily keep up with the GT3 on most tracks despite the shortage on power.


RacingPast Well, that's probably the reason why they didn't put it there ;D


RacingPast Well, you dont need 4 wheel steer as its smaller and being Mid engine, it drives though corners better than 911 carrera. so its extra wight that is not needed. gt3 needed it as 991 is wider and longer wheel base. to make it feel more agaile. 4 wheel streering needed.


I'd get the Vette. It's the best bang for your buck in the sports car market, and if you live in the US, parts are much cheaper when something inevitably breaks.


RacingPast Doesn't need it. And anyway, it's so refreshing to see its a conventional manual with a big NA engine, rather than a PDK and a turbo. I'm pleased they're keeping it pure - I just hope the steering isn't too artificial like some recent Porsches. Future classic, I reckon.


mrwicksy RacingPast Toprpm All I'm saying is that 4 wheel steer will make the car more stable in high speed corners (all 4 wheels steer in the same direction) and helps it rotate in the slower ones (front and rear steers in the opposite direction). When engineered properly you would not even notice  how much it helps the car.


Dill Pickle How's a Vette with Depreciation? I do not live in the States so I'm not sure. However, do non 991 Porsches appreciate in value?


they cayman was always better than the 911. Hell, the boxster is better than the 911. The 911, while utterly characterful, is completely flawed and the only reason it's any good is because porsche are stubborn and have tweaked it to perfection (not that this is a bad thing). If they put the same effort into the Cayman - oh wait they have with the gt4!!! - then yeah the 911 is pointless, now.


Where on earth did you get the idea that a Cayman GT4 is faster than a 911?


You should be an engineer at Porsche. Why don't you work there already?


dovvv  You with your mouth/finger had said that the 911 is "tweaked to perfection" so the Cayman could never be as good.


That very well might be one of the best Porsche commercials I've seen.


I don't know much about Porches besides general car enthusiast knowledge. From what I've seen, they generally hold their value for the first 40k miles, but drop in resale value pretty steeply after that. Vettes generally hold their value for a long time, I've seen early 2000's C5s sell for $35k with 70k miles on the clock. This was in the US of course, I don't know whether they'd be worth more or less on the other side of the pond.


It is amazing! I was in my dealer this afternoon and we have a discussion about the car. I have already gave a deposit and i have to wait until the winter. PTS colour, carbon racing bucket seat, pccb and a roll cage painted in body's colour.



Dill Pickle Thanks for the opinion. Hm I am indecisive now. Either one (Cayman or Corvette) will be my "weekend" car and will commute daily in my pick up. I wonder which one would be cheaper to insure  plus which one is "theft proof"


CharlieJoiner The corvette will probably be cheaper to insure because it is a much less expensive car. If i was an insurance company the engine displacement and power of the Cayman looks less crash-prone, but they are both very fast, very expensive cars.

Call an insurance agent, corvettes may get lower rates because the owners are typically older men who own them for decades without incident. My 96 mustang GT is cheaper to insure than my old 2.4 liter dodge sedan. It's all statistics and number crunching, sometimes it works out in your favor


Unfortunately 991 GT3 Four Wheel Steer (4WS) is not the answer.  At my local track, Sebring International Raceway, expert drivers are attempting to deactivate the feature. At Bishop's Bend, you are going 130 mph in a straight line and then turn the wheel about 75 degrees to track left, throttle pinned. The 4WS makes a correction which makes the car scary. The 911 has had 4WS since 1963: the difference is an expert driver controls it with his right foot not with a dopey computer. What Porsche has achieved with the 991 GT3 is create a car that a broader range of drivers can drive fast. Driving the 997 GT3  at the limit was a domain best left to expert or professional 911 drivers. That all said and done, I love the GT4 and applaud Porsche for not forgetting about us.


@dchunk911 4WS shaved 15 seconds from the Ring lap time, porsche says. one corner on one circuit doesn't really nullify that.


electric PS.....ha ha ha ha


Man o Man.. I'm a 911 guy, but this really makes me want a Cayman.. This car would be my ideal track car..


I imagine the main trouble with buying the Cayman is you probably will spend most of the time explaining why you didn't buy the 911.


Looks fantasic, biggest problem for this car though, is buying this car is kind of telling people that I cant afford a 911, not saying this isn't a great car to drive, but rather a issue with the whole Cayman line.


Jvsti , You buy the cayman because of the middle engine!


cant wait to drive one. the cayman is already better balanced then a 911 it just lacks power. now this one coming costing less then a base 911 and coming with a 991 S motor is great. but will probably be a limited run car


Jvsti who gives a fuck about what people think, drive what you like not what others like


@AL Only posers will ask "why not the 911?" . Someone who loves cars for they way they drive will intuitively understand. And they will celebrate the fact that the mid-engined Cayman has finally been let out of the box. It is a better driving machine than the heavier, pendulous, 911


Friggin sweet!!! That is an awesome Cayman


@AL 911 sucks. Only people who like the 911 are over 50 and believe themselves purists. The Cayenne and 944 are the only pathetic excuses for Porsches.


Jvsti 911 is a hideous car, and looks like an old man car. I am not sure what sort of fools you hang out with who who question which type of Porsche you bought. All of them are way overpriced, anyway.


zaphod23 ya the 944, weighing under 3k lbs, perfect weight distribution, and the fastest 4 cylinder of its time, what a terrible Porsche. It's a shame they made a car that's a true driver's car, and still pretty after 30 years.


I own a 911 S and test drive cayman gts. The Cayman is better handling machine. But when you have the Sport Chrono Package installed on the 911, I don't know what shit happenes but the car transforms. It got this magic in its chassis by  advanced technology and electronic aids. The cayman is faster on entering corners but with the PTV+ and superior traction of the 911, the car exists the curve faster.


I own a 911 S and test drive cayman gts. The Cayman is better handling machine. But when you have the Sport Chrono Package installed on the 911, I don't know what shit happenes but the car transforms. It got this magic in its chassis by  advanced technology and electronic aids. The cayman is faster on entering corners but with the PTV+ and superior traction of the 911, the car exists the curve faster.